Monday, July 21, 2008

There's a couple Blogfans at My Door!

Remember Katy?
She was the very FIRST
Blogfan at my door.
(She was also the cool chickie I went to Vegas with last year.)
But this is the first time I got to meet her husband...
the infamous "Grumpy".
(So nicknamed at a time when he worked as a bouncer.
I heard he was very good at his job! ;-)

Katy and Grumpy from Virginia.

Ohhhh.... don't let that look fool you though!
He was not grumpy at all!!!
I'd swear he put that look on just for the camera.

ETA was 2PM.
Katy rang at 12.30 to say they were almost here!
I had planned to make several scratch pizzas for lunch.
I knew I had to hurry so I only got one photo before they went in the oven.

Left: Basil Pesto topped with Shredded Cheddar Jack
Right: Organic Spinach, Feta and Savoury Pecans drizzled with EVOO

There was more food, of course.
Alas I didn't get any photos.
I don't want to tease you
with descriptions of the different
cookies, scones and pizza they got to taste.
hee! ;-P

Laughing about anything and everything.

Katy wanted a peek at how big Brioche (the dog not the bread) had grown since her last visit. What perfect timing! I turned my back for a second when Grumpy tried to sneak out with a 50# box of chocolate.

He didn't get very far. Good dog!

All in all it was a great visit with fantastic convo throughout the afternoon. So glad you both went out of your way to come and see me! Same time next year?

10 Responses to “There's a couple Blogfans at My Door!”

Eebie said...

Excellent that you had time together and loved sharing about life...isn't that what makes life special? Great that you blogged and shared.

Dino aka Katy said...

we had a great time. I will have to try to make some of those pizzas they where just toooooo good - i hope we make it up there again some time soon.

jin said...


I do believe meeting up with blogfans has been the highlight of my life the past 2 years!
You're all so wonderful! :-D

jin said...


I hope so too!
You can tell Grumpy I didn't let out that secret about him being a sweet guy either.

She's a good egg, that Katy. Grumpy too.

Ace said...

Nice lookin' pizza!

What's up with all the trekking to visit these days? Suddenly, the jin, she has a life!

jin said...


LMAO! I love when you come out with a comment like that one!

jin said...


Um... so what are you saying? That since my husband is history I have friends wanting to visit me? Coincidence?

I can still hear you saying at dinner...
"He's taller than I thought but I can still take him... I fight dirty."

Cool Munkee!

Jewels said...

Oh Katy, you're so lucky!
I know I was supposed to come down for a visit. Darn finances got in the way. :(

I want to visit too! And have pizzas too! And scones, yes, scones too! LOL!

angel said...

katy katy katy's been to jin's house!!! thats so awesome...