Thursday, April 19, 2007

Customers from hell Volume VIII
"The Passion of the jin"

Let's get something straight right off the bat: to do ANYTHING well in this lifetime you need to have a true passion for it . . . be it drawing, cooking, secret agent stuff, animation, movie making, writing, poetry, glass blowing, crunching numbers, teaching au pairs, beading, sailing, being a strategic sales executive, making people LOL, being a great Mom, staying strong, carving wooden spoons, enlightening people, witticisms, creating music, imagination, hand-cuffing bad dudes, monkeying around, virtual hiking & surviving. (OMG...that took me so long; I hope I got all the regulars! Am SO sorry if I forgot someone or screwed up a linky! :-S)

Most of you know me quite well by now.
Many of you have tasted my pastry creations by now.

They are (pastry)
I am (passionate).

People ask how I can make so few ingredients taste so mindnumbingly wonderful. It's 2 things, really.
1. Quality of ingredients
2. jinpassion

I am very serious about what I do.
I am a total perfectionista.
I have a very firm handshake.
I bake with pure love & a pure heart.
I am very passionate about the things that I believe in & all the things I do.
I write with 100% of my soul.
If I don't mean it; I don't type it.
If I feel it; I DO type it.

This is me.
This Blog IS ME!
It is a passionate creation about my passionate creations!

I believe all of my regular readers (and customers) know by now how I do business.
I ALWAYS give you more than what you pay for. I go the extra mile. You are not given 'just a dessert'; you are given a memory ...a lingering on the tastebuds ...a blissful release from reality are given something created by 2 human hands that is expressly for you (or the person you sent the gift to ;-).

I don't hold back... why, if I held back, you'd only get a mediocre pastry & really, what's the point of doing something half-assed?! No no no no no! Everything MUST be EXCEPTIONAL! I will not tolerate anything less.

I throw myself into ALL that I do.
Caring for Friends & Family
Brochure Layout & Design
My Personal Health/Exercise
Really, everything that I do.

all of you know this.
I know you know.
I love you for it.
You allow me to be me.
Creative Passionate jin.
You don't judge: you absorb & enjoy.
(I know you do cos of all those brilliant comments I get!)

Where is all this leading to dear blogfans?
Yes, yes...I'm getting there.
I lost a customer today.
Oh dear. *jin rolls her eyes*
She canceled her wedding cake order.
You will NEVER guess why...
No, seriously, you won't.
It's the most ridiculous reason I think anyone could ever come up with.
Are you ready for this?
It's because she read this very blog!


Um....yeah, that's the reason.
What you expected something else?
Well, golly gee... she saw some 'swear words' here.
She can't possibly have me create her wedding cake anymore.

Evidently, my creations are beautiful
but the real me is not?

...and there you have it peeps, just another episode of:
Customers from Hell or WTF were they thinking!?

50 Responses to “Customers from hell Volume VIII
"The Passion of the jin"”

Trust me. She's reading it now. And masturbating.

Rich said...

As someone who uses words as their trade I'll just say that someone's personal expression is sacred and people should look past the surface of those words in an attempt to get to the heart and meaning of what someone is saying and not the colloquial expression they use to impart that message. If you do that you're going to really miss out on some gems in life. Like Miss Jin's cakes. I know two people in particular who enjoyed those cakes as a gift from me and they couldn't stop raving about what a wonderful experience it was to try Miss Jin's art form. I am sorry for this persons loss.

But what I really wanted to type... What a fucked up dumb slut... ooooh, fucking swear words! Oh no. That'll make her whole fucked up shallow wedding a misery. Way to look beneath the surface you stupid hypocritical bitch!

but that's just defeatist.

Rich said...

Oh, and can my passion say eating the hearts of the innocents. Cause you know, it'll make people click the linky. ha!

PS. Poop bum dick god damn mutherfuck'n pusswad vaginal excretion... sorry, just wanted to see how many more clients I could lose you today ;)

You know Jin ... Some people only ARE that stupid. They don't know any better. Like children that sulk for nothing ... we have to only ignore them.
When you loose one of that kind, you are likely to get two other and better customer in return.

This blog is you LIVE advertising where your customer can come in direct contact with you over distance.
It is a perfect way of letting people know you.

If I had lived in USA ... I would have send you an SMS on my way home from Easter vacation, saying ...
"Jin, have the coffee ready. And Jin, do you have any left of flourless cake with créme Anglés???"

Ace said...

I'm pretty sure if you make me the perfect wedding cake, I wouldn't care if you ate babies in your spare time and posted the videos on YouTube.

Oh, wait, you're a veggie.

So tofu babies, then.

Dino aka Katy said...

MORON so let me get this straight SHE much rather have a disgusting tasting (and probably bad looking) cake on her wedding day than to order it from a real live person that swears??? What planet is she from????? I mean we all swear I am sure she does too so why can't you????? I don't get this are you sure she didn't get dumped and was to embarrassed to tell you that there wouldn't be a wedding?

Anyhow more cake for us. That reminds me I had a good paycheck this week let me zip over and put and order in its been too long (4 months!) since I had Jin goodies.

Dino aka Katy said...

okay my order is in - one complaint I don't think its fair to have some Items (with pictures no less) that say pick up only. That is just cruel!!!

Tiffanie said...

Wow, I can't believe that. That's like not having a place fix your car because you didn't like the name of the place or something.

Oh well, her loss.

I'll be damned. I think she was just trying to find any reason to weasel out of having to pay you. To hell with her. I could see it if you plaster F**K YOU! across the top of her cake, but she is way off. Ah well, more cake for the rest of us!!

Sarah Letnes said...

She'll have to stop watching Sound of Music, because I heard that Julie Andrews has a mouth that would make a longshoreman blush.

Jewels said...

And THIS, my darling Food Porn Goddess, is why I LOVE you SO FUCKEN MUCH! Damn these idiots who need to cram their views (or lack thereof) down everyone else's throat. I'm willing to bet that a few swear words have slipped her lips more than once. (must be nice to be as perfect as she...)

Pass the cake this way girlie, I'd love an extra helping, thank you very much!

Oh, and LMFAO!!!! I just read CP's comment... *giggle* ;)

jin said...

I have to say...
you are ALL AWESOME!!!
Thank You Thank You!!!

I'll respond individually as soon as I can (busy day/night) but I had to say, upon seeing this comment section, I realized that those of you in here, that have placed orders from me have spent at least 3X the amount of $$$ that chick would have spent on her cake in total!!!
I'd SO rather bake for all of you!!! Without this blog I never would have even met ANY of you...and that would be bad, cos I need all you guys!!!

flatlander said...

A patron was wont to declare:
"I dislike when pastry chefs swear
I want my damn cake
So shut up and bake
Express yourself, how could you dare?"

angel said...

holy crappers jin- thats freaky! reading your blog has made me even more determined to order something from you at my first opportunity!

Dear person who cancelled her order,

I'm sure you are reading this post today. I'm sorry that you made the decision not to have Jin bake your wedding cake - for two reasons.

First, Jen is an artist who happens to create through baking. She is authentic and original in her person and in her profession. That's why so many people from all walks of life flock to this blog. Her world view is soulful, smart, loving and witty.

Second, she puts love into all she does. What greater gift than to have a wedding cake made by the hands of someone who includes love as a major ingredient. What better way to start a marriage?

I hope you change your mind - it's like walking away from a super gift that God put on this earth for us. I sure wish she lived near me.

Gnightgirl said...

My jaw drops. I imagine her a silly little girl that will one day grow up and be mortified at her behavior. Tsk.

jin said...



Ummm...I don't think Kristian's can masturbate. In fact, I think only the husbands are allowed to orgasm.

jin said...

rich, rich, rich, rich:

Whatever am I to do with you???


I think I'll cyber hug you really really hard & tell you I nearly peed in my pants from laughing at what you wrote.
You know I wanted to say some of that. ;-)
:-D :-D :-D

Promise me something...if I gotta come back for another life in this hellhole will you live closer to me so we can be real life friends?!!?

jin said...


Really funny thing...if she gets a different lady in town to make her cake, that baker is an alcoholic who has treated her family terribly! Hmmm...but that's ok?!
Yeah, customers like her I do NOT need!

If you SMS'ed me
"do you have any left of flourless cake with créme Anglés???"
even if I didn't have any I'd quick make you some!!! :-)

Why are all the cool people like you ENTIRE continents away???

jin said...



You are so funny.

...eating babies on youtube...


tofu babies.

You da shit munkee!!! :-D

jin said...


Order received!!!

I will be tucking a special something in there for your anniversary. Something totally blogable! ;-)

jin said...


No kidding, huh?!

It takes all kinds I guess.

jin said...


Yeah...she can have the 'pros' at Walmart create her centerpiece. They might not swear in front of her, but I bet they SPIT in it!!!

jin said...


Ohhhhhh! Good one!!!!

Excellent point.

I just checked my links...why do I not link to you???
I thought I did....well, I do now! :-)

jin said...


Ahhhhh!!!!! I missed your call!!!
Had to run to the grocery store.
Let's see...Sunday night should be at home for a few hours, try me then??? Monday I've no idea what's what...Dad gets another surgery so...I just don't know where I'll be depending how it goes I guess???

I KNEW you'd appreciate this story. I have a feeling you've had the 'odd' customer or 2! I bet you've had some of those chicks that hate you because you are I right? Those are so obvious! heehee

CALL ME!!! :-)

jin said...


You are beyond awesome.
I am printing that out & putting it on my oven.

That just sums it all up!!!
With rhyme!!!
:-D :-D :-D

jin said...


Aww...thanks for saying that! You are sweet!
:-D that you in My Blog Log???

(I just realized I wasn't linked to your wedding blog...argh! What's wrong with me!? It's fixed now! :-)

jin said...


Awww....sure wish I lived near you, too.

Thanks so much for saying (and meaning! :-) all of that.

*big genuine smile*

jin said...


lol...I was shocked, too.
But, I have a feeling, it created an opening in my schedule for some 'yet-to-be-known' wonderful person who will need something fabulous & will appreciate that I can do it.

jin said...

*jin frantically searches the comment section to make sure she didn't miss anyone*


It's been a LONG couple of days!!!

Thanks again, ALL OF YOU!!! :-D

There's a whole LOT of special people within this tiny cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

Some people are just that oppossed to swearing. I don't get what the big, fucking deal is.

If I couldn't swear I would be fucked. Having no way to properly express myself.

I consider myself a "swearist".

jin said...

There are entire books dedicated to:
"The Tao Of Swearing"


and here

You can even: Go Global!!!


If she didn't want a REAL baker, then she clearly doesn't want a REAL cake - or a REAL life for that matter. I happen to agree with whoever said it first: she probably got dumped and is just using this as an excuse.

If she didn't get dumped - I can't feel sorry enough for her husband-to-be!!

jin said...

It's not like they are the virginal type of couple...they already have a kid!!!

I would NEVER do that!

Someone had sex before marriage!

Gyrobo said...

Personally, I only use 90-95% of my soul. The rest gets sold back to the electric company.

Ace said...

My boss doesn't swear. It gave us an excuse to start charging people. I think it started out as somebody's Lent resolution or something, but now if you get caught (by her) you have to pay $2 into the jar.

We use the money for food and cake and stuff, so it's not like a real hardship.

But I think my co-workers like it better when she's off and I'm in charge, and they can cuss all they want.

Dino aka Katy said...

cool I can't wait!!!!

keeping my fingers crossed for the surgery today x

jin said...


I don't even have a smart comeback for that one!

Gyro for president!

jin said...


In real life I rarely swear.
Well, aside from swearing, I mean.


jin said...


Thanks! It went WELL...I think?!
I mean, it seems to have gone well.

OMFG!!!!! Did you really WIN??????
Holy fucking shit!
The trip to Australia, the laptop or what???????????

Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee NOW!

Rich said...

If Katy won then I'm expecting a beer! Well, OK, I wasn't much help... but I want beer damn-it!

Dino aka Katy said...

well I kind of won. I am one of the 8 finalists so I just booked my ticket to MIAMI for Friday where they will vote for the top 3. SO everyone still has to keep their fingers crossed to I can go to Australia - or get the laptop

jin said...


If Katy ends up with the trip to Australia I'm hiding in her when she buys you that bee-ah I'll jump out & scare the hell out of you!!!

jin said...


*jin crosses fingers*

I'm so excited for you!

Ace said...

Wait, I missed it. What did Katy win? Huh? Confusedmunkee.

I am sorry to admit it Jin, but my absents from the blogging world this last month was due to your swearing. It made me cry a little on the inside every time.

Remember every time you swear God causes another Khristian to get their panties in a bunch over lame things.

But on the other hand you are trying to be a good Khristian by knowing your place and staying in the kitchen. Now just get preggers and go bare foot. ;P

*Runs and ducks from Jin throwing baking tools at him*

jin said...


Katy won a trip to Miami over the weekend as one of 8 finalists for a grand prize trip to Australia or a new laptop pc!!!!

She had to make a video about teaching her Au Pairs various safety classes/fieldtrips & how to make them FUN.

jin said...


You're back!!!!!
Tak's Back!!!

*jin dances around the room*


*jin finally reads the rest of tak's comment*

Why I aughtta.......

upside the head

punch on the arm

slap on the arse

*jin quits because she thinks he enjoyed that too much*


:-D Glad to have you back! :-D

Gnat of Glass said...

Your out on the intrawebbies baby. Things get strange out here.

For better or worse your personal with your customers now. Things like privacy for you are kind of out the window it is all posted here. She was fine getting the cake when she did not know you, but now she thinks maybe she does not want to deal with you. Her loss. Just remember anything you post here is basically etched in stone and will be around as long as someone can look it up. I forget this sometimes myself. It is here, forever in some form or fasion, type accordingly.

Best of luck.


jin said...

Thanks gnat!

To tell ya the truth, this town is FULL of small minded Kristians that only want to deal with their own. The catholics hate the lutherans & vice versa. The jahovas only love each other & the jewish community hates everyone. Some people find out I'm a Pagan & in their small ignorant tiny brains they think that means I spend my free time having orgies & worshipping the devil. I'm not joking, either! They really think that way!

Their loss. I don't want to waste my talent & skillz on shallow people like that anyway. :-P

Like my Dad's late great uncle alex used to say (he lived in the building that is the pastry shoppe)
"Piss on 'em!"