Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Ahhhh..... the scents that waft from a pastry shoppe kitchen are numerous, varietal, heart stopping & occasionally, scentsual. "Scentsual miss jin?" you inquire. Yes. Oh yes. Very.

I received an email from a distinguished area gent not too long ago. He was placing an order & what I found most jinteresting was his closing sentence, "Looking forward to seeing those pumpkin scones...I'm in a pumpkin mood these days it seems (pumpkin soup, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin grilled,...it all sounds good)." A tiny giggle escaped my lips.

Later that same day, I brought up the email with my very own Pumpkin loving gent who looked at me quizzically. I said, "You mean to tell me you don't know about Pumpkin?"

Do any of you know what Pumpkin means? I suppose I've known, ever since I was a wee legaljin, just what Pumpkin means, as I may have used it to my advantage on occasion. (Um, ok... maybe a bit more than on occasion. ;-)

Pumpkin is one of the top two most scentsual bouquets known to men. We're talking a wafting herbal Viagra here peeps. Don't believe me? Besides my word, which really should be sufficient *ahem*, there is documented research available for the nonbelievers amongst you. Click Here to go directly to a Google search of the most stimulating research available on Pumpkin + Men.

I'm not really much into savouring Pumpkin myjinself, but I have mastered the art of a wide variety of Pumpkin Desserts for the enticement enjoyment of men. Oh and ladies? That doesn't leave you out either... give it a try, it might just work... after all, you are women.

MMMmmm...... pumpkin.....

8 Responses to “Scentsual”

Randal Graves said...

Normally, I wouldn't dispute such scientific findings, but ever since I had the displeasure of smelling that fellow bus rider who permeated the vehicle with an unholy combination of stale cigarettes and pumpkin guts, I'm just not sure.

Best send me a free pumpkin pie to be sure.

angel said...

How gawjiss are those photos...
I think I must try the pumpkin thing on my sweetheart- with his knowledge of course!

Oh man, those scones....

David said...

Veeeeery interesting indeed. I never would have thought pumpkin would be on the aromatic aphrodisiac list. This could have some interesting ramifications down the road, as I am generally inclined to take advantage of opportunities in whatever form they present themselves.

I did your google search too, and the medicinenet.com article was fun: "Eat your way to a spicier sex life." Hell, I've been "accidentally" doing that for years...in fact "eating" has been a big part of the game for as long as I've been able to grow a mustache.

I do, however, take issue with one small part of your post:: "distinguished area gent." The fellow is more likely a rogue and a scallywag.

Must explain why I go such a kick dropping Jack o' lanterns off freeway over passes during rush hour.

Captain Dumbass said...

Pumpkins? Bacon I can understand, but pumpkins?

Anonymous said...



wishing you all best in the new year, jin!

× × ×


jin said...

Thank you all for the comments,

I have been working myjinself into the ground & owe mass apologies for my horrid blog behaviour! I haven't been welcoming my new readers, I haven't been visiting my old readers, I haven't been replying at all! *gasp*

Will you ever forgive me? *flutters eyelashes*

I'm off to vacation. A wonderful gift. Sun. Warmth. Veggie restaurants, coffee shops, chocolatiers & pastry shops! Yippee!

I don't have a travellable laptop but should have access to one & I shall try my damnedest to pop round by all of you. Hope you're all doing well! Feel free to drop me an email or leave an extended comment- I have access to those 24/7. ;-)