Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm not Dead, I'm merely Having Fun

A jin catching up on her reading.
Wow... has it really been this long since my last post??? I don't even have a plausible excuse, for I've been busy sitting on the beach, dining out, exploring coffee shops, sitting on the beach, dining out, reading novels, sitting on the beach, dining out, planting my own herbs, sitting on the beach, dining out & having surprise jincounters with not-so-creepy crawlies. (Did you know that jin's kinda sorta like bugs? I find them jinteresting you know. ;-)

This is my new friend, we hang together on the veranda.

First off, I must say, by closing my pastry shoppe of 17 years & moving to a warm sunny climate I quite certainly made the very best decision of my jintire life!

We put my dearly departed Brioche on the dash,
filled the xB to the brim
and headed south jinto our new life.

A lovely view of the bay.
We stop & sit here briefly
on our way to
"The most fabulous place on Earth!"
No silly...
not Disney
but it does start with a "D"

Lucky to have toured the original Dali museum before it closed
to make way for the brand new one opening next month!

Proof that I stuck my sticker on Dali's pole. ;-)

Come, tour the beach with me...

A walkway leading to bliss...

I have 'beach birki's' now...

jinToes like the sand...

Back to the sunny warm parking lot in winter.

I can't remember the last time I was so happy. I mean, I squeal peeps. Squeal. Constantly. It's crazy & JDC laughs at me all the time. It goes a 'lil something like this:
  1. I find a Restaurant that has a Chef who creates a dining experience so perfect that I send him my compliments on having an "exceptional palette"
  2. I *squeal*
  3. JDC says, "jin, you live in a real city now! Of course there's a place like this!"

  1. I find an herbal store that carries any homeopathic remedy I'd ever possibly need and all at reasonable prices
  2. I *squeal*
  3. JDC says, "jin, you live in a real city now! Of course there's a place like this!"

  1. I find a Pastry Shoppe that makes authentic French Croissants from scratch every (!) single (!) day (!)
  2. I *squeal*
  3. JDC says, "jin, you live in a real city now! Of course there's a place like this!"

  1. I visit an outdoor market that doesn't close for the winter. It has dozens of scratch-made pasta's, organic artisan popsicles, fresh herbs by the hundreds, hemp clothes, vegetarian doggie products and much much much more...
  2. I *squeal*
  3. JDC says, "jin, you live in a real city now! Of course there's a place like this!"

the skies are almost always blue, beautiful
and the sunsets, they take your breath away
astounding bridges take surrealist turns
seems to be a place I always want to stay

the deja vu machine guns my entire being, daily
no question this picturesque land was my destiny
what's coming up ahead still remains to be seen
certainly seem to have passed fate's crash testin' me

A beautiful sunset outside our door
with a glimpse of the Full Moon.

I realize I never posted pics of the jinfamous final wedding cakes that were created in my now defunct Patisserie. I shall remedy that posthaste. It seems I've saved some of the best 'til last, if I may say so myself. ;-)

Hand-painting details on one of my final cakes:

I created a 3D Koi piece out of Royal Icing:

Et Voila!

This was the Groomscake.
It was totally Vegan & Gluten Free
for the guests with dietary restrictions.
I was told it was the best they've ever tasted.
The design echoed that of a hand carved light
inside the Frank Lloyd Wright house
where the wedding reception was held.

In closing, I'll say that I do not jintend to desert this blog. But, posts may have to be put on hold while I go get one of the best Veggie Burgers I've ever tasted. Because, after all, I live in a city now... and of course there's a place like that here! ;-)

Good Night!

A sketch of a certain jin by JDC.

26 Responses to “I'm not Dead, I'm merely Having Fun”

Eebie said...

Wow! I mean WOW! WOW! WOW!

Happiness, it's the best, isn't it?

Thanks for sharing, spreading the good vibes :-)s

Ace said...

So glad you are as happy as you deserve!

WV: "tomixes" - To mixes, indeed!

PFE Music said...

Awesome! I'm sure you don't miss the blizzard we're having now one little bit :)

jin said...

You're very welcome! :-)

Thank you! Indeed. ;-)

I don't miss it at all! I'll try & send some sunshine your way. :-D

Big, big grins here. Isn't it nice living in a real city? Makes a world of difference. More in the self than in anything else...

jin said...

Ahhhh..... you know it. And... my self is different alright... different gooood.

Glad everything is going well!!

When are you going to start baking again?

Jewels said...

Oh dear.... OhDearOhDearOhDear.... I may have to steal you away for our wedding to create that beautiful ganache covered confection for our ceremony. When we have it... LOL! Man alive that looks delicious!

So happy you found the Path to your Self, and that you have no regrets of what you've left behind. I truly could not be happier for you [both]!


Hah! My WV: gicraft. Instead of GI Jane, I'm GI Craft! ;)

foam said...

well, it's been obvious that you are happy! of course, you haven't experienced a summer yet .. :)
but, since appear to be hot natured, i think you will handle the summers quite well .. :)

Dino aka Katy said...

cool new post - so you are saying you found more yummy restaurants that we need to try while i am in town?? Mom and I will be at Bowled tonight in case you guys can make it otherwise i am sure we'll catch up some point this week over some yummy food.

jin said...

Actually, I'm baking again already! Nothing official... but I had several peeps track me down & beg mercilessly for holiday sweets. I'm shipping orders this week & next with payment via Paypal. I haven't advertised because frankly, I think I'd get hit like crazy & probably couldn't currently handle that many orders from the small kitchen I'm working out of. Also, I've had one area pastry shoppe & one area restaurant plead repeatedly for me to work at their establishments. JDC & I are currently splitting the xB tho (he needs it Mon-Fri for a well paying job). We're contemplating a scooter (or motorcycle?) purchase in the near future. For the 'now' I'm not willing to take on anything extra, but who knows what 2011 will bring! ;-)

FYI- the chocolate ganache covered cake smelled SO (!) FUCKING (!) GOOD (!) while I was carrying it I nearly jingasmed. *blush* Plus it went to an art museum for the reception & the backdrop was so beautiful I can't tell you... um... wanna get married in FL? We have GREAT destination weddings here. ;-)

jin said...

I am!!! But I'll tell ya what... we arrived here in August, and from what everyone told me, we arrived at the WORST possible 'temperature time' of the year.... and you know what??? I looooovedddddd it! ;-D I did I did!!! Heehee!!! Oh such nice dry heat as compared to WI. Now, they said it was damp... but not compared to the WI damp heat horrible blah yucky everything! LMAO!!!
I've even made it thru hurricane season (rain season) without much distress at all. Like I said, their 'humid' is very tolerable compared to living next door to Lake Michigan where my bones 'popped' even on a nice day.
:-) YAY!!!

We've found a few nice places in the past three months... I wasn't referring to anyplace in particular although Bowled does have the most wonderful cream sauce we've tasted in the area!!! I have a place for 'fave bread stix' and for 'pizza' and for 'pad thai' and even a place for 'fries n rings'! LOL!!! YES- we'll get together this week... I'll let you know our options as soon as I know!

TRUTH 101 said...

I'm happy for you Jin. One day I hope to not be a prisoner of my job and life in my hometown also.

Best wishes to you. Joe

jin said...

@Joe Truth
Thank you sir!!! :-)
You know... I never thought of it that way 'a prisoner of my hometown', but you are so very correct! I sincerely wish the same for you: may you find an out that transforms your life for the positive.

okjimm said...

hey, and just asking, but was that a 'Bondage Bear' on the dashboard?

....and I think you just did "dessert" this blog.

jin said...

Heehee! Nope, not a 'Bondage Bear' (omg is there such a thing? I'll have to google it now...)
'Tis my dearly departed doggie's very FAVE stuffed electronic toy (it's a karate dog... when you squeeze it it goes "HEEeeeeee-YAH!" ;-). We took her hemp collar w/tags & twisted it 'round Karate Dog. She really really loved that toy.

Middle Child said...

Wow - what a lovely post and you look and sound so happy. I live about 10kms from beaches that look like that and it is lovely. Those cakes are works of art - says someone who respects anyone who enjoys making a simple Christmas fruitcake

Glad you are still about and look forward to the next story. The sketch is excellent - were you asleep? You will have to be careful he doesn't do one of your snoring with your mouth open one day

Randal Graves said...

Boobies! The beach? Awful awful awful, all that sand in lieu of beautiful snowdrifts? I think that sugar goes to your brain.

Word verification: detent, the proper way to spell detente, you goddamn frogs, sincerely, the State Department.

jin said...

Thanks so much! :-)
Yes, I was asleep... and he knows better than to do any dodgy drawings of me for I have possession of a dodgy cel pic of him while he's sleeping nekkid. ;-)

Snowdrifts = YUCK
Oh and re the WV: I took it to be a midwest slang, you know, like- "He went to sleep & when he woke up he was in detent."
Heh heh heh heh. Sweet dreamz!

Angel said...

I love how happy you sound, and I love the photos! I do hope this happiness and love of life is continuing?
Gawjiss cakes too. The chocolate with the berries... Mmmmm...

jin said...


Ohhhh..... I love love love it here!!! Best move I ever could have made, truly.

And I too hope that you can visit with Katy & I one day!!! I've been spoiled by having her visit me so frequently here! :-)

Wow. I thought we'd lost you to paradise. SO happy to read this post. You deserve the best!!

jin said...

Thanks!!! I am doing fabulously and hope to start blogging again regularly very soon. I hope all is well with you and the family!

Anonymous said...

jinja warrior princess :)

× × ×


Beautiful girl, beautiful cakes, beautiful beach. Finally got the life you really deserve and I am happy every thing is good for you!!

wallycrawler said...

What's da cost of da Tits & Cake?...