Thursday, August 31, 2006

"I Know This Dude!" Volume I

It's time for another new multi-part series at jintrinsique! I will feature a new person occasionally (this translates to: whenever I feel like it! :-P) that helps to make my Pastry Shoppe COOL! YAY!

*Right now I know there is at least ONE dude reading this that knows the dude that I know already cos he's the dude in the 'I know this Dude' post! Haha!* (I dare anyone to say that out loud three times fast!!!)

Ok, I'm going to give the rest of you ONE clue:

Now, there may be a wife out there who is thinking, "Gee, my husband delivers eggs that look just like those!" Heeheehee...could it be???


"Ta da! dada, dada, dada, dada, dada. daaaa"

"I Know This Dude!"
It's Mark!
From Humpty Dumpty Eggs!

He brings us this:

...and this, too:

So we can make these:

...and these:

...and don't forget about these!
Humpty Dumpty's eggs are in all our goodies! They are not one of those gigantic factory farms (BAD!!!) they are a family owned business (YAY!!!) who have the best products! (Plus, they deliver right to us, how cool is that?!!?)

Now, everyone say hello to Mark & his wife Shelly in the comments section. I have a feeling they will both be reading this! :-D

OH! One more photo! I almost forgot! Mark said his next delivery was to the local strip club, so my Dad unselfishly volunteered to go with him.

We knew Humpty Dumpty delivers almost anywhere, but to a strip joint?!!? When asked what he delivers to them, he replied, "Why, whipped cream, of course!" HAHAHA!!! Turns out he was joking.....I think?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


A coconut dusted cookie tree tower
I really should have charged by the hour
All those chocolate cookie swirls
Were demolished by a group of girls

A 3 tier cake
That I did make
This design's been done to HELL
I don't think it's all that swell

Dessert buffets I think are COOL
A look up close would make you drool
Groom wrote a Villanelle to serve with each sweet
This couple was trendy, they knew how to eat

Bon bons a-filled with soft almond paste
You've no IDEA how GORGEOUS these taste!
Wrapped in chocolate & almond icing
Intensive labour raises the pricing
A lot...

In closing, grab a 'Death by Chocolate' to go
They're only for the hard core chocoholics, you know
7 types are used in this
I can promise TOTAL BLISS
Until they're gone...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

sui generis

Aren't these cookies the cutest?!!? They were going to a or bridal I don't recall. There were more than this I just couldn't fit them all in the photo. Plus I ate a few. :-D Do you want to see what they went with? After all, they couldn't have only cookies! You have to have a unique matching cake, no? Check it:

HAHA!!! I KNEW you'd like it! It was a 12" round 4-layer, white cake filled with the now infamous white chocolate mousse & fresh raspberries; frosted with vanilla French buttercream. I'm thinking there were going to be some MAJOR "MMMmmmmm's" going on there!

Next up: an all chocolate & vanilla wedding cake; heart shaped with red roses! Isn't that the most 'Traditional Romantic' cake you've ever seen?!!?

It was delivered to one of the local Vets Clubs & I think this was the FIRST TIME EVER that neither D or I had to open a door for ourselves. We had to make numerous trips & people actually went out of their way to hold doors for us! I didn't know how to act! I'm not used to that sort of behaviour in this neck 'o the woods! (I was seriously worried that it may have been just a ploy to quickly slam the door as I approached so they could watch the cake go flying!)

Obviously that wasn't all that went out today, but that's all I got pics of. Well...there is one more but I think I'll save it...I posed with 2 bags of chocolate that was delivered the other day so you could get a feel for how much I go through. I was struggling because it's packaged in very slippery bags & I'm trying to hold 22 pounds in each arm & I have the goofiest expression on my face. Maybe I'll post it this week & maybe I won't. HA!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Fortuitous Friday


I just realized that I spoil those around me with affectionate 'sweet' gifts on a ridiculously regular basis.
Example: If I happen to be stopping in at a friends business or home I'll take each person there a mini assortment of goodies. (The word mini is used loosely here. This is MY blog & I make the rules. So there.)
Outcome: This makes miss jin happy! (I think the recipients may be slightly pleased, as well. Maybe I shouldn't assume, though? ;-)

Champagne grapes are now in season. Availability is very limited. Sadly, the season runs short; at about 1 month. So, if you want these on your wedding cake you have to get married tomorrow or next week.
Note: I can't get them for tomorrow & I'm booked solid next week. I guess you're SOL. Try next year if you're still together.
Flavour profile: Yummy!!! Teeny tiny too!!!


I have a dear old Auntie that used to work in the shoppe full-time. She had a stroke & can no longer speak, which limits her ability to infrequent kitchen chores instead of waiting on customers, as she was used to doing.
Most remembered phrase: 'Peanut Squares'.
Why: She spoke relatively quickly, always trying to get the next word out before she finished the first word. On occasion this caused the blurp of a new & 'interesting' phrase from Auntie Emily. Many a customer would stare at her in stunned silence when she skipped the "t" on the end of peanut & squashed the 2 words into one. Say it with me people, in her honour, "PeanuSquares".

Monday, August 21, 2006


Anyone have a guess?
inspired this post.

Clue # 1

Clue #2

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Unique New Gift Nook!

What is more complimentary than oodles of "Unique" gifts along side of our "Unique" pastries?

But not just any gifts, mind you. They have to pass jins strict quality testing!

Come on over for the private tour or stay glued to your screen for the virtual one. The choice is up to you. I look better in person, though.....I mean the 'gifts' look better, yeah, that's it.

The one thing I never have enough of (besides money & compliments) is space, so do keep this in mind while browsing. If you turn around too fast you'll step on my toes & then I'll have to get angry!

Everyone else seems to have a "Gift Corner"... & I don't like to be like everyone. That's why I've called it a "Gift Nook". Now that we have the formalities out of the way, peruse & enjoy!

On the top shelf we have some of Jewels Gorgeous Creations!
Underneath is a selection of Tarots.

The sign she sent me for display. How CUTE are those earrings!

BTW, that glittery little bag is what your purchase is wrapped in.
another reason to buy some!

A close-up of a matching pearl bracelet & necklace.
I LOVE this set! I didn't try it on, either & you can't prove it!

OOooo...AAhhh...shiny & glimmery. Another matching set.
It has earrings, too. Tempting, isn't it!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


When creating cakes it's a topsy-turvy world
Fraught with frustration pastries are hurled
Hot in the kitchen there is no doubt
If you don't kiss my ass I'll sit & pout

Generally I'm easy-going, laid-back & such
Whilst nearing my endeavours you'd better not touch
For this angers Cake Goddess, raises her ire
Her wrath will come down upon you with great balls of fire

Food is a passion, a passion for life
This makes jin THE PERFECT wife
I say, "Live to EAT -don't- eat to live"
Gastronomic adventure; my gift to give

To bite into & savour a confection of mine
Will make you proclaim, "jin it's DIVINE!"
If you don't thank me properly with voice full of grace
I'll smash a banana cream pie right in your face

You think I'm kidding?!!?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Things that make you go "MMMmmmm...."

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day! The weather was divine & we had a shoppe full of wonderful people & pastry!

This was a cheese boule, like an Italian water bread only heartier. Great with a soup or use for a sandwich. We had a couple of these left. GOOD! LOL! David, Brioche & I will eat it until it's gone!

Next up, one of my favourites, Charlotte Russe. This was gone. :-( I did manage to sneak one piece before it all sold. Yours truly is reduced to a giggly wide-eyed smiling goof while I eat this. I flavour it with the juice from blood oranges, the sweetest tasting O.J. on the planet!

"Mint Brownies"
Three layers: dense brownie topped with
a sweet mint filling &
glazed with Belgian chocolate glaze.

Fresh Raspberry or Peach 'Hand Pies'

"Angelfood Cake"
A slice of lemon angelfood cake is served with
lightly sweetened whipped cream & fresh raspberries.

"Sour Cream Cookies"
An old fashioned cake-like cookie with
a hint of nutmeg & cardamom
topped with vanilla icing.
I LOVE these! I ate several.

"Key Lime Pie"
No. Real key lime pie is NOT green! If it is, they put in food colouring! Key lime juice is almost the same colour as lemon juice with a slight green hue. Once you mix it in with the rest of the ingredients (including whole eggs) it turns yellow. Trust me on this. It still tastes like lime.

"Banana Bonanza"
OMG was this PHENOMENAL!!! 3 very thin layers of lightly spiced banana cake filled with vanilla pastry cream & enrobed in a thick Belgian chocolate glaze. Absolutely PERFECT!!! (Well, how do you think I know?!!? I ate one. Well, maybe 2. Ok, OK! I had several & I'm going to have another one as soon as I finish this post. :-P)

"Awesome Muffins"
Organic zucchini, carrots, Quinoa flakes, toasted pecans, organic house-made applesauce, dates & complimentary spices do make this a truly "Awesome Muffin" proudly displayed on 'The Cupcake Stand' mentioned here recently. I promised Ace I'd post a picture of how it looks when it's full.

This is a coconut cheesecake with chocolate graham crust & the ever popular Belgian chocolate glaze. Yeah...I ate some of this too. *HUGE GRIN* I won't tease you with how fantabulous it was. ;-)

Which item do you want?
When/where do you want it delivered?
What are you going to trade me for it?
(Go ahead, make my Monday!)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

jin's 100th Post!!!

It's true, it's ABSOLUTELY true! When I started I didn't really want to blog & here I am, 5 months later celebrating my 100th post!

"How are you going to celebrate miss jin?"

I'm going to post 5 of my favourite close-ups along with a mini-obsession of mine.

"You have so many obsessions miss jin, which one will you choose?"

I LOVE to see how people find my blog. So, this may not be a very creative post in & of itself, but hopefully, I can present it in a "unique" fashion!

"Caramel Corkscrew"

I will omit all the typical searches that bring people here (cakes, frosting, etc.) & center my attention on the 30, shall we say, odd(?) words & phrases random users peck out on their keyboards to send them clicking on jintrinsique! I will put my very own thoughts in parenthesis under each item that I feel the need to comment on (you all KNOW how much I like to comment; another mini-obsession of mine ;-).

"Edible Gold Leaf Roof"

1) organic chewing tobacco

2) adrien brody skincare client

3) big uyps

4) "old devil moon" masturbakers

5) tiny dog mr. jingles

6) mr. jingles mouse training

7) how to make a dalek birthday cake
(I get this search at least once/week!)

8) dalek shaped cake
(I didn't even know what a dalek was until flatlander told me!)

9) "because i am not one of your"

10) lilliputian dessert

"Delicate Piping"

11) Sweeties dress

12) tease + please

13) what is wildoily
(I got this one several times! I think it may have something to do with the lesley.....)

14) wasabi ganache

15) "mommie dearest respect i deserve from any stranger on the street fans"
(I'm blaming coaster punchman for this one.)

16) tease 2 please

17) jelly filled chocolates
(coaster punchman, again?)

18) lard frosting in buckets
(C'mon, GROSS! REVOLTING! I don't even want this person on my blog!!!)

19) "coaster punchman" sara
(Got this one twice...hmmm...cp, any ideas?)

20) jen bush pastry chef

"Royal Icing Lace Hearts"

21) drool eaters
(I'd LOVE to see the guy that typed this! HAHA!!!)

22) sooty and sweet

23) cholesterol testers
(Yes. I sell them to go with my whipped cream topped cheesecakes.)

24) female-trouble Divine

25) flower essence for mommas boy
(If you are familiar with flower essences are you'll be LOL at this relationship!)

26) squares in trier

27) cabbage tart
(YUCK! I think this one is Phos' fault.)

28) married to a "christian bulimic"

29) lesley penises
(Ok, this is just FUNNY!!!)

30) marzipan penises
(Alright, so I deserved this one because of this post. )

"Cookies that Gyrobo would Eat"

Sunday, August 06, 2006

"BMW Logo Blue"

Saturday was BUSY! 2 unique, large & beautiful weddings! I, personally, was EXTREMELY pleased with the outcome of both. Oh, and I had FUN, too. *Insert jin looking giddy, HERE.*

The first cake was a 4 tier delight, decorations to be planned entirely by MOI! All they gave me was a colour scheme: 'BMW logo blue' & 'gold' (Yes, that's what they said!). Ok...enough of the chit chat already. Here's the pics!

Next up: 225 decorated cupcakes. Friday night I piped out the royal icing tiles embellished with the initial 'M' in alternating colours of lavender & sage.
There were 3 different flavour combinations:
Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting
Yellow Cake w/ Sweet Vanilla Butter Frosting
Devil's Food w/ Belgian Chocolate Glaze
(Here they are lined up in a box for traveling.)
Once at the reception site all 7 large boxes of cupcakes are emptied onto the stand & all surrounding areas!

It took D & I aprox. 40 minutes to set this up. By the time we were finished it was after 7:00 PM. D snapped several photos & I thought this last one perfectly captured how my eyes were 'seeing' at that moment!