Monday, May 26, 2008


I LOVE my job.
I mean...
Love my Job.

I Love my Customers too.
Well, 499 out of every 500 or so. ;-)
(Metaphorically speaking of course... I'm into cake art, I'm not a cake Tart! mostly)

My Weekend was Perfection.
This jin was soooo busy.
I had 2.5 hours of sleep Thursday eve
and 1.5 hours of sleep Friday eve
then worked until 8PM on Saturday
and I can still honestly say
I LOVE my job.
How effing awesome is that?!

You just need to look
(well, you need to taste too, but I can't send it thru the monitor yet)
sit back
pull an Al Bundy
and stick your hand in your pants if that's your thang
take a deep breath
and click thru these
pieces of jin

Sunday, May 18, 2008

jin is:

The FoodPorn:

The Game:

"jin is __________"

Pick ONE word to describe me.
Just ONE word.
Leave it in the comment section.

"I'm Listening!!! C'mon peeps... play with me!!!"

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A jin Never Gets Bored
(Sometimes she gets tired though)

Ahhhh... the scent of summer
wafting thru the air
takes away the winter blues
erasing all despair
allowing a gentle breeze
to slowly caress my hair.

Step back into the kitchen
for chocolate calls my name
once you taste my wares
your life won't be the same
'Tis my magick touch
Volition's not to blame.

Birds are tweeting, ovens beeping
there's frosting on the floor
I steal a moment, can't help myself
jin sneaks back out the door
In truffles and sunshine I indulge
Perchance resulting in new blog lore.