Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stuff jin Does

This is just a tiny peek
inside a fraction of a week
Behold the life of a jin
baking in her kitchen

"Frosted & Decorated Hand-Made Sugar Cookies" Jumbo Penguins

Baby Penguins

A 14" x 20" x 5" Box Full of Cookies for an Order

"Pre-sliced Cakes Sold by the Piece"

Old Fashioned Poppyseed Cake with a Sweet Rich Caramel Icing

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Filling & Belgian Dark Chocolate Glaze

Ground Toasted Almond Bundt Cake drenched with Turbinado Sugar Syrup and Pure Almond Glaze

A 5-1/2" tall Scratch-Made Maraschino Cherry Angelfood Cake with Whippy Sweet Vanilla Butter Frosting

"Pre-Ordered Decorated Sheet Cakes"

"When A Jin Gets Tired What Does She Do?"
She makes a healthy snack to eat, silly!
Sliced Organic Bananas.

Dipped in warm Belgian Bittersweet Chocolate.

"Luscious Things"

Shortbread Crust topped with a baked Rhubarb Custard & Real Vanilla Whipped Cream

Lightly Sweetened Shortbread Crust
Spicy Curried Portabella Mushroom & Caramelized Vidalia Onions
Zested Curl of Lemon

Preparing Lunch for Mr. Jin

Peanut Delightfuls
MMMmm...it's all in the name.
Caramel, Belgian Chocolate, Peanuts, Pecans, Nut Butter, Marshmallow Nougat
The jin simply adores these.
Many an "MMMMmmmmm..." has passed her lips whilst greedily consuming them.

"Where Does A Jin Get All That Energy?"
From jinpassion & supplements, of course!

"Addictive Stuff"

Death By Chocolate Cookies
Melted Chocolate. Extra Dark Cocoa Powder.
White Belgian Coins. Dark Belgian Coins.
Topped with even more Chocolate.
After consuming one of these
you will drop to the ground & lick my cute jintoes.
(That'll get you another cookie, too. ;-)

Shortbread Crust, Organic Coconut Cheesecake Filling, Belgian Chocolate Glaze
Make Love, Not War
Oopsy...I meant to say
Eat Sweets, Don't Fight

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Defies Description

Two of the loveliest brides I've ever dealt with
Ordered two of the loveliest cakes I've ever made
Both for the same day.
Now, how awesome is that?!

Wedding Cake #1 that went out on Saturday
All Belgian White Chocolate Cake.
3 different fillings:
Raspberry Puree Flavoured Buttercream
Fresh Lemon Curd
Belgian Bittersweet Chocolate Buttercream
The tiers are frosted with my glorious Vanilla French Buttercream.....smooth & shiny as satin.

Silk flowers trickle down from top to bottom.

Finished with dainty jintied bows & grosgrain ribbon borders.

Wedding Cake #2 that went out on Saturday
Chocolate Butter Cake
Belgian Bittersweet Chocolate Filling

The middle tier is enrobed in my Belgian Chocolate glaze. The piping is done to match.

Shiny pale pink buttercream frosting & piping.

jin says,
"It's all in the detailz."

Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's a bird... It's a plane... No! It's a jinfish!!!

A photo is brought in to me.
It is a picture of a 3D 'fish' cake.
KEWL methinks.
Except, it's covered with gross fondant & airbrushed.
EWWW methinks.
Remember peeps, the jin will not create a cake that looks nice & tastes like crap.
So, I had to reinterpret.
Here's mine:

Inside lies a 3 layer rich chocolaty Red Velvet Cake brushed with a Turbinado sugar syrup & filled with Cream Cheese frosting. The entire cake is generously slathered with my mouth watering Belgian chocolate glaze.

I let the glaze firm up and added a jinhand-carved scale texture. Over this I brushed varying shades of pearl dust & cocoa 'paint' accents. The fin & tail were made out of solid Belgian bittersweet chocolate. I manipulated it into the 3D textured shapes. It let me. I think it even liked it. ;-)

I just know you're dying to kiss those chocolate fish lips.

Finished off with brown sugar 'sand', gumdrop 'rocks' & a wish for a Happy 30th.

Even a Vegetarian jin would have liked a huge piece of this Fishy!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pomp, Circumstance & Cake!

Tis that time of the year again.
The hats & sheet cakes bore jen.

They're all the same only the names are changed.
I do so many I become deranged.

I close my eyes & the cake is done.
But e'er so often I get one that's fun!

This year it was a construction hat.
Check it out! Just look at that!

It's not yucky fondant either, it's vanilla buttercream!
Delicate white cake filled with a lemony dream.

I smoothed it by jin-hand then piped the decor.
Give me cake orders like this, more more more more!

Monday, June 11, 2007

An Erroneous Tale

You've heard me say I'll never have children.
Ever wonder why?

Here is a beautiful wedding cake in my shoppe, just before delivery.
Oh, it is loverly, isn't it?
Here is the cake exactly one hour later in the lobby of the hotel where the reception was held.
Can anyone tell me WTF that is doing in MY cake?!!?


Is it my responsibility to do something?
Should I turn that side towards the back?
Do you think the bride & groom will notice?

***EDIT 6.12.07
Ok...ok...I decided I'd better add this here for the peeps that don't read the comment section: The "baseball" was meant to be there. It was, in fact, created out of a dense carrot muffin covered with fondant & piped buttercream stitching. The wedding couple wanted three sides to be perfectly decorated & the fourth side to have the "baseball" smashed into it. The guests only saw the three normal sides until they walked up a few steps to examine the cake more closely.....& BAM! Haahaaa!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

SHELLS - As Interpreted By jin & Blogpal Scott

I'd like to introduce everyone to my pal
Scott, aka "Gnat of Glass".

He creates amazing vases, paperweights, marbles & shells
like this one:
Scott's Exquisite Blown Glass Shell

He's currently got a contest going on where you can WIN a FREE piece!
He says he'll ship them anywhere (even outside the US!) so go over and
Play The Contest!
Be sure to tell him that jin sent you, because if one of my readers wins a piece then so do I! You don't even have to have a Blogger account, so no excuses!

Gnat's pieces are better than mine in one way...
they will last a lifetime.
jin's pieces certainly won't...
they are Belgian chocolate.
jin's hand cast Belgian chocolate shells

Why don't you all keep me company while I decorate?
One here...one over there...
I wear the gloves because I will not tolerate a marring fingerprint on my spectacular shimmery shells.
Oh! Missed a spot! There. That's better.
MMmmm....doesn't the mixture of Chocolate & Vanilla French Buttercream smell divine?!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Wish me Luck!

Enough of that drivel already.
I'm going to only invite
to my blog from now on!

Happiness for Bloggers Sweet
Lovely Photos that can't be Beat
Read my Prose & Praise My Wares
Be GONE! All that scares
Nice Bloggers like You & Me
May Goddess Bless Us. So Mote It Be!