Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Meaning of Life

I quite liked the lady that ordered this cake.
She had a great sense of humour!

The cakes were for a
"Renewal of Vows"

The couple had been married for many years already.
Who'd have guessed?!

Here's another one!
jin likes this one, too.
Do you?

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Jewels said...

First? Wow!

I like the first one better, he's still on his feet. The second one looks too 'cromagnon' for moi, LoL!

So, how's the weather over there? I thought we were in for a stretch of warm weather, but we're getting dumped on again... Darn it!

Dino aka Katy said...

I am with Jewels I LOVE the first one. I have to remember that if Grumpy and I ever renew our vows.

jin said...



They are fun far as a cake topper can go, anyway! LOL!

It was 50 degrees yesterday, almost all the snow was today windy & cold, around 30 degrees.
Yuck...I was SOOO ready for spring!

jin said...


It's put out by Wilton products, this was the first time I had seen that particular topper! FUNNY! LOL.

If you ever renew your vows let me know well in advance! Maybe I can drive there with a cake!!!

melanie said...

What a great the sentiment too ha ha...Blimey its hard enough saying that first time round..nevermind renewing them!

:o) x

G3T Films said...

Oh Jin! They're absolutely fabo!

I think you should come to Oz and do us a 10th Anniversary cake.

Gyrobo said...

The little figures on top of the cake look like they're acting out a scene from The Sims.

Also, widgety woo!

Ace said...

I like 'em! Funny!

Nice to see people with a sense of humor...

Ha ha ha ... That was really grate!! Good to have been married for long time and have such a humor.

The second cake is also beautiful, suits maybe if you marry the same guy for second time.

Middle Child said...

Ah Jin your stuff is so good..I look on in awe at your creations... you must feel so good about what you do because everything you create is for a festive occasion...and people are happy to receive your creations...

you really are a joy maker.

jin said...



LOL. I agree about doing it again...I personally believe they only do it for the food!!!

jin said...


Thank you!! :-)

LOL...maybe I'll start [cake]whoring myself out. Sugardaddies from around the world can buy my airfare & hotel accommodations, whilst I, The Food Porn Goddess from the Bakesexry, will cook & bake for them!!!

jin said...


Ohhh....yes, yesss,

*jin wipes the sweat off her brow*
I think I spend too much time in front of the pc to have a widget do that to me!
*blush* heehee

Yeah, other words: I like it!

jin said...


I thought you would! :-)

I believe a sense of humour is one of the most valuable things to possess in this world!

jin said...


Laughter is the best medicine! :-)

Thank you! I was pleased with how the second cake turned out as well. Elegant & funny! What a match!

jin said...

m c:

Thank you so much for your kind words. They are appreciated more than you may realize!
:-) :-) :-)

Those are both wonderful and hilarious - and certainly must have been a hit that will bring you much business.

The groom needs to run faster. Remember, marriage isn't a word, its a sentence.

Nice work on the roses!!

Gyrobo said...

*cracks knuckles*

All in a day's night.

Ace said...

I find myself pondering:

a. How would you get a wedding cake to Jersey? I ask because, even though I'm in abso-positive-lutely in no hurry to get married, I just can't imagine getting someone else to make the cake after all we've (virtually) been through.

b. Would it be weird to, say, invite complete strangers to your wedding? I mean, people you've never actually met? So like, you could come even if you couldn't bring the cake?

Why I think of this now, I have no idea. I do have a date tomorrow night, but it's not like I'm thinking marriage already. I think it's just because I'm hungry and staring at wedding cake and thinking, damn, I'd like a slice of that.

Those are both awesome!!!

So when are you going to post a pic of a cake with two brides or two grooms??

jin said...


You know, we rarely advertise anywhere. Ever. LOL! 90% of our biz comes from people who have tasted!
Hmmm...I wonder why that is?!!?

jin said...


It's a sentence, hmmm?
That's funny...I hadn't heard that one before!

Out of all the things that I make, buttercream roses are one of my least favourite things to make.
I think because I've made so many...they're just boring! LOL. It takes me roughly 15 minutes to do 100 large ones. Plus I charge $1.00 per rose, so I shouldn't be complaining, should I?!

jin said...


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jin said...


a. By car. Seriously! As long as it wasn't the peak *hotness* of summertime, I could most certainly drive a cake there for you. I do know of pastry chefs that take them on airplanes...but I'm not much into flying. :-P

b. I would EXPECT an invite mister, even if I didn't bring the cake!!! :-D
No, it's not weird to invite strangers. Course, I don't consider *virtual* friends strangers (sometimes they are stranger than me...but that's a whole different subject! ;-)

YAY!!! Another date! Is it with the vegetarian chick again?! Remember what I told you!
"Vegetarians do it better."

jin said...


Thanks!!! :-D

Ohhhh!!! I'd LOVE to!!! Never had the opportunity.
But, as soon as it's legal (which, personally, I believe it should have been LONG ago!) I will offer a "2fer' deal.
I will Perform the Ceremony
(lol...*blush* have I told you I'm a Reverend?! I can legally do that! Long story ;-)
for free if they buy the Wedding cake from me!

I'd drive to Brooklyn!!!
Remember that!!!

You should be getting $2 per rose - that's the going rate, $24 per dozen. When you make the roses on the cake do you give the customer a baker's dozen or a florist's dozen??

Gyrobo said...

I'll work on a separate Encryptor widget later. Until then, here's a quotacious new widgety wump!

jin said...


Well, I figure when they freak at a buck per rose I can tell them it'll cost double if they buy fresh ones instead; which, by the way, they can't eat!!!
HAAAAhahahahaaaaa!!! ;-)

If I do a tiered cake & charge 50 bucks for roses I give them at least 50...if I think it needs a few more I throw them on.
My artistic integrity outshines my bottom line on occasion. Some days I don't have money for groceries, but I sleep well at night knowing I didn't send out a cake with 1 less rose on than it needed.

jin said...


I sooooo hope you win the 1001st prize.

*jin crosses her fingers*

How long does it take you to design one?
I mean I seriously have no concept...are we talking an hour or two or several hours???

Will you do it if it's illegal?

jin said...


Well, I do believe that I would, yes.

Only one problem.
It still wouldn't be 'recognized' by the state.

I could do Hand-Fastings & things of that nature, too...but those are not recognized as 'legally binding', either.

As far as I'm concerned...(for me, personally) that legal slip of paper isn't a big thing...I mean, me & D certainly would NOT have gotten married if it wasn't for Immigration, we would have just had a Hand-Fasting & lived together. But they don't 'accept' that.

jin said...

Hey ALL:

I'll try to post tonight, got a Netflix to go & watch.

We got about a foot of snow last night.

I'm tired of all this snow so I will go drown my sorrows in Nachos & Horror flix.


More snow? You'll just have to stay in and frost your cupcakes, so to speak...

Gyrobo said...

It takes years.

Seriously, I started Encryptor over three years ago, and I'm still adding features.

Speaking of which... sometime later this week, I'll have another widgety wump.

But not now!


jin said...


About 18" as of an hour, snow that is.

And have a valid point.
In fact, I just made D a cup of tea...heeheeheeeeeeeeee.
Manhood tea.
You think I'm kidding?!
He is drinking this right now. We'll see if it works!

jin said...



"another widgety wump"

I...I...I...don't know if I can handle another one so soon!??!

But, seriously...ever since I upgraded to Opera 9.10 I can't use Every time I go there ALL my tabs freeze & I have to ctrl/alt/delete. Is that a flaw with the site or do I need to set something different for that page specifically?
Uness you have a different dictionary/thesaurus site you use? (I hear you are quite the grammar/spelling aficionado.)

So you are willing to drive across the country to go to a wedding of a stranger.

Great!! Can you come next week? You'll need to bring a wedding dress that matches my white armor. I'll get one of the Jedi to perform the ceremony.

See you next Thursday!! ;P

Gyrobo said... doesn't give me any problems. Maybe there's a problem with your profile, that's a possibility.

Gyrobo said...

But cheer up! A new version of Opera is coming out soon... they're set to release a preview this week, so I'm betting 9.2 will be out by the end of March.

Cherry! said...

I think my figurines would be a bit different to those ones. I'd probably be letting him run away.

Ace said...

Well, the cake's out of the way.

And yes, the veggie-chick.

I don't think there'll be a wedding anytime soon, but I got another date or two out of it...

jin said...


Will this do?

jin said...


Yay! A new one so soon?! Amazing! I noticed with this version I can finally see *i* comments in Blogger without them being *em*.

Well, glad to know works for you...then I know it's me. pc, never me. ;-)

p.s. I <3 "The Many Faces of Gyrobo".

jin said...


No potential Mr. Cherry's YET???

I've seen some of those Aussie's...they're CUTE!!! must get married so I can visit you! LOL.

jin said...


The date went well then?!
Did you kiss her?
Did you???
jinquiring minds want to know.
jinquiring minds also want to know when you score.
I know...I know...jin the perv.