Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidaze!

Yes, yes they are!
I have had numerous customers popping by the past few weeks saying the same thing, "Have you noticed your business slowing down in this economy?"
The answer, "Not at ALL! I'm near busier than I can handle!"
I've been leaving it at that, but I feel there is so much more to add.

I am unique.
What I do is unique.

One can't go anywhere within a good hundred mile radius (if that even), to get pastry like mine.

Fact peeps.
I'm not being snooty about it.
There are plenty of things I can't do well which I will readily admit to, but Food Art ain't on that list baby!

The connoisseurs that seek me out want delicious hand-made quality. It's not just food, it's a memory. Nourishment for your body & soul. That's what I create. Know what? I spent my holiday (Yule, Winter Solstice- Dec. 21st) creating for all of you and I didn't mind one bit! In fact, it makes me feel really good, knowing that I am making others holidays special, no matter what God or Goddess you might believe in, which religion you follow, if any at all! It matters not to me. I look past the labels to see the real person inside & I ask that all of you try to do the same. Hopefully you can do that whilst savouring my cupcakes. ;-) If not, enjoy some FoodPorn ala jin!

jin has strict quality control issues
she doesn't let just anyone savour her cupcakes

A glance at some of the items jin took with her to The Stumpjack Coffee Tasting a few weeks ago in Two Rivers.

Savouries! Boursin Cheese on Organic Crackers w/ Seckel Pears.

A few of the GORGEOUS ornaments Shelly at Humpty Dumpty Eggs in Reedsville made for jin this year. She hand-delivered them w/ her Hubby Mark. Thanks you two!!!

Single serve (3.5" diameter) Pumpkin Tarts in Jingersnap shells topped with crispy pastry.

Mascarpone Mousse & Rasperry topped Snowflakes
along with
Almond Macaroons w/ Bittersweet Ganache & Edible Gold Leaf

A traditional Yule Log transformed into a Cute Chocolatey Fishy Fishy!

A Holiday Array Display!

A jin with a box of delectable Candinas Chocolates (Verona, WI)
Thank you Mr. JDC!!! They are DIVINE!

13 Responses to “Happy Holidaze!”

Ticharu said...

I would say within thousands of miles there is none as unique the divine Jin :)

Merry Krimbo!!!

foam said...

i'm drooling too much ..
can't say more ..

Anonymous said...


best of the season and new year, jin

¤ ¤ ¤


Ahhh - but those of us you DO allow to savor your cupcakes (especially the Red Velvet ones) are forever in your debt!

Happy (belated) Winter Solstice, Jin, and Merry Christmas too (just 'cuz!).

Unique pasties?? Happy Christmas Jin!!

G3T Films said...

Hey Blue eyes!

Glad you had a wonderful Xmas making delights for other peoples tables.

Hope you have an adventurous New Years.

Now for New Years, working off all those treats - though I have heard if you eat quickly he calories don't stick...

Gyrobo said...

I'm sure that yule log gave someone a very merry fishmas.

Have a mouth-watering, chocolaty new year!

kateeighty said...

Not only can you cook, but you are beautiful as well. :)

I love the fact that you are so confident - you have every reason to be. Those pastries are gorgeous!

Middle Child said...

Jintastic! I hardly ever eat cakes...but yours...mmmm I actually was aware my mouth was watering...and happy to admit it.

happy new year 2009 Jinwonderful

angel said...

beautiful inspirational remarkable jin... pray tell what cupcake you are savouring?

angel said...

ooh- almost forgot- belated season's greetings!