Sunday, April 20, 2008

It was Bound to Happen

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20 Responses to “It was Bound to Happen”

Very in-tents!! Great line, "lick the frosting," what a maroon!!

jin said...

Yeah... not too smooth!
Altho, I don't believe I've ever heard a great pastry related pick up line!

jimbo said...

I'm sure this is a cool feature, but I'm at work and can't listen. :(

I hate the sound of my own voice... Good thing I want to be a singer/song writer!

jin said...

Well... you'd better listen to it when you get home then! Or else!

I listened to it about 10 times and I swear I sound waaaaay nicer than that. I did this over the phone without any 'noise reduction', so I think it isn't spot on. Please tell me I don't sound 'midwestern hick'. *cringe*

BTW- I know you changed your blog addy... I have been meaning to update the link. I am still stuck in a bit of a blogfunk. :-S Also sorry about what you're currently going thru... at least my soon to be ex is half way round the world! *happy jin*

*cyber hugs to you*

G3T Films said...

There's only problem with this poddy; the beginning... You're definitely going to drop the cake! HA!

The strange thing about this is that you sound American... wait... that's why I can never get your cakes. Damn American accent rubbing it my face that I can't get one of your damn cakes. I PROTEST! CAKE FOR ALL!

G3T Films said...

Oh, the story's great BTW. You could use a little Direction... like, relax, don't read it... perform it, as though you're telling one of your friends. ...and... wot else? Hmmm... pay attention to your pauses, some could have been a little longer for dramatic effect. But I'm guessing all this is cause it's your first time. It's natural to get a little nervous your first time, particularly when someone offers to stick their finger inside your cake.

WV: qochfk I'm not sure I know what that is but who doesn't like a qock fk.

Kingcover said...

Woohoo! Nicely done there chickie :-)
It could have been worse and even more embarrassing for you .... sticking his finger into the cake could just have been a metaphor. HA! ;-)

jin said...


I so wish you would have been here with me since it was indeed my first time. Yes I was nervous. I tried not to breathe too heavy, tried to act relaxed, did my best to enjoy it while it lasted. I hope it didn't take me too long?

When I have more time to reply we'll talk about the podcast. ;-P

jin said...


I don't know about you randy Irishmen?!!!?
*jin stares at king sternly trying desperately not to crack a smile*

Heeeeey... you haven't recorded in a loooong time! How's about another poem?! ;-)

Middle Child said...

Its great to hear your voice...and a surprise ending also...I thought when you picked up the paper the next thing was going to be a divorce or a pleased it wasn''know I see a coffee table book with pictures of your food (yum) and a page story beside maybe along with the odd recipie or too, and make it as risque as you like...or describe some of the customers from Heaven and those form hell...

in a way your blog is a sort of journal of all of this... years on you'll be pelased with yourself for doing this.

Keep on with it.

By Jove - I think MC's on to something there!

Loved the podcast, BTW. More please!

Anonymous said...

A true raconteur you are, it reminded me of something like a Heather O'Neil story, just not insanely sad.

But, your microphone is pretty crappy. Buy a new one.

angel said...

oh my friggin word- i cannot believe he could be so presumptuous!!! and thank goodness it wasn't the groom...

Pastry pick up line: I have something to fill your crepe!

jin said...


I do LOVE the coffee table book idea.
In fact, I might already be working on it. ;-) I might even have a title picked out. ;-)
You are awesome! :-D

jin said...


Yes ma'am!
I'll get right on it!
...maybe. hee! ;-)

jin said...


Thank you kindly sir!

heeheee... 'tis not my mike. My mike does not function for some reason. This was an 800# you dial and speak into the phone. I swear I'd sound waaaaay better if it was a 900#.

jin said...


Ohhhh..... but was he a hottie!
If I'd only known he wasn't the groom...

jin said...


Lemme guess, cream, right?!
*giggle snort*

Wow, your voice is much lower than I imagined. Isn't it fun to see/hear your blogger friends in person or on film or audio for the first time?

Delicious looking food as always (referring to the posts above.)