Monday, June 30, 2008

There's a [Mighty Fine]Blogfan at my Door!

Now- I'm guessing all of you want lots of photos, am I right?!!? Wellll... too bad. We went so many places, did so many things and had so much fun that, er... gee... we really didn't take but one single photo! Never fear dear Blogfans, as the pic is of the infamous Eebie himself blissing out on Biscotti and Coffee made by yours truly.

Isn't he cute?!!? This boy is amazingly intelligent too. ;-)

Let's post gratuitous Manty links, shall we?

Riverbank Lounge
We went there for dinner on Saturday evening... um... not realizing that's the only night they don't serve their fab food. BUT (!) ever the charming host, Ben went in the kitchen himself and brought out a phenomenal spread just for us that truly hit the spot. Thanks so much Ben!

Stumpjack Coffee
Next stop, the always rockin' Stump. (Don't be pervy peeps... that's a nickname for the coffee shop!) I had some inside info that the dudes playing live were supposed to be really good. Brian Sanchez and Nick Weiland of Whiskey Jars & Scandals were not really good... they were absolutely AMAZING!!! You could tell these guys love their art, they put their hearts and souls into that performance and really really rocked the Stump! As if live music isn't enough of a reason to stop in, there's always Kim and David who seriously know how to treat their clientèle. David took some great shots that evening of the band so I'm going to send you over to his Flickr set . You might even spy a jin and an Eebie if you look closely. Thanks again Kim and David!!!

More places to go and food to eat the following two days:

Rahr West Art Museum
I had a pastry delivery that Eebie graciously helped me out with. While I put the final touches on the display he got a peek at our museum.

Timeout Sports Bar
Eebie was looking forward to watching Spain beat Germany in the Euro Cup but, alas, I've no TV! *gasp* Since jin's don't normally frequent sports bars I didn't even know if we had one! lol! Thank you Yellow Pages and Congratulations Spain!

I can't recommend this place enough. Y'all know I go there every chance I get. I do believe Eebie was as thrilled with the food and atmosphere as I always am. Bravo!

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary
What better way to spend a sunny afternoon then a wonderful walk through some of nature's finest. Please ignore the rumour that I gave Eebie girl cooties, it's SO not true! Mosquitoes! Mosquitoes I tell you! They loved both of us... should that be considered complimentary?

Maritime Museum
A visit here would not be complete without a tour of the sub. Kudos to our tour guide, he really knew his facts!

So- here I sit, pecking away in front of my dusty monitor, contemplating where to start to make up for a couple days off, when I realize, it's a damn good thing I do sit here, surfing, blogging, writing... or I never would have met a most amazingly awesome fantastic blogger named Eebie. Thanks for everything hon and you are welcome back anytime!

22 Responses to “There's a [Mighty Fine]Blogfan at my Door!”

Submarine races at the lakefront? Hmmm...

Jewels said...

Hi! Hi!
Eebie is sooooooooooooooo damn CUTE!

Sounds like you both had a great time, how wonderful!

So Eebie, is her coffee as good as she claims? ;)

Since I believe y'all met on CPW, I will take credit for the start of this beautiful friendship. Of course if things had not gone well I would deny any involvement.

Eebie said...

Excellent coffee with biscotti that are even better...a wonderful host!

MeHereNow said...

...... and the forearms aren't bad either! ;-)

jin said...


when you say it...
does it sound dirty?!!?

jin said...


Yes, yes he is. ;-)

...and he's brilliant too!

jin said...


You are correct sir!
I can't remember if you plugged his blog way back when or if I just saw one of his witty comments and blogstalked him for a while.
Um... well... I blogstalked him for a while either way. hee!

jin said...


Aw shucks...
*jin blushes and looks down at the floor shyly*
Thanks! You are too sweet.

jin said...



I'm so glad to read about your happy time. May you have many more to come.

Ace said...

Sheesh. None of my blogfans ever come visit me!

Oh, well. Glad you had a grand ol' time!

And jin, I'll be back when the Raiders visit Green Bay again. Should be about 2021.

G3T Films said...

Now that's a tasty looking biscotti!

Dino aka Katy said...

okay so he sounded great until you mentioned he was rooting for spain!!!! Did see you in the pics from the bar

angel said...

omg i hate being a faraway jin fan!

Middle Child said...

That "biscoti" looks shagadellic if I do say so myself

David said...

Yo, just got back from vacay...soooo glad you had a good weekend with...I'm sorry, I can't say "Eebie" without feeling a little girlish (not that there's anything wrong with that)...with Sir Martin. Absolutely lovely having you two in the other night. And we love Kavarna too! Give a heads up should there be another rendezvous and we shall roll out the red carpet.

jin said...

Thanks so much!
I already had more this past weekend! Went to a blogger party and met soooo many great bloggers!

Ok... I'll mark my calandar! Are you gonna buy me dinner again?

jin said...

I wanna meet you toooooo!
*sigh* Ah well... maybe I'll just hang with a stuffed kangaroo and pretend it's you.

I knew you'd be rooting for Germany! lol. So sorry! ;-)

jin said...

Ohhh.... I know!
Well... if you ever do visit the states....

I LOVE how you think!

jin said...


I'll remember that, thanks!! :-D
Hope you had a great vacay and are all refreshed and rejuvenated!

Jewels said...

Less boy gazing, more baking.

Gimme something good to eat. And don't go there... LOL!