Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jin's LUV Pink!

I'd like to start off by sending you to an Awesome website called
Not only do they sell appliance parts for any of your needs,
they also happen to be hosting a Contest with some seriously jinApproved prizes!
It's in support of breast cancer awareness & they're donating $$$ for each contest entry they receive. All you have to do to enter is paint a pink ribbon on one of your appliances, snap a piccie & email it (or blog it, or tweet it, or post it on FaceBook).

Enter the Contest Here

Guess what?
I'm Blogging it.
Ohhhh... jinny wants to win that pink Kitchen Aid!!!
So here's my Ribbon

Here's me & my support... errr... I mean me supporting the cause

Here's a Pink Bunny Cake I created recently just because I feel it ties in with the whole theme. ;-)

A brief note: I truly do apologize for my lack of blog responses of late. jinMom has been going through a very difficult time with her health the past few months & it looks to be getting more intense. Please send good vibes our way, especially the next two weeks which are critical. Thanks for continuing to read & comment- I miss you all terribly!

16 Responses to “Jin's LUV Pink!”

Luis Garza said...

I hope things go well for you and jinMom...will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Kingcover said...

*Holds Jinboobs up in aid of supporting this worthy cause too* :-)

I like your little ribbon on the oven. Very artistic.

Bytheway I see it the warning on the oven says 'Caution hot' ... you should consider painting an arrow pointing to the left so every time you stand beside it you and everyone will know exactly what you are - HOT! ;-)

Hugs to your mOm. Hoping you guys get through to the other end of this ok.

Gyrobo said...

May the love in your food and heart revitalize jinMom.

Best wishes....

caramaena said...

Hugs and positive vibes heading to you and jinMom.

Randal Graves said...

I'd never include my support in a photo; I go sans bra. Good health and speedy recovery to your mom.

angel said...

Its an awesome idea for an awareness campaign!

angel said...

And lotsa good vibes for your mom Jin.

Ruela said...

Good vibes for your mom!

Anonymous said...


I'm just daring to leave you a comment, although I hope you read it cuz it looks like a while since your last post, but I enjoy looking at these designs you cook!!!!!! LOL

The Salmon is amazing, Cookies????

Anyway, I am following you now, I hope you don't mind, and I hope you will come and read my scattered page.... :)

Talk to you soon, I hope...


Gyrobo said...

You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to add you to my list of friends on My Opera.

Because it's possible.

Gyrobo said...

Hey, look who's a featured entry! You!

Congrats. I hope you stay up there.

KateOnTheBike said...

Sending thoughts to you and jinMom.

You have a couple pretty big interests in the cause. I do love that picture of you - one beautiful woman...

I think the piercing blue eyes put it over the top.

Dr. Zaius said...

I hope that your mom get better soon! I love bunnies. :o)