Monday, May 26, 2008


I LOVE my job.
I mean...
Love my Job.

I Love my Customers too.
Well, 499 out of every 500 or so. ;-)
(Metaphorically speaking of course... I'm into cake art, I'm not a cake Tart! mostly)

My Weekend was Perfection.
This jin was soooo busy.
I had 2.5 hours of sleep Thursday eve
and 1.5 hours of sleep Friday eve
then worked until 8PM on Saturday
and I can still honestly say
I LOVE my job.
How effing awesome is that?!

You just need to look
(well, you need to taste too, but I can't send it thru the monitor yet)
sit back
pull an Al Bundy
and stick your hand in your pants if that's your thang
take a deep breath
and click thru these
pieces of jin

28 Responses to “BEST. WEEKEND. EVER!”

Eebie said...

Lovely work and best yet, you love doing it!

Dino aka Katy said...

wow you were busy - as usual it looks sooo yummy my little fruit torte I made doesn't compare

jin said...


Thanks handsome!! :-D

Ohhh... I owe you an email... I didn't forget, I got distracted. Be patient, I'm worth the wait, I swear!!!

jin said...


I thought of you when I took the Vanilla Bliss photo.

I also thought of you as I was eating half a dozen Vanilla Bliss myself over the past 3 days.

G3T Films said...

Yah yah, pleasen be putting da cheesecake through da screen now yes? And a piecen of dat tastien looken tarten too yes?

David said...

That angular Dr. Seuss-like cake is just too cool and fun! An amazing architectural delight...I'll bet when they received it there were a ton of oohs and aahs and whoa's and smiles all around.

jin said...


*der jinen tarten jumps troo the screenen mit der cheesecaken and accidentally dropens caken richters lapen*

jin said...


Um... what angular cake???
Are you insinuating one of my creations is crooked?!!?
Why I aughtta beat you silly with a rubber hose mister!

David said...

I can take a beating, I think...the rubber hosiery sounds interesting.

jin said...

*jin googles "rubber pantyhose"*

Haahaaa! Cool!

I would soooo wear the one with the orange circles on!!!

If someone buys it for me I'll post photos!!! ;-P

G3T Films said...

Sie bist ein Lieber! Who ist go, please, to bin rubben dis cake of, please?

Maria said...

OMG! I ate one of those peanut squares for lunch at Stumpjack today.

All I can say is - OMG! David must have thought I was joking when I said "I wonder if Jin would let me pay her to work for her." He laughed. I'm serious. How do you work that magic?

Um. Am I allowed to hate you?

jin said...


Ach! Heir richten... let me licken dat uppen.

jin said...


WELCOME and Thank You! :-)

The magick is easy when you create food with Passion!!!
(Plus it doesn't hurt that I taste everything all the time... *blush* heehee! ;-)

jin said...


Ohhh.... noooo..... you must worship me!
Unless you really do have a Northern accent. Because I have a weakness for that and then I must worship you!

Oh and Welcome!! :-)

Ace said...

Except, really, I'm not. In either sense.

jin said...


Um... ok then:
Der Journalist ist ein netter Affe*!

*Unfortunately, it seems there isn't a perfect translation for the exact word I wanted to use for you!!!

Middle Child said...

From someone who has trouble spreading butter smoothly on bread - "oh my God!" Your work is incredible and to hear someone say they love their job is wonderful - onya Jin

G3T Films said...

I believe the word you're looking for is Schimpanse... wait, no, that's the impression I do when someone spills virtual cake in my lap.

angel said...

oh wow jin... simply spectacular! i love the squiff cakes- i want one one day if i get married!

damn and blast... laptop letting off sparks again from the drool on my keyboard.
i'll be back.

foam said...

ich will den ganzen kaesekuchen sofort haben

G3T Films said...

Ja, in der Tat!

jin said...

Sorry All!
Soooo busy...
things to do...
places to go...
chocolate to consume...
new post by this weekend, PROMISE!

miss you all

Gyrobo said...

Wow! That cheesecake makes my heart skip a beat.

Strange... it's still skipping... ack!

My one regret... is that I never ate a slice...


jin said...

*jin gives the hairy robot mouth to mouth*