Monday, June 08, 2009

Please pardon the construction dust... I've a few more things to tidy up round here (like replacing all of your links!) then it'll be back to blogging as per usual.

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jin said...

Really... part of me is just waiting for my name change to be complete so I can remove that fucking Pasquill from my profile FOREVER!!!

Oh, yeah, BTW: my divorce is finally final. YIPPEE!!! I'm a happy happy happy jin!!!

Cormac Brown said...

"like replacing all of your links!"

What? Wha...I'm being replaced? You didn't even give me notice, and I'm being replaced?

What, am I going to be replaced by a blogging robot? Yeah, that's fair, blogging robots don't need to take breaks or sleep.

Are you going to outsource my blog to India? Because if you are, they might make less grammatical errors, but they'll never replace my good old American snark, and-

"like replacing all of your links!"

Oh, just the links. That's okay then.

BTW, congratulations on jettisoning the dead weight. Free at last, free at last!

Luis Garza said...

Congrats on the getting-rid-of-dude thingy, and on the blog's redesign, it's looking pretty good :)

Now all we need is some jinilisious postings soon.... :)

jimbizzle said...

I love the new layout. I usually just read from my RSS reader, but the new layout is ninja!

jazzolog said...

So what is the new-old last name? I sorta liked Pasquill in a strictly Edith Sitwell-Spanish soundway.

The photo of you just above looking at us full blast is dazzling. You shan't be unattended for long...unless that is your wish.

Andrea said...

you look GORGEOUS darling
I hope you are well

Gyrobo said...

So you're dropping "Pasquill" and going back to your maiden name of "Tonic"?

jin said...


Dude, no chance. YOU sir are irreplaceable!

Free Free Free!
(Well, all 4 JDC ;-)

jin said...


Thanks much! :-D

Where oh where did your blog go to? I can't seem to find it & I want to link to you!

jin said...


It's ninja? AWESOME!!!!! :-D

jin said...


Married name was Pasquill. I did like it until I quit liking him, the nasty Brit (DAMN me & my lust for that male English accent).
Maiden name was a super Polish Tomchek. Ha! Haha! That's not happening again.
One marriage was one too many for me... so why not create my very own unique name, non?!
I shall be a uniname. "Jintrinsique".

Why be normal? I don't like sheeple.

jin said...


GREAT to hear from you my fellow fabulous Virgo/Ox! I am divine. Truly divine!

jin said...


You have such a dry sense of humour. I LUV it!

p.s. LUV the youtube! Catchy.

Gyrobo said...

I've always had "Jin & Tonik" stuck in my mind since I misspelled Jin as Gin two years ago.

Think of how well "Jin Tonik's Liqueur Candies" would sell!

It's MORE than a name--it's marketing.

Gyrobo said...


jazzolog said...

Jin tri SIQUE? Like magnifique.

We must have the emphasis on the last syllable. Ah, Polish with ze French accent...and les pastrees. Yummy. Time to get out my Mapquest.

jin said...


Jin & Tonique Liqueur Candies

Dude! You fucking ROCK! If I manage to perfect something along those lines you get the first box I create for freeeeee!

Even tho you misspelled my name so long ago. I did remember that by the way. Yes. Yes I did. Memory like a steel trap you know. See why I can relate to a tin headed man???

(Psssssst! Your stache needs a trim. One side is a tad longer than the other. ;-)

jin said...


Actually... the name is a long story which I am far too tired to type this eve... (except for saying the 'intrinsique' part of it comes from the Middle English spelling of 'intrinsic' because I am me intrinsically/inherently, I can be no other way than how I am.

Ahhhhh I also have more in response to your last 'ghost post' comment at the Wulfshead... but I can barely keep my baby blues open. Shall I just pop round to your place to respond the next chance I get or have you subscribed to the Wulfshead comments?

jazzolog said...

And here I thought your nickname emanated from the Old Church Slavonic! As for the baby blues...sigh..gasp...

Before you pop, send up a flare of announcement---or an eclair of announcement would be OK---so that I can push aside some of the stacks of things-to-do, and make room for a proper sitdown. I do check out Wulfshead a couple times a day in case somebody's roused his head off the bar and said something.

Dr. Zaius said...

You have been awarded the fabulous Dardos Award!

susan said...

Beautiful work, Jin. Pastry as an artform is a great combination. Now if only I were planning a wedding..

angel said...

I like it!

jin said...


I will *pop* when time allows. Might be a few days, I am booked to capacity all week/weekend.

Hmmm... you good in a kitchen?

jin said...

Dr. Zaius:

Too Cool.
Way Too Cool!

Consider yourself in my links... um... as soon as I get them back up. *blush*

I need more hours in a day!

jin said...


Thank you so much & WELCOME to my blog! Come back any time.

jin said...


Now I just need to get your links back up there!

jazzolog said...

The Dr. Z excitement made me think I shouldn't look for a pop-over reply anytime soon, so I'm surprised. (I've never thought of popovers as pastry, but I suppose ANYthing can become pastry in the right hands.)

I'm glad you're busy, but I hope you're gathering enough cash to take on an apprentice. One's frosting should not get spread too thin.

As for me in the kitchen, I mention my baking experience in your more recent entry. A couple bakers thought I was pretty good at it. I am left-handed though, and that frustrates some righties.

At another level---I see there's a ;-) up there---I have been known to heat up things a bit in the kitchen. Outside of hiding atop and pouncing down from the refrigerator onto an unsuspecting lover, I'm usually quite harmless.

Jimmy said...

Truffles and lemon cup cakes..hmmm..yummy..They look delicious..

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