Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jin's LUV Pink!

I'd like to start off by sending you to an Awesome website called
Not only do they sell appliance parts for any of your needs,
they also happen to be hosting a Contest with some seriously jinApproved prizes!
It's in support of breast cancer awareness & they're donating $$$ for each contest entry they receive. All you have to do to enter is paint a pink ribbon on one of your appliances, snap a piccie & email it (or blog it, or tweet it, or post it on FaceBook).

Enter the Contest Here

Guess what?
I'm Blogging it.
Ohhhh... jinny wants to win that pink Kitchen Aid!!!
So here's my Ribbon

Here's me & my support... errr... I mean me supporting the cause

Here's a Pink Bunny Cake I created recently just because I feel it ties in with the whole theme. ;-)

A brief note: I truly do apologize for my lack of blog responses of late. jinMom has been going through a very difficult time with her health the past few months & it looks to be getting more intense. Please send good vibes our way, especially the next two weeks which are critical. Thanks for continuing to read & comment- I miss you all terribly!

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Ahhh... the Hustle & Bustle of a Pastry Shoppe in the Summertime. I do so love the din it creates. Yet when I think of serene warm summer nights whence nearly undetectable breezes waft through my long locks I always hear this song jinside my head.

Turn up the volume, sit back, relax & enjoy her undeniably smooth seductive voice whilst you read about a few of my favourite creative Bloggers & savour a tiny slice of my most recent pastry creation.






...and the Dardos Awards go to:

John Donald Carlucci- Yes, JDC gets top billing. Am I biased? No way! ;-) Writing, Graphic Arts, Sculpture & Jewelery just to name a few. Wait, what's this... I think it's a film too!

- The most amazing talent I [n]ever met. If Portugal wasn't so far away I'd be at EVERY show his art is displayed in! I really would- the screen image isn't enough, I want to reach out & touch the pieces he creates!

Jared R. Byer- A brilliant photographer who sees beauty everywhere he looks. He is kind enough to share it with the rest of us on a daily basis. Peruse & enjoy.

Ted Warnell
- aka /t. of Canada. I don't visit his cyberspace nearly as much as I'd like to considering each code poem of his is so very creative. An amazing talent. Do spend time playing over at his place, you won't be disappointed!

Rich of G3T FILMS- Known the world over for his incredibly entertaining short films. Known by me as a super cool human being with above average intelligence & a dreamy Aussie accent.