Friday, October 30, 2009

The jinfoolery Contest

Alright... enough is enough already!
I need to laugh (laughter being the best medicine & all...) & you know what?
Y'all are going to make me laugh.

Oh yes you are.
It's true!
Know why?
Know why?

He (or she) who makes me laugh hardest & longest is going to win themselves a SWEETBOX shipped directly to your home or office (must be located in the US or Canada) all on me! Wait- I mean the cost is on me. My treat. You can't actually eat the sweets on me. Oh stop groaning, like I'd give that away for free! Sheesh... where was I?

The Rules:
Leave me a comment (one entry per person please) describing the most embarrassing situation you've ever been in. You don't need to be a Blogger member, a Twitter fan, a FaceBook friend or any of that- anyone can enter! You must also leave a name- whether it's your first name, your internet persona or your pseudonym (just so I can keep track of everyone).

The Jincouragement:
Per chance you haven't already noticed, my sense of humour runs dark & I'm not much for censorship, so do feel free to let loose in the comment section. Go ahead & Make My Day; you know you want to.

The Detailz:
I will award one SWEETBOX prize valued at $45.00 (including shipping/handling) to be sent anywhere in the US or Canada. I will personally choose the pastry assortment you receive. I will decide who wins based merely on this criteria: the funniest, most embarrasing tale, in my opinion, which makes me giggle over & over again with twisted delight. Oh, don't worry, I won't be laughing at you, I'll be laughing with you. *ahem*

Contest starts now & ends on Sunday, November 8th. The winner will be chosen & prize shipped shortly thereafter.




Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How Time Flies. . . . .

Busier than a Bee
most certainly that's me
Can't Believe it's so Cold Out
summer's gone see jin pout
Several Things to Share with You
but it's been tough for jin is blue
You See I've Lost Someone Close to my Heart
i jintend to type then don't know where to start
'Twas Not Expected & the Suddenness Burns
yet the show must go on as this earth still turns.

My Beautiful Beautiful Brioche
November 9th 2005 - October 3rd 2009