Tuesday, November 10, 2009

...and the winner is

Mr. Jay Ferris of Genius Pending!!!

Whoo-Hooo!!! You sir, made me laugh so hard I quite nearly wet my knickers. Your entry was very very erm... shall we say... ballsy (for lack of a better term ;-)

Your SWEETBOX is on the way & I hope you enjoy every last delectable morsel.

I'd like to thank everyone that shared & for making me feel really perfect about myself light-hearted & joyful. You all ROCK! I *heart* my Blogfans.

X's n O's

8 Responses to “...and the winner is”

Jay Ferris said...

Oh hell yes. This makes all that horrible junk pain totally worth it!

okjimm said...

aw, gees.... I guess that means I'll to drive across the lake when it freezes over and buy my own!

(I have an aversion to driving 'around' lakes.

foam said...

ah, yes .. lol ..

i figured that story would win .. :)

David said...

Love the look of the blog...love it, love it. Waiting for that pumpkin scone post, babe!

wallycrawler said...

You have a great talent.

I demand a recount. I think this contest should have been monitored by the UN.

angel said...

I am so very very jealous... Congratulations!

Ok Jinny, so while I'm still bitter about not winning, your little contest did lead to this. He he he.