Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Posting shall resume soon.
Had some vacation time
jinterspersed with a Blogfan at my Door (11 days!)
and, most unfortunately, jinMom ending up in the ER.
I seem to be managing a zillion things at once
and blogging isn't making the cut!
Please send healing vibes jinMoms way as she's still in the Hospital.

20 Responses to “Apologies”

caramaena said...

I hope your mum's doing better soon. **healing vibes**

Vox said...

Have you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers...lots of healing vibes going your way.

Ace said...

Good luck with everything. And I do mean everything.

TAG said...

Do what you have to do. Your real fans will understand. Any who want to complain that you aren't doing enough for them need to get a life of their own.


Jewels said...

The healing vibes have been coming your way.
Hope things are getting better for you all.

Hope mom's ok. 11 Days? May have to come back since Jewels doesn't seem to have my room in her new house ready yet!! Maybe I could break that baking curse I have and even help you out.

G3T Films said...

How very dare you! Leaving us alone in our digital worlds all this time... I mean, really! ;)

Hope things with your mum are going well.

foam said...

hope things are looking up ..

Less talk more food porn!!

jin said...

Thanks All!!!
She's been moved to a rehabilitation facility for the time being. Thanks for the healing vibes! We felt them!!!
I LUV you guys!!!

No really,love ya man!! Glad all is well!!!

Jewels said...

Hey lady, You, lady! Cursing at your life... No, never mind, so sorry, those first two words just put that silly song in my head... LOL!

Listen, I wouldn't want you to miss out on my contest at my JG blog. You and your fantastic readers are all welcome to play if you like, come check it out, there's a free bangle in it for the winner! :D


angel said...

big hugs jin... lotsa good thoughts coming your way!

Hoping to see pictures of tantalizing spice cake.

Middle Child said...

May jin's mum have all the healing help she needs to be well again and healong wishes to Jin as well as we all only have one mum...

NewWorldOrder said...

very cool blog!

G3T Films said...

me. want. cake. now.

I made a blueberry cheesecake the other day. It was so good that I've been asked to recreate it tonight. I lurv cheesecake.

Show me some cheesecake lurv'n... Please?

jin said...

oh rich rich rich
u & your cheeeeeesecake fetishes
I don't know
oh alright then
Chocolate Mint Cheesecake
Served the jin way
(It costs extra! ;-)

G3T Films said...


I keep licking that but for some reason it wouldn't get in my mouth.



the cheescake probably looked good too.

Gyrobo said...

Get well, jinMom!