Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summertime Sweetness

A feast for the eyes today! I highly recommend you have something next to your keyboard to indulge in while you peruse these pastries or you might be tempted to steal someone else's cake! Proceed with caution:

Frosted Cut-Out Cookies
This combo was chosen for it's summery goodness. As always: scratch made butter cookie & frosting scented with pure Vanilla essence. After 15+ years of making these they are still one of my favourites!

Beautiful Cupcakes
A moist velvety Devil's Food Cupcake is dipped in a dark Belgian chocolate glaze & piped with a sweet buttery flower. I have personally consumed a jindescribable amount of these recently. They are what keeps me slim. Heehee!

Pineapple Upside-down Cakes
Ohhh...these are sooo yummy! A moist rich yellow cake is baked with a ring of pineapple, a dark sweet cherry & lots of my very own caramel sauce. Bet you can't eat just one! (I know I can't. *blush*)

More 'jinormous' Cut-Out Cookies
I'm working on a new technique that will allow me to physically hand you this cookie through your monitor. You need to let me know if it's working properly. *jin passes one cookie to each & every blogfan reading this.* Ok...did it work? How did it taste? (One of you has really cold hands!!!)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Shangri la at my place. Be there.

It always amazes me when I hear someone disgustedly utter those 4 evil little words.
(No, not those you pervert!)
The woman
(Yes, it's always a woman.)
who wriggles up her nose
stiffens her back
purses her lips in revulsion
and bitterly spits out something not of this earth:
"I don't like chock-coe-let."
(Yes, that's actually how they pronounce it. Slowly. How VILE!)

I have a typical response the first time a lost soul says this to me:
"Then you have never had good chocolate!"

Oops. I spilled Swiss cocoa powder on my jintoes.

You see, around this area, if you are eating chocolate anything from anywhere other than my shoppe you are NOT eating real chocolate! No, and don't tell me your "Hershey's bar is just as good as that stuff from over there in Europe" either because you're WRONG!

Callebaut Belgian White Chocolate Coins
Now, it's a fact that everyone likes chocolate.
Some people just don't know it yet.
Some people like White Chocolate.
Some people like Milk Chocolate.
Some people like Dark Chocolate.
Some people like licking chocolate off their partners nude body.
Some people like ALL of the above.
But you cannot tell me you like none of the above.
(Well, you can say it but you'd be lying.)

Look at the beautiful texture!
So Smooth!
So Creamy!
So Dark!


*the world starts to turn upside down*
"I'm in total jinbliss!"


"Hey YOU!"

"Yes, you!"

"How long have you been standing there watching me?"

Ok, what's wrong with a jin enjoying her chocolate?


Who's brave enough to join me?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Jewel Tones

Tones of Jewels
Deep & Bright
Adorn the Cake
Enhance her Night

Roses Aplenty
Perfection Ensues
Just After
Their "I Do's"

Aerial View
Symmetry YES!
Curly Q's
Goddess Bless

Parchment Thin
Roses Petal
Emerald Green
Leaves of Nettle

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ingredient 101 "Lemon Curd"

Lemon Curd
another one of life's simple pleasures...
and not just for scones anymore!

(Click here for more detailz at Wiki.)

5 Ingredients is ALL that you need.

Egg Yolks
Fresh Lemon Juice
Unsalted Butter
Fresh Lemon Zest

(If your recipe calls for other ingredients such as cornstarch or flour throw it away & find a new one. Here's one if you need exact quantities & more detailed instructions.)

The secret is to stir constantly on a medium flame.

So easy to tell when it's done!
It will suddenly become translucent.
Immediately pour into a glass bowl
(or small glass jars for gift giving)
and refrigerate for up to 1 month.

Things jin uses it in:
  • Lemon Curd French Buttercream
  • Sold separately to accompany our Currant Scones
  • Vanilla Sandwich Cookie filling
  • A straight thin filling between Poppyseed Cake layers
  • Folded into whipped cream & piped inside sweet shortbread tart shells
  • Bûche de Noël filling
  • Mini Lemon Meringue Pies
Hand cut mini pie shells baked until golden brown.

Filled with Lemon Curd & topped with an Italian Meringue.

Briefly baked to crisp the meringue.

Here, I made this one just for you!
Open wide!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Retro Repro

This scene went down a quarter of a century ago.
The groovy kids in the photo asked the jin to replicate.

Far Out Man!
Why don't we all pile in my wheels & take the trip together!


and Cake!!!

You are not hallucinating!
The Flower Children
stashed their original topper all these years!


The jin thinks she's losing it.....
the statues are having a love in!


Can I crash at your pad?
I'm beat!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

But, I thought this was a FOODporn blog???

It's time again for:
"Fun with Search Engines"
here at jintrinsique.

But first:
The actual FOODporn section of this post
then the fun part. *wink*

Made with my very own scratch sugar cookie dough (with real butter, organic flour, eggs, sugar & leavening, that's it!); rolled & cut-out by jinhand; baked in small batches; frosted with scratch made real vanilla sweet butter frosting & finally, decorated by moi.

Quiche! A crispy all butter crust gently cradles a filling of farm-fresh eggs, cream, organic spinach, cheese, sea salt & organic black pepper. Breakfast in bed anyone?!

My phenomenal German's Sweet Chocolate a twist. One of my fave customers was treating some of the editors at Playboy magazine with this delight. He asked that it be decorated accordingly. There you have it! The jin's version of "Pop Art Nipples in Buttercream".

.....and now back to our regularly scheduled blogpost.....

Yes, dear blogfans
denizens of our own cyber-reality
typed these exact phrases
into a search engine;
they were sent here.
I've no idea why.

a jinnocent angel

  • "taste one of these" boobs
  • jennifer inch spanked
  • "marilyn manson" "penis cookie"
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