Friday, January 30, 2009

There's A Blogfan at my Door!
The Holday Edition

I'm so late in posting this!
Where are my manners?

My most recent meatspace/Blogger collision
was a dude who flew all the way from Florida
just to meet moi!

You might know him as
(cause he's responsible for the ePulp mag Astonishing Adventures)
(shameless plug: Buy it at Amazon!)
or as
John Donald Carlucci
(cause that's his name)

We spent 11 fun filled days
walking in snow
walking in snow
walking in... er- you get the picture

Oh Oh Oh
he brought DVD's.
did we watch flix!
This boy owns tons of the weirdass type of films
that this here jin adores!
We had a blast.

You want pix?
Nosy 'lil buggers aren't you?!
But just one.
This is me & PulpMonkeyBoy
in the Airport parking lot.

He was much shorter than I expected.

Did you hear the rumour?
I heard
this MonkeyBoy dude
actually packed up all his stuff
got in his car &
set his navigation system to
Manitowoc Wisconsin!

I wonder if it's true?
I wonder if he liked my cooking?
I wonder why he'd do something like that if it is jindeed true?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Posting shall resume soon.
Had some vacation time
jinterspersed with a Blogfan at my Door (11 days!)
and, most unfortunately, jinMom ending up in the ER.
I seem to be managing a zillion things at once
and blogging isn't making the cut!
Please send healing vibes jinMoms way as she's still in the Hospital.