Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Holiday Wishes

Chocolate & Truffles
Cookies & Cake
Holiday Items
jin likes to make

May you never run out
of food you enjoy
For its memory is greater
than a cheap plastic toy

Hold those you love
spread peace & cheer
Here's wishing all
A wonderful New Year


I owe you all many posts, stories, photos & one Punk Bar video from Vegas. I do hope I shall finally be able to take the time to do that soon. I appreciate all the comments & emails & I apologize for my lack of response. It has been a very difficult year for this jin & I can't wait for it to be over! A new beginning... a fresh start. I shan't discuss my problems here for I prefer this to be a happy place. Although I will tell you what has been consuming me for some time recently... after 5.5 years of marriage mr. jin & I have parted ways. Neither one of us are argumentative type people & it was a mutual decision; we shall remain friends. I believe sometimes people grow in different directions. Tis simply what happened to us. Now, if anyone out there is interested in dating a jin just drop me a line & I'll send you the 22 page application form.



Seriously, the application form for securing a date with moi is only 15 pages long! What do you take me for?!

*As some smartass in the crowd shouts out*
"An anal-retentive Perfectionist Pastry Chef!"

jin replies: "Yeah? So what's your point?!"

18 Responses to “Holiday Wishes”

foam said...

i'm sorry to hear that jin..
parting of the ways, even in friendship, is still emotionally draining and hard.
i'm sure there are many men out there that would and will fill out a 100 page application..

and from one libra smartass currently sitting in front of a computer screen..
i reckon no libra men need apply?..

seriously, here's to your peace and happiness in the New Year.

jin said...


Thanks so much!
You are 1,000% correct... no more male Libra's!!!
I have a serious history with male Libra's. Several of them. Boyfriends, friends, relatives... it always ends the same way. I think I had some Karma to work out from a different time. I do believe it is OUT of my system as of now.
[For the record, male Libra's tend to ignite my creativity and mr. jin taught me a lot of fabulous things... I shall hold onto all of that positivity & release the negativity. Can't let that go into my baking! heehee]

Funny, one of my very best friends is a female Libra... but I find the women to be different. (I'm not just saying that because you are one! lol)

So, I don't care how weird I sound, but the first question to pass my jinlips will be, "What's your sign?"

Jewels said...

You always believe the one you're in is the right one. 'Til you're out of it.
I was L.M.A.O. the other day. During one of my whirlwind cleanup thingies (SO out with the old, in with the new type of thing). Anyway... I look up to this lovely black frame in my kitchen, and to it are two Post'it notes to remind me of things I need in there. One says "Stepping Stool", the other "Large Baker's Rack"; the latter is ALWAYS makes me giggle... And it always makes me think of you.


Take care Hun. I'll get off my duff and drop you a line.

Dino aka Katy said...

what you mean there is another female libra your friends with. oh never mind

hang in there. I have fabulous photos (and more to take now that we are in prage) but I can;t find a WIFI connection. I put some of them on a flashdrive and am now looking for a way to upload those - still no luck

LOL! Only 15-22 pages?

I make it much simpler: "Are you rich AND generous - and willing to make me and my needs your number one priority, even above your own?" (^_^)

Usually scares 'em off right quick like - just the way I like it!

K-I-D-D-I-N-G-!-!-!-!--!-!-!-! (^_^)

are you looking for a tall guy in uniform ..... cuz despite the rumors I am not short for a stromtrooper. :)

Kingcover said...

Do you supply a pen with the application form or does it need to be filled out with blood? :-P

Middle Child said...

If it went without passion, the passion is yet to come. Take care Jin and be true to yourself... you is what you is and thats pretty special. Just act special and something special will come along but take time okay girl...and have your eyes open, listen to instinct and keep making those wonderful cakes and pastries...I have a good feeling for you for your future. Good things are to come...not where and when you think and plan...its a suprise...like finsing a big cherry on top of a plain cake...thats the limits of my cake making anyway...be kind to yourself first and love yourself first and good things will follow...okay!


I've been with a Libra man for 20 (gulp) years and it is hard work sister! Yes, he is creative and handsome but as a Virgo woman - I understand the challenge...and many of my best friends are Libra women so I understand what you mean.

Jin - you are a special special woman. You won't frosting a cake alone for long.

Cheers for a happy new year!

signed - ellen (evi)

jin said...


So I've got a bakers rack huh?!

why... yes, YES I DO!

jin said...


I meant you! You are one of my very best friends!!! :-D (and an awesome female Libra I might add! ;-)

jin said...


Yep... only 15-22 pages.

I see.

Did I neglect to mention it's written in font size 4?


jin said...


You're just my type!
Er... well... except for that already being married and having a few kids thing.
If it'll make you feel better I'll fantasize about having sex with a clone next time.

jin said...


I bow down to you sir king of smart-assy-ness.

I saw that! You just stared at my cleavage! Pervert!

Just for that I'm sending you back your application with MORE questions attached!

jin said...


Thank you!
Ahhh... it is a good thing.
A very good thing.
So only good can come of it.

But still... no more Libra's. Ever.

jin said...


Yeah... that creative/handsome combo always gets me! Plus, throw in a British accent & I'm toast.

So, 20 years??? omg girl you deserve a medal. I really can't imagine... wait, I think I won't say anything more here or I might get bitchy. LOL!!!

We need to hang out when I get to visit New York. I'm told that's the next place I need to come... sooo many blogfriends there!

angel said...

aaaw jin... i wish i could give you a hug...
send me the application form, i'd love to see if i can get an interview!!!

caramaena said...

Coming in late here Jin, but I hope you're doing ok. I've been through a divorce and even though it was amicable it's still tough. *hugs* to you.