Sunday, December 09, 2007

There's a Blogfan/Munkee at My Door!!!

Welcome to my Second Edition of
"There's a Blogfan at My Door"
A series where
my blogfans
get to read about moi meeting
in person
my blogfans!!!

One of my very favourite blogfans, Ace (aka Eric), recently emailed to say he'd be in the area. I said Yay!!! Stop by and I'll make you a meal. Methinks he somehow knows that jins are overworked & under appreciated as he offered to take me *out* to dinner! Yay! Yay! Yay! Unfortunately I didn't take my digicam with so no piccies of that. But trust me when I say we had great food & fabulous conversation! He even recalled an old post of mine and said, "Is this the Billboard place?" I couldn't believe he remembered! It was indeed!

I wanted to send him back with a package of goodies for sharing with his beautiful & talented fiancee Marisa. He said one of her faves is lemon & I just happened to have some of my lemon curd filled Citrus Swirl cookies. As I was packing them up I heard something odd in the background. I turned just in time to see Ace trying to sneak off with an entire pan of raspberry ganache filled butter cookies.
All he had to say for himself was,
"Munkees like berries."

Here you have us posing with big cheesy grins simply for your viewing pleasure.

Eric wrote a movie!
Go here or here and buy a copy!

13 Responses to “There's a Blogfan/Munkee at My Door!!!”

LOL! So happy you two got to meet! Way to go Ace! 'Course, when I visit, I'll probably want to walk out with ALL the trays! Or, just move in! Yeah - that'd be easier!

Ruela said...

very cool:)))))))))))))
Merry Christmas!

Marisa L. B. said...

Now I REALLY can't wait for Eric to come home!

That's neat. If I ever make it back to WI I'll have to drop in. Meanwhile, take a break come on down and warm up - I am cooking Mexican food for X-mas and you are more than welcome!! You can sign Mrs. Phos's splint!!

Jewels said...

E.C.: I call DIBS on the upstairs bedroom/office space. The closer the better. *giggle*

Oh wow! Jin, that's so cool! Ace, that's awesome, I want to visit Jennifer too... :( Me too! Me too!

One day, it'll be me knocking at your door. With Maria and Andrea in tow. ;)
Joo better have LOTS of coffee ready sister... We're gonna need it to wash down all those pastries. Hah!

Dino aka Katy said...

how fun I am glad you had a great dinner

Dino aka Katy said...

PS went and bought the movie for Grumpy - noone say a word its his xmas present!

sounds like a great visit..!
i'd be off with various trays of goodies too.
he wrote that movie?

G3T Films said...

Heeeeeeeeeeeey, I'm still alive!

Oh those lucky, lucky bloggers who get to meet the Jinster and her eternal supply of baked goodies.

angel said...

oh wow!
thats awesome!
i wish i lived closer so i could also do a blogfan visit thingie!!!

MeHereNow said...

You've been tagged! HaHa!

Middle Child said...

Are you quite sure he didn't steal any more especially delicious sweeties you may have locked away in a cupboard, the stove or the diswasher??? No one would blame him if he did Jin... nice post : )

jimbo said...

Man, a whole tray of Fat Guy Delights. That's one lucky man.