Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidaze!

Yes, yes they are!
I have had numerous customers popping by the past few weeks saying the same thing, "Have you noticed your business slowing down in this economy?"
The answer, "Not at ALL! I'm near busier than I can handle!"
I've been leaving it at that, but I feel there is so much more to add.

I am unique.
What I do is unique.

One can't go anywhere within a good hundred mile radius (if that even), to get pastry like mine.

Fact peeps.
I'm not being snooty about it.
There are plenty of things I can't do well which I will readily admit to, but Food Art ain't on that list baby!

The connoisseurs that seek me out want delicious hand-made quality. It's not just food, it's a memory. Nourishment for your body & soul. That's what I create. Know what? I spent my holiday (Yule, Winter Solstice- Dec. 21st) creating for all of you and I didn't mind one bit! In fact, it makes me feel really good, knowing that I am making others holidays special, no matter what God or Goddess you might believe in, which religion you follow, if any at all! It matters not to me. I look past the labels to see the real person inside & I ask that all of you try to do the same. Hopefully you can do that whilst savouring my cupcakes. ;-) If not, enjoy some FoodPorn ala jin!

jin has strict quality control issues
she doesn't let just anyone savour her cupcakes

A glance at some of the items jin took with her to The Stumpjack Coffee Tasting a few weeks ago in Two Rivers.

Savouries! Boursin Cheese on Organic Crackers w/ Seckel Pears.

A few of the GORGEOUS ornaments Shelly at Humpty Dumpty Eggs in Reedsville made for jin this year. She hand-delivered them w/ her Hubby Mark. Thanks you two!!!

Single serve (3.5" diameter) Pumpkin Tarts in Jingersnap shells topped with crispy pastry.

Mascarpone Mousse & Rasperry topped Snowflakes
along with
Almond Macaroons w/ Bittersweet Ganache & Edible Gold Leaf

A traditional Yule Log transformed into a Cute Chocolatey Fishy Fishy!

A Holiday Array Display!

A jin with a box of delectable Candinas Chocolates (Verona, WI)
Thank you Mr. JDC!!! They are DIVINE!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


It's been much too long
but the time is finally here
slowly peel off my clothes
catch a glance in the mirror

My body is trembling
in an-ti-ci-pa-tion
my senses alive
no more fab-ri-ca-tion

I slide into bed
and purrrr as I go
ready to be bad
glad no one will know

With a grin on my face
a moan passes my lips
long legs stretching out
wiggling my hips

MMmmm... the sensations
running across my tongue
I feel giddy and tingly
excited and young!

OH MY! Hit a spot
as sweet as can be
delicious and perfect
so smooth and tasty

I'm almost finished
what if my longings aren't quite fulfilled?
Good thing I brought myself TWO slices of Cheesecake
The other is in the fridge keeping nicely chilled.

Um, whaaaat? I'm not the only one who eats cheesecake in bed... am I???

Monday, December 01, 2008

On A jin Safari

From the Perspective of the Hunter:
I must. . . I simply
must see a jin close up before I leave this cruel world! Friday. Yes. This Friday I shall finally go through with it. After dusk. I will collect the proper attire so I blend in without disturbing the jin in her natural environment.

I have been observing her from afar, for a good long while. I believe I understand her patterns now & I know just where to sight her. Yes. . . yes finally. . . I shall see the jincreature in her entirety. . . . .

*fade out as his eyes glaze over & he strokes his chin in eager anticipation*

From the Perspective of the jin:
So many orders - so much to do! Zoom to the ovens - zoom to the counter - zoom back to the ovens - out of the corner of her eye she spies the truck, again, driving past, turning around, driving past, turning around. and again. and again. Ah well, no harm, no foul. As long as he's just looking a jin has no problem with that. Don't understand it mind you, as jins lean toward the exhibitionist side as opposed to the voyeuristic . . . but, whatever.

From the Perspective of the Hunter:
There she is! MUST get a closer look. I shouldn't but I must!

*dressed all in dark clothing the hunter abandons his mode of transport to follow on foot. . . *

From the Perspective of the jin:
She says aloud, "That is SO uncool!" as she briefly stops working for she notices the man creeping towards the front window; pushing his way around the bushes & trying to peer inside.

Kudos to the local police department. They arrived in about 3.5 minutes. Double Kudos to the freaking hawt friendly officer who responded.

Now, I do realize peeps think I lead an Über jinteresting life & they might wish to catch an uncensored glimpse. So I feel I must be 100% truthful here:

Things you really won't catch a jin doing while she works
  • Being Nude. Sorry to burst your bubbles, but jins really do wear clothing while they bake. It's kinda a sanitary thing.
  • Pole Dancing. First of all, there's no pole installed in my shoppe. Second, I'm too busy actually baking stuff.

Tried & Tested Tips on How to Spot a jin the Easy Way
  • Check for up & coming Open House dates, drive to her shoppe, walk in the front door, buy some of the pastries she works so hard to create. She'll probably even talk to you then.
  • Go hang out at the area coffee shops (Culture Cafe, Manitowoc Coffee, Stumpjack Coffee) that sell her pastries. You could catch her mid-delivery. Treat her to a steaming hot double shot (no sweetener, thanks!). She'll probably even talk to you then.
  • Buy yourself a place at this Thursday's Tasting deal at Stumpjack Coffee in Two Rivers. She'll probably even talk to you then.