Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Different Shade of ..... Tart

An Array of Tarts for my Blogger PalsHelp Yourselves!
What flavour would you like?

Chocolate Brownie topped with Real Vanilla Whipped Cream

Authentic Crème Brûlée

Frangipane with Fresh Organic Peaches

Eccentric Naturally Sweetened jinspice

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Words of Love

Each and every "Words of Love" cake is totally unique.
I personally tailor it to suit the Bride & Groom.

a jin's cake might say something like this:

passion SEX
Togetherness BEAUTY
Embrace the Unknown
Hold Me Thrill Me KISS ME
chocolate truffles
Laughing Dancing Thrusting Trusting
Holding Hands Listening to Bands
Your CARESS FOOD perfectionism
Our NAKED flesh Sweat Beaded Brow LUST
Intrinsic Trust Talking LISTENING
How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways!
Sultriness You Complete Me LIVE to LOVE
Melding of MINDS Ultimate Pleasure

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Really Ravishing Rosy Rhinestone




Sunday, October 14, 2007

Angel's Tears

Spun Sugar
aka Angel's Hair
(DO click to enlarge!)
The little droplets of caramel that form between the strands are referred to as Angel's Tears. On a humid day the sugar will collapse and lose it's volume. I warn prospective brides about this when they request it. It will still look nice... it just won't be as fluffy and glittery. Yesterday was a perfectly dry gorgeous day and the sugar turned out brilliantly!

Pumpkin Cake Topper
As the banquet manager handed them to me for positioning she said, "This one is the Bride & this one is the Groom." Ummm... ok... if you say so!

There were one dozen 'side cakes'. Each was a different flavour which was printed on a card & placed in front of each cake. The flavours were:
Toasted Almond Cake w/ Toasted Almond Buttercream
Pineapple Cake w/ Pineapple Buttercream
Devil's Food Cake w/ Chocolate Hazelnut Creme
Poppyseed Cake w/ Lemon Buttercream
Old Fashioned Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese
Marble Cake w/ Belgian Dark Chocolate Buttercream
Yellow Cake w/ Orange Buttercream
White Cake w/ Strawberry Buttercream
Devil's Food Cake w/ Peppermint Creme
Cherry Almond Cake w/ Dark Sweet Cherry Buttercream
White Chocolate Cake w/ Raspberry Buttercream
Chocolate Cake w/ Mocha Buttercream

Arranging of The Cakes by The Jin

Hmmm... what does that remind you of?
No, not that! Dirty minds!
They're Kissin'!

Is it Fall already?!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Blogger Love Volume II

Scott Novota
aka Gnat of Glass

Had this awesome contest a while ago.
I did not win said contest.
one winner came from my blog
so I got a referral prize!

It's a super heavy marble!


I also saw this picture on his blog:
He made this bowl.
How incredible is that?!!?

I have decided
after much jintrospection
that Scott
(in my delusional jinmind)
can be
none other
a vanilla cookie bowl.

Scott is also very Green
and swirly.

Watch his progress in Florida
as he creates his own
Glassblowing Studio (!)
and all the incredible pieces that come out of it
Gnat of Glass

Monday, October 08, 2007

jin undefeated

Check it out everyone!!
Ruela is going to make me famous!!

Thanks Ruela!! :-))))))

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Madcap Recap

Before I speak of my weekend,
I must get a sweet to eat!
One moment please,
bear with a tired, hungry & thirsty jin.
Talk amongst yourselves
and I'll be back before you know it!
That's much better!
Yummy frosted cookies for jinny!
Now I can nosh away as I recall my day!

Oh, my!
Where do I start?
How about here:

A white butter cake with white chocolate French buttercream filling. A pretty pink cake for a little girls golden birthday! I also made her Mom's wedding cake yeaaarssss ago.

A lovely golden tiara with rock candy accents and silver dragees. Sparkly!

All that descriptive typing
really wore me out.
I need some more cookie power.
Excuse for one moment please?

*jin brushes the cookie crumbs off her funky keyboard*

Ok, I'm ready to keep going now!

Next up:

Another white butter cake , this time with cream cheese filling. This was for a 6 year anniversary. She wanted a mini replica of the wedding cake I made for them. I couldn't get the fresh champagne grapes that adorned the original cake so I improvised. I piped them with tinted buttercream and tucked in a few chocolate stems.

The leaves were jinhand moulded out of fondant, texturized and brushed with a dutch dark cocoa powder. The original cake was dotted with caramel corkscrews as well, which would not have stood up today in the heatwave we were suddenly subjected to.
Oh no.
My cookies & coffee are almost gone.
How can I continue on with my post
if I've no sweets left to eat?!
Poor poor jin!
I shall stop here for now.
Rest assured that I will have
wedding cakes
blogger love
coming this week!