Monday, March 29, 2010

A Jinsensitive Mish-Mash

every once in a while
i spy something with style
that makes me laugh
fodder & chaff
now my memory's full up
so refill your cup
sit back and click play
and enjoy your day

Bridezilla Attacks!
Really? Really??? Oh cam on!

* * * * *

Sandra Lee!
Her face, frame by frame, as she tries to disguise her horrid concoction!

* * * * *

The Food Lift!
Need I say anything here peeps?!!?

* * * * *

The Elegant Guide to American Cuisine!
I LOVE this woman! (...and secretly wish I'd have thought of this first! Drat!)

* * * * *

Japanese Performance Art!
by Toastie
Her character "Baguette Bardot"
(an homage to Brigitte Bardot)

* * * * *

Paula Deen's Cocktail Hour!
That's pretty much all I have to say about her.

* * * * *

Guy Fieri!
I adore that he uses spit. Watch & learn!!!

* * * * *

This last one is verbally NSFW so click on it when you get home for a great laugh at the very bubbly Rachel Ray teaching all the ladies how to, shall we say... make dessert a special occasion. ;-)

6 Responses to “A Jinsensitive Mish-Mash”

Randal Graves said...

What a coincidence, I love that woman, too!

I did refuse to click on all those Food Network factory mutants because I don't want nightmares.

Ruela said...

haha!nice ;)

Middle Child said...

Thanks for these have forwarded on to my daughters - one will be getting married in Spetember so the bridezilla one should amuse

Anonymous said...


× × ×


Anonymous said...

LOL... I loved that second one!!

Cherry! said...

Loves the bridezilla one! OMFG!