Monday, July 26, 2010

Opportunities, Farewells & Sweetboxes, Oh MY!

Since I left you for so long without a post I suppose I must offer you an explanation! I have a very good one, although some of you won't be happy about it. It's great news though! Well, for me...

I have been busy tying up loose ends; after 17 years in business I am closing the doors to my pastry shoppe & heading down to the Sunshine State.

I very much feel the need to grow & Manitowoc can no longer serve that purpose for me. I feel that Uniquely Yours Pastry Shoppe could always survive here but will never thrive here. The time has come for me to be in a busier environment, a larger city, a place where I can truly acuminate my skills.

For the curious cats in the bunch, Uniquely Yours shall RIP. I’ve no desire to sell the business to an outside party who can’t comprehend the passion it took on a daily basis to keep this baby going.

When I do start up again, which is inevitable for a passionate foodie such as myself, it will be a new endeavour, totally unassociated with the “Uniquely Yours” that my Mom & I created so long ago in this small town.

Due to the (quite obvious!) devastation of my customers, I have already checked into the available options near our destination, of which there are many. I have already begun taking orders for shipping my holiday delights & will start sending them throughout the month of December. I will be putting the finishing touches on ordering options, prices, etc. & will have a list available in October. If you are jinterested just drop me a line & I'll be sure to email (or snailmail!) you a copy as soon as it's completed.

Fear not! This blog will not go the way of the brick & mortar. It may morph jinto something slightly different though...

Ahhh... but I've saved the best news for last! The best for you, that is. ;-) I am accepting one final call for SWEETBOX orders. They will go out this Wednesday (July 28th) & next Wednesday (August 4th).

I will hand pick a delightful artisan-crafted assortment just for you! At this late date, I'm afraid I can't accommodate special requests/flavours, but I promise you'll simply adore the unique variety!

Each package will contain approx. 24 pieces of pastry & the price of $55.00 (shipping to the US) includes USPS Priority Shipping, a tracking number & reusable cool packs. Click below to order!

So sorry... the ordering window has expired!

Ciao for now my blogfans... ;-)

6 Responses to “Opportunities, Farewells & Sweetboxes, Oh MY!”

Jewels said...

I totally would jump at the chance, alas, the finance Goddess has been scarce lately. Heck, she's been downright MIA... :(

I'm gonna miss your sweet concoctions though, sooooooooo much!!!!

Ciao Bella!

Randal Graves said...

Couldn't resist the allure of 24 hour shuffleboard, huh.

I'll gladly pay you (next) Tuesday for a box of sweets today.

Middle Child said...

Wish I was in the USA or Canada - they'd be stale old rocks by the time they got here and we have really strict food quarentine here - so even older...glad you are doing what you want to do and that things are looking up...I'll bet the next place you end up in will ahve them lining up round tyhe block for your jintreats

jin said...

Ahhh... I owe ya one from FL anyway for your last Jewelery shipment! I need a few months off tho. ;-)

Dude... I just wanna feel like the youngest chickie in the room! ;-)

I know... maybe one day I'll get to cook for you! Never say never! ;-)

It is the end of a sweet era and the beginning of a wonderful new chapter for you Jin.

Please keep us up to date on your culinary adventures. You have a devoted fan base.

love, evi

Angel's Mind said...

Oh how I wish I lived close enough to have myself a sweet box... Perhaps one day I can take myself off to the land of stars and stripes and become a blogfan at your door!