Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flashback: Easter

Per chance you didn't visit moi
this past Saturday
here's a little of what you missed out on
besides moi, of course.

(Suitable for Vegetarians, too! ;-)

Eggs & Carrots
(Protein & Beta Carotene, kinda! ;-)

Peanut Butter Eggs
(A jin may be capable of consuming 4 per sitting *blush* ;-)

Truffles, Mints & Petit Fours
(Some of the sexiest candy money can buy. ;-)

Organic Cheesy Herb Scones & Brioche
(A jin can quite possibly become addicted to this buttery eggy bread forsaking all other breads before it. ;-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Belated Blogiversary to me!

I can't believe I missed it!
March 6th marked my 2 year Blogiversary!

In the past two years I have:
-met some awesome bloggers both in cyberspace & in person
-spent countless hours sitting in front of my monitor
-made a few cakes
-chatted on the phone with several of you
-left one or two inappropriate comments
-spent countless hours sitting in front of my monitor
-made a few muffins
-sent sweetboxes to several of you
-spent countless hours sitting in front of my monitor
-made a few cookies
-admitted to a few jinbarrassing secrets
did I miss anything?

In honor of this special month
I want to share these sweets with you!
Help yourself!

Wafer Thin Lemon Sandwich Cookies filled with Cream Cheese Frosting

French Feta Cheesecake Topped With Wine Poached Dates

Chocolate Shortbread Shells Filled With Frangipane & Raspberries

For the Die Hard Chocolate Fanatics

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

jin Near Fatally Wounded!

I got into fisticuffs with ms. convection.
My rack was bigger
but her rack was 400

Other than that I've been a busy jin!

Making Chocolate Ruffles

and chocolate hedgehogs

lots of hedgehogs

to go on a hedgehog cake

Now listen up!
I want ALL of you
to go over to my
ba-uddy Scott's blog.
He's having another one of his fantabulous contests!
Tell him "jin" sent you!
Because if YOU win
I win too!
Just like last time.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Slow jin

I really didn't expect it.
I swear she waited
Until my hands were full
with 12 Large Boxes of Pastry
to start chasing me.
Quite obviously
I could not outrun her
The Infamous Persimmons Gal
reached out with her
blue paint encrusted hand
and tagged me
on what was once
a clean white t-shirt.
So here it is
A jinbarrassing purge
7 freakish things about moi

1. I taste absolutely every component I make just to ensure it's always perfect. I'm talking frostings, fillings, cakes, cookies, chocolates, fruits etc.

2. I run up & down the steps at my shoppe as often as possible. Most likely several hundred times per day. I always feel the need to burn off as much as I taste all the time!

3. I never waste food. Nothing goes in the garbage. Old apples & carrot cake scraps go to the bunnies outside. The squirrels get dodgy nuts, imperfect scones & any too-hard cookies or bar scraps. I have a few favoured crows & gulls that get anything else that happens to be lying around.

4. The ancient secret revealed (!) how to make a jin squeal with delight for under 3 bucks:
1 bottle of Blueberry Izze &
1 package of Newman's Own Organic Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

5. I never take my watch off.

6. Anytime I am unsure about something I consult one of my many Tarot decks. I have certain decks for certain questions. They never let me down... even if it's not what I want to hear/know.

7. You're all waiting for the risqué entry, aren't you?!
Well... I'll have to think about it for a minute.
Oh... there might be one last thing...
Useless talent #582
a jin can completely undo a mans belt & pants using only her toes.

Listen up! 7 peeps that must do this are:
Sir David Smith
(I know Persimmons Gal already tagged you, I'm just reinforcing it! Just doooo it David!)
Eternally Curious
Ace Munkee
Phosgene Kid