Monday, August 31, 2009

No Bridezillas Here!

I am very lucky.
My Brides are Amazing.
They really are!
These past several months have been filled with some of the most jincredible consultations of my career. Today I am featuring one gracious bride in particular that I have jintended to blog about for quite some time.

Kris & I first met some 14 years ago when she was working for the area newspaper & wrote a piece about my wedding cakes. When she came in earlier this year she told me that the day of my interview was the day she'd decided I would make her wedding cake & the time was finally here!

Before we get to the wedding & groom's cake we must start with her shower cake. That's right! Her friends knew just what she wanted & they ordered it from me.

A tier of Organic Coconut Cake alternately layered with Fresh Lime Curd & a tier of Toasted Almond Cake filled with Strawberry.

Next up, the Wedding Cake on the left was designed to closely mimic a photo she brought in & the Groom's Cake on the right was a surprise for the groom- a cake clone of their doggie Coco!

Coco was all cake- no styrofoam parts here! She was covered with dog-hair-textured-fondant to make for an uber realistic pooch. I heard the groom was thrilled! Yay!

Ahhh... now for the pièce de résistance! Alternating tiers of delectably flavoured cakes covered with a very thin fondant to add that silky smooth exterior. With accents of pearl dust the entire piece shimmered outside the reception hall. Ooh's & Aahs were heard from afar!

Best of all, the bride was ecstatic! Double Yay! She said everything was exactly as she had pictured it in her mind. Just another happy customer; it's all in a jinDays work.