Friday, May 14, 2010

A Most Delightful & Unexpected Gift

Have I mentioned recently how absolutely wonderful my customers are?
I haven't?
Well, jindeed I must.
I have some of the best, kindest, most thoughtful customers on the freakin' planet!

Very recently one of my favourite couples came in carrying a delicate small box along with a photocopy of something I couldn't quite make out. Jintrigued, I ran out of the kitchen to greet them.

"We have something for you Jennifer!"

They opened the box to reveal what I knew at a glance had to come from Europe. What astounded me was that it had not been merely shipped here... he had brought it back with him directly from Austria.

He had stayed at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna & came back with their world renown tortes- of which I was one of the lucky lucky lucky recipients.

Of course, me being me, I had to dissect it & savour every single morsel. Oh it was Divine & truly one of the most thoughtful things I've ever received!

That was just too cool.

7 Responses to “A Most Delightful & Unexpected Gift”

Middle Child said...

My goodness gracious me - how special is that?

foam said...

what a thoughtful gift!
they are very tasty.
but i think any of your treats would be tastier.

i love vienna. clicking on the link made me want to go back.

Dino aka Katy said...

yes i love Sacher Torte with some black coffee. just think with all the baggage gone soon and some luck you maybe able to have one in Vienna in the near future. there is something to look forward too - who knows if we plan it right we can meet up there too vs just in Florida

Anonymous said...

Oh how very awesome is that!?!?!

Anonymous said...


and big greets to jin

× × ×


Other famous Austrian imports -- Adolph Hitler and the Terminator.

Ruela said...

happy halloween!!!!!!!