Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Chocolate Angelfood Cake!



Sweet Fluffly Butter Frosting!

Ridges for Pleasure!

Look How BIG!

Melted Dark Chocolate!

Chocolate Drenched!

A jinsacrifice!

For my Blogfans!

Wish I Could Share!


Soooooo Gooooood!

OH OH OH Almost There!

Bunny Rabbit!

22 Responses to “Riposte!”

jin said...

Any perv who prints out my hand and uses it in any dubious manner had better leave me a tip!!!

Eebie said...

Hahahah! Too much...your comment cracked me up...

Sorry to have not commented, been out of town...good to be back.

jin said...

I figured you were handsome!
I always notice when you are away for I miss your daily commenting dearly!

foam said...

of course i woudl be starving as i read this. i never learn..

Kingcover said...

*stuffs paper back through printer* I umm err ...... *blush*


jin said...


Well... if it's any consolation, the pastry you described in the previous post made ME hungry!!!

jin said...


I KNEW it!!!
Where's my tip???

angel said...

omg you did NOT just eat that in front of me!!! good grief you are a tease!!!

jin said...

Um... who me?

*jin looks around*

A tease?



So...it's not the cylinder block of a Hemi engine?


I think I like what it is much better, tho! (^_^)

Kingcover said...

Oh crappers that wasn't the paper I stuffed through the printer! Eeeeek! I feel a hospital appointment is going to happen in my near future :'-(

jin said...


OH! GREAT idea!
I could make a chocolate and cake car and use the angelfood as the cylinder block of a Hemi engine!


Oh... wait... can a chocolate Hemi engine be electric??? You know me n my green ways!

jin said...


If you are just trying to get me to say I'll kiss it and make it better you've got a LOT of nerve mister!!!


Kingcover said...

Having a lot of 'nerve' is the problem precisely! ;-)

jin said...


I can't believe you are speaking to me this way!

I'm simply shocked... shocked I tell you!

My poor jinnocent ears!

You randy Irishmen!

*Note to self: find me an Irishman.*

You should try that technique with spice cake!!

I think we have the technology to make it electric.

But it will take YOU to make it Vegetarian as well! (^_^)

Ace said...

So, really, nobody won here except you, huh?

G3T Films said...

Pfffft! I could easily make something that good... *stifled giggle* Yuh, me lie so much!

SO what is new form the Jin Test kitchens??

angel said...

pop round my place later to see what i attempted...

Those slices look HUGE. Though angelfood is pretty light. Still, I am STARVING now....