Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There's a Blogfan at My Door!!!

I could sooo get used to this peeps!
Another Blogfan popped by to see me today!

Shall we play a little game?
Let's give you a mini sum-up of his blog
see if you can guess who it was!

"Start with the first meal of the day & toss in some military chemicals, add a few warplanes, plenty of attack dogs and hummingbird videos. Throw in a deliciously dark sense of humour that scares away the timid and makes jin's giggle uncontrollably. Take a virtual trip to a land of a hundred & ten degrees+ while in the comfort of your own temperature controlled office. A true omnivore who takes great pleasure in teasing us grazers mercilessly. (Shhh... we kinda like it! Don't tell him that though!) Lastly, toss in the occasional moving poem to round out this incredibly unique individual."

Can you guess?!!?
Can you?
you must know!

Ok Ok.
It's the

*drum roll*

Phosgene Kid
V Agent for Breakfast

We talked, we laughed, I got taken out to lunch!
Unfortunately I had no cool cakes to show off...
but sent Phos & his brother on their way with plenty of cookies for munching.

Phos from Arizona & brotherPhos from Milwaukee

A jin & a Phos

I've heard talk of Phos not being a hugger, but I got a few out of him! I think he just likes to have that tough guy persona even though deep down he's a big 'ole softy! He even told me I'm purdier in person... awww shucks.... *blush* way to make a jin's day!!! Bloggers ROCK!!! Who'd have thought this tiny piece of cyberspace I tend to would put me in contact with such wonderful human beings such as these two guys?!!? You two must come back again one day... I'll make a PhosCake! ;-)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Heart Shaped World

One of THE greatest CD's ever!
I played mine so frequently
that one day it simply shattered in two!
I've yet to replace it.
I must do that soon.
*jin starts thinking about Chris Isaak*
any of you know him personally?
Is he available?
Does he know that I am?
He's ultra jinworthy.
Hubba. Hubba.
*jins eyes glaze over*
am quite easily distracted these days
this post is supposed to be about
Heart Shaped Cakes!

Monday, September 22, 2008

There's A Blogfan at my Door!

The longest distance traveled
thus far
by a blogfan
to meet moi...
are you ready?
Waaaaait for it...
A roadtrip
from Colorado
all the way
to my 'lil ole shoppe
in Wisconsin!
Eternally Curious
spent 25 hours driving here!
(Her trip back home didn't take quite as long with an improved route.)

A little background info on the fabulous EC:
we blogmet some 2.5 years ago
became fast cyber friends
(us being star twins and all ;-)
and just knew we'd be great meatspace friends as well.

Seeing as she was driving all that way
and I try to be a hospitable jin
I offered her a room for as long as she could stay.
This jincluded
of course
all the jinfood she could eat
assuming she didn't mind going vegetarian
during her stay with me.

We had such a blast!!!
Both being a bit on the eccentric side
our topics of convo
might be considered mindblowing
to a few of you
but to others
you'll just wish you'd have been here!

EC used to study Esoteric Astrology
so I was more than happy
to trade her an in depth Tarot reading
for her esoteric interpretation on my Natal Chart.
Might I just add
I think between the two of us
we shook the Cosmos
with our undeniable accuracy.
(The details are a secret. That's all you get! ;-)

took one photo
for all y'all
as cyberproof

EC also treated me to dinner
The Always Fabulous Kavarna
and gave me a hand
with many sinks full of dishes
and a wedding cake delivery
(Many thanks for NOT offering to help carry! ;-)

A few days
seemed to end much too quickly
"Tis better to have Blogged & Met
Than never to have Blogged at All!"