Friday, September 28, 2007

Blogger Love Volume I

Welcome to a new feature here at jintrinsique ladies & gents!
A feature where, YOU, the blogger, are the star.
I will use you like putty in my hands,
er... maybe more like dough.

Cookie dough, that is.
Yes, that's right friends,
mistress jin is going to turn
each and every one of YOU
my blogstalkers
into a jinoriginal edible delight!

Uh, when I have time.
This may take a while before I get to all of you!

For the first post I've started with a few men.
(Because jins like men.)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


(Check him out here & here & look what he made for me!)

Step #1
/t. as shortbread (approx. 7" x 4")

Step #2
/t. is a bright eggy yellow

Step #3
/t. made me pipe a LOT of tiny code

Off the page cookie.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

(Check him out here & here, he's way cool!)

Etapa #1
Ruela é um bolinho do vanilla.

Etapa #2

Ruela é coberto com o chocolate.


'The Being' as interpreted by the jin.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


(Everyone's favourite V Agent for Breakfast!)

Step #1
Phos is not a Spice Cake

Step #2
Phos is still not a Spice Cake

Step #3
Always take the chewing tobacco out of your mouth before donning your M-17 gasmask.


ala pastry queen.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ingredient 101 "The Éclair"

OHhhhhhh..... one of my personal faves!
(If they are made properly, of course. ;-)

Step #1
The Choux Pastry

Water, farm fresh eggs, unsalted butter & organic flour.

(Need exact measurements? For a detailed recipe click here.)

Boil the water & butter:
Add to your flour in one go and mix briefly:
Add your eggs one at a time:
Until you have a soft sexy silky smooth dough:
Pipe into Éclair shapes:
Bake until golden brown:
When cool enough to handle,
break apart (or slice if necessary) for filling.

Step #2
The Pastry Cream

Organic milk, eggs, corn starch, sugar & a vanilla bean.

I use:
4 cups milk
3 eggs
2.5 oz. starch
1 vanilla bean
8 oz. sugar

I use turbinado sugar for superior flavour.
Whisk it into your milk and heat until steaming.
Stir your corn starch and eggs together, then add a bit of the hot milk.
Mix until smooth and pour back into the hot milk whisking constantly.
Keep on medium heat, whisking until it suddenly gets lusciously thick,
like this:
Should you desire, at this point, you can fold in some melted chocolate for a double chocolate Éclair!

Step #3
The Chocolate Glaze

It would be at this point I would show you how to fill them.
But 2 things happened.
1) I can't pipe and photograph whilst holding the Éclair all at the same time
2) I got all excited because I immediately needed to eat one very very very fast for the foodporniness took hold of a hungry jin.

MMMmmmmm..... Yummy!!! Look:

A small token
to be taken
by a jin
and her Brit
to Stumpjacks
for cappuccino
live music
and a chance to sit.

Time for bed
after a midnight treat
a jin and her Éclair
Isn't that sweet?!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Vegan Delights

"MMMMmmmm..... these are the best chocolate cupcakes I've ever tasted!"
said the carnivore to the jin as he is madly consuming one of these:jin- "HA! They're Vegan!"
carnivore- "Whaaaaaat??? NO! You're teasing me!"
jin- "If I said you couldn't have a second one, that would be me teasing you!" *wink*
carnivore- "You're serious!??!"
jin- "Noooo....... of course you can have another one!" *grin*
carnivore- "No! Well, I mean yes... I want another, please! But, they're really Vegan? I thought Vegan food is supposed to taste like crap?"
jin- "Certainly not my Vegan food! The cupcake you just ingested was 100% Vegan and mostly Organic. Amazing aren't I?" *huge grin*

After I politely turn down his marriage proposal I let him taste these:
Chocolate Shortbread Heart Cut-Outs Dusted with Vietnamese Cinnamon Sugar. Made with Vegan Non-GMO Earth Balance for a healthy delicious snack! No eggs, no dairy, no guilty conscience! Yay!

Lemony Filled Shortbread Sandwiches, also made with Earth Balance. These babies are addictive!

Baklava. Nearly Vegan... I do use honey in it, but the ONLY honey I use in my shoppe is locally harvested by a wonderful caring man who treats his bees like they are his children. Kinda like how yours truly treats her Vegetarian Daughter/Fur Baby/Companion Animal:
The jin & The brioche

P.S. Do click on the photos. They will cover your screen and make you drool all over your keyboard. ;-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

22 *cough*

a jin on her birthday
seldom gets cake
for that is something
she'd have to make.....

.....and why the hell would she want to do that when there is soooo much chocolate to be tasted???

Galaxy Bars (and several others that I already ate ;-) courtesy of Katy. Thank You!! :-)
Dagoba were enjoyed at Kavarna where I blissed out on the Perfect Birthday dinner.

Monday, September 03, 2007

But I'm jinnocent!

I had one whole day off.
I mean the entire day!
This only happens a few times per year.
So how did I spend my day off from baking pastry?
Why ..... making Ice Cream, of course!
(Ok, so I'm an addict, what's it to ya?!)

This Ice Cream was so good I decided not to share with mr. jin.
I wandered into our backyard garden with my delicious frosty treat.
I went into the far back corner,
behind the lilac tree and
next to the wrought iron bird feeder.
I knew he wouldn't find me.
I took a taste.....

So smooooth,
so luscious,
so, so, sooooooo...

OH! MMMmmmmm....
I closed my eyes
and savoured every creamy mouthful!

But a jin sometimes forgets
the moans of gustatory delight are not in her head
they escape her lips
with each taste
of something phenomenal
and sometimes
if I lose myself in the moment
mr. jin can hear
exactly where the jinsounds derive from
and he will sneak up on me
with digicam in tow
and catch me

A 1/2 empty Goblet
Lemon Verbena Ice Cream
Coconut Ice Cream
Made with Organic Whole Milk, Turbinado Sugar and Egg Yolks.
For the Lemon- I hand picked 30 Lemon Verbena Leaves from my garden, infused them with the milk for 30 minutes & added a tablespoon of Vanilla.
For the Coconut- I added 1 cup of Coconut Milk, 1 cup of finely shredded organic Coconut & 1 tablespoon of Coconut Rum.

Please, allow me to share with you?
Here, have a taste & tell me what you think: