Monday, April 09, 2007


What did jin do on Sunday?
Well, it's not very exciting.
Do you still want to know?
Are you sure?
Well, ok then.
She slept.
Passed out & dead to the world.
For 12 hours straight.
That's more sleep than a jin gets in 4 whole days normally!
When she awoke
she realized that no one
had left her any candy at all.
She did, however, have a dozen of these left from Saturday.
So she ate them.
Yes, all of them.
They were divine!

I had these for sale on Saturday, too.
A picture of my infamous Cappuccino Brownies.
This is to tease gorgeous Jewels & her sexy hubby.
Don't worry you 2; I ate 2 for each of you!
HAHA! :-P *jingrin*

Carrot Cupcakes
Cream Cheese Frosting
Belgian White Chocolate 'Carrot'
jin may have eaten a few of these as well

Chinese Almond Cookies
No, I did not eat any of these.
I'm not a pig or anything!

I rarely get monetary tips from customers.
I get lots of other cool tips.
Like these:
One of my customers has her own chickens. She lives more than 30 minutes away so she only comes in a few times each year, but I always get some beautifully coloured free range eggs when she visits. On Saturday she brought me a whole tray! There were even some really tiny pale green ones. Look at the three in the center:

Here are a few close-ups:

A holiday around here
Would not be complete
Without a home-made video
from our favourite Aussie
Everyone, give him a round of applause for:

"Easter Bunny Caught on Tape"

24 Responses to “Eostre”

Ace said...

Munkees love cappuccino brownies.

But munkee not married to Jewels.

Munkee scritch head.

Scritch. Scritch. Scritch.

Hungry munkee.

Andy! said...

Oif, I like carrot cake. Its the best. (Superlatives would only ruin the sentiment.)

I also dig the Eostre title. Nothing like a Christian answer to a Pagan holiday that still retains some of its snuff.

I don't even know what I'm saying. Happy day after Easter.

Dino aka Katy said...

I think the bunny brought your present to me I got double on gummy bears and chocolate. Sorry

Rich said...

Caaaaaaaaaarrots, Chocolaaaaaaaaaate, HEEEEEEEAVEN!

Those look fabulous... you should definitely do a kaleidoscope type film with those eggs and baked goodies. That would be marvelous!

jin said...


Munkees love cappuccino brownies.
I remember that you had them...I'm glad to know you enjoyed them so!

But munkee not married to Jewels.
No. But you are one very sexymunkee! Along with your sexygirlmunkee!!!

Munkee scritch head.
Scritch. Scritch. Scritch.
Here...I'll scritch it for ya.
*jin hopes munkee notices not all the frosting she left in his hair*

Hungry munkee.
I can fix that in 2 or 3 days!!! :-D

jin said...

andy: too. I ate several of those carrot cupcakes myself. It's actually quite healthy (without all the frosting...heehee!).

LOL! YES, you do know what you are saying. You have an incredibly rounded knowledge for a guy your age. From Wisconsin. ummm...not that WI guys aren't super intelligent wait. They normally aren't. Do you know how many search hits I get per day for ed geene??? (or how many people hear I'm a female from WI and assume I weigh 300 pounds. :-P)

Ok, it's official. You & I broke the mold. We are not stereotypes. So...where the hell does that put us????

jin said...



*jin runs off in the corner to pout*

jin said...


Thank you! :-)

Oh, I want to do video so bad. My digicam has a video mode but no sound. :-(
Although...I could always work in some type of you did!
Where do I find horny music like that?!!?

Gareth said...

OMG!! Did you really make those carrots. They are not just regular store bought baby carrots?? WOW I love you, I I I I mean I could do once I get to the liking stage :P
I guess those eggs have already been used?

Rich said...

You find it in South America! or in my large collection of 'moving' traditional music CD's.

Gyrobo said...

What a week!

All that and Opera 9.2 was released. CONSUME!

Beautiful cakes, beautiful Jin, great Easer, what can I say??

The cake at the top has a Southwestern sand painting look to it, though I am sure it doesn't taste like sand. My Son-in-law made an excellent lemon meringue pie.

jin said...


All the eggs are gone. Mmmm...yummy.

Those little carrots are made out of Belgian white chocolate & taste fantastic! (I should know...I ate one or ten ;-)

If I had a dime for every time a guy tasted my goods & declared his love for me I'd be one rich jin.

jin said...


Um, like, can't I just download it illegally on the internet, too?


*hair flip*


jin said...


Why the hell didn't I know that???

Oh...I forgot...I was too busy creating a profile for myself in Opera community.

*jin hightails it over to Opera....*

jin said...


You're back!
Are you back?

I missed you!!!
Hope you had a nice vacation!!!

All those cookies and you thought I wouldn't come back?

Vacation was nice, thanks. I'd forgotten what it is like to have a baby in the house!

jin said...


Yay! I haven't lost my charm...if I'm not irresistible than my cookies are!!!

I see you had the ice cream cone cupcakes! I have made those a couple times in the shoppe...would you believe they don't sell??? Silly adults think they are for kids. Go figure?!

Jessica said...

Darling you are simply killing me with all this...and me in the house all alone with nothing but a few stale chocolate cookies.

jin said...



Oh, sorry...I do need to get a disclaimer at the top of the page- "Do not read unless fully armed with chocolate!"

Monkey said...

Oh. My. Unmerciful. God.

I can't believe I haven't been here before. And now I'm so hungry I might gnaw on my own neck.

Thank you for these delightful photos. I'm off to dig through your yesterdays and see if I can torture myself some more.

angel said...

i love that easter egg cake jin- its gorgeous!
and that chocolate fudge stuff makes my mouth water!
happy belated easter jin!

jin said...



I'm glad you came for a visit & I hope your human gave you some swwets so you didn't have to suffer.

Come back again anytime, I try to keep adding *unique* photos & stories!

jin said...


Good to see you! :-)

Thanks...I had a lot of fun decorating the Easter Egg! It was for a little boys birthday & he just loved it!

Hope you had a nice Easter, too!!