Thursday, July 09, 2009


Ahhh... the Hustle & Bustle of a Pastry Shoppe in the Summertime. I do so love the din it creates. Yet when I think of serene warm summer nights whence nearly undetectable breezes waft through my long locks I always hear this song jinside my head.

Turn up the volume, sit back, relax & enjoy her undeniably smooth seductive voice whilst you read about a few of my favourite creative Bloggers & savour a tiny slice of my most recent pastry creation.






...and the Dardos Awards go to:

John Donald Carlucci- Yes, JDC gets top billing. Am I biased? No way! ;-) Writing, Graphic Arts, Sculpture & Jewelery just to name a few. Wait, what's this... I think it's a film too!

- The most amazing talent I [n]ever met. If Portugal wasn't so far away I'd be at EVERY show his art is displayed in! I really would- the screen image isn't enough, I want to reach out & touch the pieces he creates!

Jared R. Byer- A brilliant photographer who sees beauty everywhere he looks. He is kind enough to share it with the rest of us on a daily basis. Peruse & enjoy.

Ted Warnell
- aka /t. of Canada. I don't visit his cyberspace nearly as much as I'd like to considering each code poem of his is so very creative. An amazing talent. Do spend time playing over at his place, you won't be disappointed!

Rich of G3T FILMS- Known the world over for his incredibly entertaining short films. Known by me as a super cool human being with above average intelligence & a dreamy Aussie accent.

20 Responses to “Summertime”

Gyrobo said...

I will now actively campaign for a Nobel prize in baking.

Its time has come.

Bob Currer said...

Not a spice cake in sight!

foam said...

devine !!!
and ditto what gyrobo said ...

you have good superb taste in artists .. ;)

angel said...

Awesome cakes Jin!

Randal Graves said...

Doesn't the oppressive heat and humidity melt the cakes into a sticky hillock of pooling goo on the floor?

Cormac Brown said...

Dang it, I'm tired of that guy in Baltimore, when's the Food Network going to give you your own show?

okjimm said...

I can't come here anymore. I gained 5 pounds just looking.

jin said...


I like how you think!!!

jin said...


Next time you visit me you get SPICE CAKE!!!

I promise! Now when are you headed back this way, huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?

jin said...


Next time I must dole out awards to females. You will be sure to get one. 'Cause unlike most chicks you're cool!
(Plus you draw boobies so my male readers will loerve you! ;-)

jin said...


Thanks! You have GR8 taste.

jin said...


If that did happen & the sticky hillock of pooling goo started to go on the floor I'd try to catch it my jinself wherein I'd be covered in a sticky hillock of pooling goo. Now, that wouldn't be all that awful, would it?!

jin said...


Um... I think I swear too much. Plus I get too hot in the kitchen so I wear super short skirts to keep me cooler- I don't think the Food Network would want a cooking show where the hostess is constantly beaving the camera.

...or would they?!

OHOHOH!!! They could call the show,
"Jin's Pie"


jin said...


Well then next time you aught to walk over to work off the calories. You're less than an hour away! That'd be a great workout! *giggle*

But if you're too lazy to walk & you happen to be driving through here for some reason or another DO stop by. Bloggers get free samples & strong coffee on me.
(Um... I mean my treat. If you want it actually 'on me' that costs extra. ;-)

Ruela said...


thank you so much my porn food Queen ;)

Hollywood! Here I come!

big kiss.

jin said...


You're so very welcome!
Don't forget about me when you're famous!

okjimm said...

We may just do that. there is supposed to be a Nature Preserve or park or something over your way with caves or something to explore. A day trip has been discussed and it would now become difficult to NOT stop by

Anonymous said...

hey jin,

i see you are busy as ever
with wonderful new cakes 'n bakes

can feel myself gaining weight every time i visit here :)

& thanks, too, for the dardos -- you are so... sweet! <3

¤ ¤ ¤


Mariana Soffer said...

The people you mention in this post are amazing artist all.
But I have one objection I think ella sang very very well, but nothing compared to billy holliday, she had more guts, there is a real story that is that the song "strange fruit hanging from a tree" was first offered to ella for singing, and she rejeccted it because the fruit repersented a black person that was hanged by the kkk, and the only black woman singer who dare record that song was billy herself.

Jimmy said...
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