Sunday, August 31, 2008

Classical Chocolate Celebration

A Wedding Display
set up by a jin
Bet the peeps couldn't wait
until after din-din

For the chocolate went as far
as the eye could see
plus it was created by moi
so you'll know it's tasty!

Silvers and Golds
shimmers and such
I hope they loved it
so very much!

A groom's cake slathered in
Belgian White Chocolate Mousse
could make the worst of enemies
jinmediately call a truce!

A triple tier flourless
chocolate cake?
Is it true? Could it be?
Why yes, love's at stake!

All this imported chocolate
could bring about world peace
Let's drop these cakes all o'er the world
Any fighting would surely cease!

Beneath that chocolate coated
silver painted bottom tier
lies a ton of cheesecake
for a bride and groom so dear.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Read! Play! Win!

Ok peeps...
we're all adults here
(Per chance, if you are not... go play at the PG rated photo blog for a few days.)

I mean...
I believe in total freedom of speech
jin's don't like Censorship.

I truly enjoy individuals who can be open, honest, passionate about their beliefs and genuine. To really get me going give me an encounter with someone intelligent who can speak their mind with no worry of being accepted or rejected. In other words: "Being Oneself". Let's not forget a Sense of Humour. This is a must to engage my attention for any length of time.

Very few live up to that last paragraph in full. But I just happen to know one awesome, soon-to-be-famous, New York Blogger & Authoress that certainly does- and I'd like to introduce you to her.


Queen of Dish

Katie Schwartz
aka "Jewgirl"
All the Way from Oy to Vey
fame hosting a Contest!
That's not all!
Guess what the prize is?
It's a dozen special cupcakes!
From Moi!!!
Shipped anywhere in the US!

Wanna try?
Are you sure you can handle it?
Ok then, go have a giggle
In Katie's own words:

Here's the dish to enter the "W*nn* F*ck McC*nt" C*nt*st

(What??? I'm not censoring anything. I have an aversion to all vowels equally. ;-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summertime Sedulousness

Sweet Stuff
Deep Dark Chocolate Angelfood Cake
(I may or may not have been responsible for the first slice that is missing. *ahem*)

Blueberry & Blackberry Custard Slices
(I may or may not have tasted one or two or three of these. *ahem*)

Organic Mint & Dark Chocolate Petit Fours (left)
Pecan Pie Tarts in Cream Cheese Pastry (right)
(I may or may not have consumed a few of each of these delightful delicacies. *ahem*)

Scratch Made All Butter Cut-Out Cookies
(These are soooo awesome! Not that I ate any. Errr... I mean many. *ahem*)

Non-Sweet Stuff
Organic Crimini's & Summer Squash
Lightly Sauteed & resting in Delicate Parmesan Crisps
(Alright already... you bet I ate some of these too! A jin need not be ashamed of indulging in healthy vegetarian organic perfectly seasoned foods!)

Caramelized Sweet Organic Onion Tartelettes
(Yes I ate some! Oh and I MMMMmmm-ed the entire time!)

Just the tiniest glimpse of items procured following an afternoon spent in my Organic produce guys garden. Herbs and Heirloom Tomatoes... Oh My!!!

Oh... wait... did I just insinuate that I'm not sweet?
Sooooo NOT true!
For I am the sweetest thing on this entire blog!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Do you play Chess? No, but I eat the Pieces!

Really, I don't think I can say much about this creation.
Except maybe for anyone whom isn't familiar with my anal-retentiveness.
(I am, after all, a textbook Virgo people!)
Still, the only thing I'd say to them would be:
"Of course those chess pieces and that chess board are NOT plastic! Sheesh! What kind of Pastry Chef do you take me for? I cast those myjinself out of delicious Imported Swiss Dark and White Chocolate then finished them by hand."

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Summertime Sweetness

No, I'm not speaking of myjinself.
HEE! Heehee! ;-)
Even though I most certainly am.

Just a few recent Cakes.
As always, Click to Enlarge.

Daisey Delirium

Gorgeous Greens