Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dainty - Delicate - Delicious

French Apple Tart
Shortbread crust filled with
Frangipane (a bakeable Almond Paste filling)
& Organic Apples.
Topped with a Sweet Caramel Drizzle.

Mixed Pastry Assortment
Would you like to be the recipient?

Mint Brownies, Raspberry Brownies,
Lemon Cream Slices,
Vanilla Sugar Bliss Cookies &
Melt-in-your-Mouth Peanut Butter

Another Type of Tart
. . .
er, oopsy, I meant to say:
. . .
A jin in Action

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Meaning of Life

I quite liked the lady that ordered this cake.
She had a great sense of humour!

The cakes were for a
"Renewal of Vows"

The couple had been married for many years already.
Who'd have guessed?!

Here's another one!
jin likes this one, too.
Do you?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Who Will Be jin's Valentine?

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Vanilla Sugar Bliss Cookies
Just for You!

Tulips are Purple
Roses are Pink
This Lemon Bundt Tastes
Better than you'd Think!

Roses are Peach
Daisies are White
Fudgy Chocolate Brownies
Are such a Delight!

Pansies are Golden
Roses are Yellow
Lemon Tea Cakes
Are Totally Mellow.

Roses are Long-Stemmed
Dandelions are Not
A Glittery Sugared Heart
Really hits the Spot!

Red Velvet Pretty Babies
For Mr. jin of Course
He'd Best Thank me Nicely
Or I'll Threaten Divorce!

"Spread the Love."

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sex & Chocolate in the Pastry Shoppe

I love my commenters. You all know that, right?!
You make me laugh, cry & everything in between!
East Village Idiot left a comment last post that reminded me of this story.

On a slightly dreary afternoon I saw a van pull up outside. A well dressed, middle aged couple got out & walked in. She looked like a Disco Diva that stepped right out of the 70's...skin-tight black pants, ultra low-cut purple top over her well-toned curves, a super short fur jacket, perfectly applied shimmery make-up & to top it all off, a shorter curled & teased 'do. He was clean cut, well manicured & dressed to the nines in a dark gray suit.

I invited them into the front room & asked what I could help them with. They both started grinning & giggling. I felt a substantial amount of energy emanating from them...exactly what type of energy I wasn't sure of.....yet. They took turns sharing the story of their first taste of my Flourless Chocolate Oblivion at a local restaurant.

One started a sentence while the other finished, with tremendous amounts of electrical eye contact & shared deep throated giggles in between. They enjoyed my Oblivion so much, that they ate at the same restaurant the next evening for the sole purpose of sharing the dessert again. They said together, "We just had to see where it came from. It was divine! Tell us all about it!"

The more I talked, the more they giggled. I have never been in the same room with two individuals who emanated sex energy more than these two beings. All of a sudden I was giggling & I could feel it getting hot in the room, I mean really hot!

They wanted a brochure but I was fresh out. I offered to mail them one. He explained that they lived in different states & just came to visit our little town once a year together. (Ok, I think...so they aren't husband & wife. Hmmm...) I mention that the Oblivions are indeed shippable, in case they are interested. His eyes lit up instantly!

He- "Ohhh...why don't we have her ship us each one!" *deep throaty sexy giggle*
*deep throaty sexy giggle* "Ohhh...really??? You would have her do that?"
Me- "Sure! I can do that, just tell me where you'd like them sent & for what day."
He- "We'll both be back on Wednesday.....will we receive them on the same day?"
Me- "Yes, I can make sure you do."
She- (to him) "I'll call you when I get mine....."
*deep throaty sexy giggle*
He- ".....we can eat them together....."
*deep throaty sexy giggle*
*deep throaty sexy giggle* ".....mmmmm while we are on the phone....."
He- ".....oh yeah!"
*deep throaty sexy giggle*
Me- "Um...I'll go get something to write your addresses on."

I stand in the kitchen for a moment to cool down. D tells me my face is all red. We hear more giggling from the front room. When I go back in they are standing close together with sparkling eyes & the shared aura of two people in love (or lust?). I take their names & addresses (funny, they both had the same last name?), total their order & he pays by credit card. I promise to ship them out the following week. They glow even more (I didn't think that was possible!?) & thank me for my time.

On the way out I hear him ask her if she'd like to eat at that restaurant again this evening. She replies, "Only if we can have that dessert again!"

The van sat out front for a while before they drove away. No, I don't know why.....I was too busy getting D a large slice of Oblivion. ;-)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ingredient 101 "Flourless Chocolate Oblivion Cake"

My bestseller, by far, is the dessert that I create with the least amount of ingredients. Know what else? It tastes the BEST! ;-)

Callebaut Belgian Bittersweet Chocolate Coins
(Your cake is only as good as your chocolate! Use the BEST!)

Wüthrich European Style Unsalted Butter
(Nothing else will suffice! You need the higher butterfat content for smoothness.)

Farm Fresh Eggs from Humpty Dumpty
(Need I say anything more??? Their eggs ROCK!)

That's it!
Really miss jin?
Yes, really!
AMAZING...isn't it?!!?

Smooth... warm... chocolate & butter.

Whipped...frothy... whole eggs.

Baking it in a bain-marie is IMPERATIVE!
Then it tastes like the center of a chocolate truffle!!!

Cool & chill for at least 8 hours.....if you can wait that long.

Precut, then decorated with piped chocolate & Belgian bittersweet lace.

Above is my favourite way to indulge in this phenomenal culinary masterpiece. A slice of oblivion floating in a pool of Crème Anglaise & served with organically grown sweet delicate tulips. The Verdict? My sultry mélange fills your palate with a stunningly jintastic oralgasmic feat of BLISS that will turn you into my slave for all eternity.

Who's brave enough to go first?