Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The other day I was on a trip through town.
I always take the same route.
*boring jin!*
I decide to mix it up a bit & take Washington Street.
I never take Washington Street.
*anal-retentive jin!*
I'm stuck waiting at a busy intersection for the light to change.
Instead of dwelling on sex and/or chocolate
*or a jincombo of the 2!*
I decide to try and focus in on a billboard up the street.

Hmmm....what's that in the top picture?
It looks like it could be something chocolate!

Yummy, I think to myself.
What kind of chocolate is it, I wonder.

But, but, but...
THAT looks just like my Oblivion!
Someone is trying to rip me off!!!
What does it say?
All I could see was this:

First thing that pops into my head is
a local Coldstone Creamery outlet.
I know they make frozen cakes
(that I would never personally eat. ever. :-P)

The bastards!
They are trying to copy my dessert!!!
As the light turns to green
and my eyes turn to red
*danger! danger! possible jinplosion!*
I drive towards it slowly.

The Courthouse Pub?
YAY! The Courthouse Pub!!!
It IS my Oblivion!!!
I make them FOR The Courthouse Pub!!!

As I flip the bird to the jerk honking behind me
I am finally able to appreciate the billboard in its entirety:

Ahhh....Love at First Sight
Now isn't that RIGHT!

42 Responses to “THIEVES!!!”

Rich said...

OMG! You're cake is not only famous... it's HUGE!!!!!!!

PS. I think I'm first... and possibly the best...

Isn't that one of those surprises in life that warms your heart???

Anonymous said...

HAHA, that's totally bad-ass!

Here's to future Oblivion sales.

jin said...


It is!
It is!

You are!
You are!

jin said...


It sure is!
Made my week!!!!

jin said...


I am loving your description.

*jin whispers "totally bad-ass"*


Yep...works for me!

Dino aka Katy said...

I love how it says under it it "is this your dream"

its mine!!! I want to eat one

Tiffanie said...

Yes, that's RIGHT :)

jin said...


Oh, that's right! You haven't had one yet!


jin said...



Ace said...

I'm addicted to a game called "Oblivion," but every time I fire up the PS3 to play it, I think of you!

Well, your cake, I mean.

Gareth said...

If there was a piece of chocolate cake in existence that was THAT big I would be swimming in it right now. Care to join me ;)

jin said...


LOL! COOL name for a game.

Hmmm...PS3....I think we have PS2 I'm not really sure; I'm such a girl sometimes.

Forgive me??????

jin said...






I mean...



What if I started to drown!?

Gareth said...

I would save you if you started to drown ....... *drops Jin* oh look, cake!! :P

melanie said...

Blimey Jin!!....Hey do you get any royalties for having your wears displayed on a bill board that size?!!
Have a nice weekend petal Hope the 'pie eater' hubby of yours is fine!! :D

Jewels said...

Oooh! Gimme a piece of that A.. Er, cake, yeah, cake! Gimme a piece of that cake... Please?


Love you!

Gnat of Glass said...

ok Jin I am sold. Send me the paypal link for one of those and send it to me.

You still have my addy right?


jin said...



I knew it!!!

All you men really only want me for my cake!


jin said...


I wish my 'wears' were displayed on a bill board that size.


The pie eater laughed when I told him you said that! He said to say 'Hello' to you!

jin said...


Are you ready for your sweetbox next week? Perhaps I could ship it on Tuesday? Perhaps I could tuck in a few slices of oblivion???

Love & kisses back at ya!
(I added the kisses cos you know the guys'll want to read our blogs more now! Heeeeheheheeee!!! ;-)

jin said...


Ohhh...you are gonna LOVE this one!

I'll invoice you on Monday & ship it on Tuesday.

Yes I still have the addy...I had a feeling you'd order again!

Middle Child said...

Scary huh at first sight... but wow, look at what you have done...thats your work up there...may not have "Jin" plastered al over it but there it is...congraulations JIn.

Gareth said...

Only if 'cake' is a metaphor for something. Hahahaha :P

Have a lovely Saturday with your 'cakes' :D

Speaking of love at first sight! The delicous box of goodies I ordered from you and had sent to my friend in LA received RAVE reviews. He was SO impressed by each and every morsel in that beloved box.

thanks Jin. I'll be ordering again real soon.

Rich said...

I have a chocolate filled film for your enjoyment!

flatlander said...

Larger than life
Sweeter than s-x
Chocolate cake billboard
Special f-x
Stopping the traffic
On Washington Street
Jin is fantastic
She bakes to the beat!

-(sorry for the posting slowdown. I "got a life" as they say, but I'm not sure it's any better than staying home and blogging....)

jin said...

I'll catch up with everyone tonight. Very long week, way too tired to be witty.

I've got some GREAT pics,
some great tales,
a story about a 'customer from hell' (bitch!)
and much much more...

Hoppy Easter ALL!

watch Rich's Easter Bunny Video
It's WAY COOL!!!

Rich said...

Awww, thanks for the shout out Jin. That's really sweet of you :)

mizfit said...

wow!!! that's so 'true lurv'... :D

jin said...

middle child:

Thanks! :-D

Oh, it doesn't have to have my name on. This restaurant sends biz my way all the time. I'm cool with that!

jin said...


All day long I held my cakes before handing them to the customers.


jin said...


Funny you should say that...I've been so busy this week I completely forgot about it until the other day. I thought to myself, "self, I wonder how the biscotti went over?"

:-D Thanks for letting me know!!!

jin said...


I think I've watched it about 8 times already.

Seriously LOVE that music, too.

How long did it take to film it?
How long to edit?

I'm just curious...but I'm guessing several hours. I can totally appreciate how much time goes into a project like that.

*thumbs up*

jin said...


heeheeee....I think that's one of your best!!!

I know where you're coming from...I think blogging's way better than the *real world* & if you figure a way to jump inside the www...I'll be your first FakieAgent!

jin said...


Thank you!

Cool new avatar!

Rich said...

Hey Jin,

It took about 6 hours of filming and about 4 hours of editing... and about 3 hours for YouTube to let me put it on their site. It wasn't hardwork, it was FUN!

jin said...

I can relate...I've spent that much time decorating a small gingerbread house!
Ahhhh....I understand fun...I don't remember it too well, tho.
:-S lol

Congrats on your fame!

Jin hits the Big Time - congrats!! Things are looking up...

jin said...


I noticed it's still up there!
They must have gone for another month!!!

jin said...


"Looking up..."

Pun intended???