Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ingredient 101 "Flourless Chocolate Oblivion Cake"

My bestseller, by far, is the dessert that I create with the least amount of ingredients. Know what else? It tastes the BEST! ;-)

Callebaut Belgian Bittersweet Chocolate Coins
(Your cake is only as good as your chocolate! Use the BEST!)

Wüthrich European Style Unsalted Butter
(Nothing else will suffice! You need the higher butterfat content for smoothness.)

Farm Fresh Eggs from Humpty Dumpty
(Need I say anything more??? Their eggs ROCK!)

That's it!
Really miss jin?
Yes, really!
AMAZING...isn't it?!!?

Smooth... warm... chocolate & butter.

Whipped...frothy... whole eggs.

Baking it in a bain-marie is IMPERATIVE!
Then it tastes like the center of a chocolate truffle!!!

Cool & chill for at least 8 hours.....if you can wait that long.

Precut, then decorated with piped chocolate & Belgian bittersweet lace.

Above is my favourite way to indulge in this phenomenal culinary masterpiece. A slice of oblivion floating in a pool of Crème Anglaise & served with organically grown sweet delicate tulips. The Verdict? My sultry mélange fills your palate with a stunningly jintastic oralgasmic feat of BLISS that will turn you into my slave for all eternity.

Who's brave enough to go first?

50 Responses to “Ingredient 101 "Flourless Chocolate Oblivion Cake"”


Crap can;t sleep again, lucky for me you have some new stuff up - looks pretty good - with all that chocolate you can't miss.

Jewels said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! I need to learn how to make that cake/torte/scrumptiousheavenly goody!

Who loves YOU!?!

Thinking of you my friend. Miss you.

Dino aka Katy said...

oh can I have a piece pleaseeeeeee? It looks so good and I am having that time of the month (yeahhhhh maybe i get my wish of a mini me soon) and I need CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!

Hippos Niece said...

You are magical.

- Spongebob rules!

jin said...

phos: I was up all night too...but thankfully I slept almost all day!!!

jewels: Miss you too...will our lives ever be normal again???
Yay! We're finally at the waning moon...jin needs to do some diminishing!!!
We HAVE to talk one of these days!!!

katy: Yay for you!!! :-D Tell ya what...when you get a 'mini you', to celebrate I'll send you out one of these oblivions!!!
They ship AWESOMELY!!! :-)

hippo's neice: HI & WELCOME!!! Hippo told me he showed you my blog! If you want to see pics of some of my cool wedding cakes go HERE.
Come back again! :-)

What a nice blog. I wish I lived close enough to come and buy some of your cakes ...Even if it was only a piece with a cup of coffee.

Sarah said...'s official, you are killing me.

angel said...

aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrghhhhhhhhh... shear torture doll! absolutely excruciating!

rashbre said...

I was in Brugge, Belgium a couple of weeks ago and brought back a stash of those coins (different make) - totally brillian. I thought they were supposed to be eaten like chocolate buttons, so I did.

Torte looks scrummy.


Rich said...

Mmmmm, chocolate flavoured fat eggs. Yummmm!

Please do not torture me with brilliant jin creations that cannot be had in NYC!

So when no one is around do roll around in those chocolate coins? See how many you can get in your mouth at once? It looks so good!!

Middle Child said...

I followed every step of that wonderful creation...and almost feel like I had a piece...but didn't : (

God put cocoa, eggs and cream/butter etc on earth because he saw how the old apple tempted us and decided to up the ante big time... its a wicked wonderful looking dessert Jin...

My word verification is "exyumt"

close to Yum!!!

jin said...

kirsten: WELCOME & Thank You!!!
I could go for a pice of the oblivion right now...only there's NEVER any left!!! Heehee

sarah: Always choose's spiritual! ;-)
(Am I trying to convince you or me? LOL!)

angel: Awww....LOL! So sorry! I teased myself with this one too...because it's one of my personal FAVES & there isn't any left! LOL

rashbre: Oh...I've never been to Belgium. I hear they don't even export some of the really wonderful chocolate! I must go one day! :-)
Thanks for stopping by! Visit again any time!!!

rich: I bet after reading that post you scoured the house for sweets...c'mon...admit it! I made you DROOOL!

evi: LOL! For future reference the cake (minus the Anglaise) can be shipped!
OH! That reminds me of a post, you inspired my next post!!! You'll get a kick out of it! ;-)

phos: Haahahaha!!! Oh, those coins are consumed by the handfulls!!! LOL!!! By all of us here & the customers! We give samples to the people who say they don't like chocolate...jin's response: "Try this dude, if you don't like've never had good chocolate!"

mc: If chocolate is such a temptaion than I must be a pretty evil temptress! LOL!!!
I think that word verification sounds like a mixture of 'excellent' & 'yum'...VERY appropriate! LOL!

Now that looks like pure chocolate! It's been years since I've enjoyed a good creme anglaise- thanks for the reminder!

jin said...

cp: Oh, it's one of my FAVES! It is delish & a month cannot go by without a bit of creme anglaise for us to enjoy!

Not Ashley said...

I think you need to go on a road trip, north to Canada. It's just slightly colder than Jamaica today. LOL!

You can join us in S Factor classes, for the small admission price of a piece of that chocolate cake.

jin said...

M: OH! Sounds like a great plan! But, none of you can eat dessert until AFTER class. I wouldn't want to surrounded by high gusty winds.

G3T Films said...

Well... you might... but chocolate doesn't. My taste tends towards sour or savoury. Sour cherry cake, Mmmmmm.

Justmee said...

That was wonderful. Made me want too go right into the kitchen and start baking. But, I know no matter how close I try and make it likes way would it even come close, after the testimonal I've read on here about your stuff. :)

jin said...

rich: Heehee! You made me *BLUSH*!
I was going to say something witty about your down-under
charm, but decided against it as I think you'll take it the wrong way.

justmee: Cute new avatar!
I like it! :-D

Ahh....I haven't had a piece of oblivion ... oh ... probably since November! *gasp* I NEED some! LOL!!!!

G3T Films said...

What? You mean I would have taken it as a joke.

Oh no, I take everything so seriously don't you know!

Ashley said...

Oh my God that all looks good! You are a God!

I wish I had some right now. I hate when we run out of chocolate. My daughter brought some dark chocolate back from Germany - it was delicious, had kind of a fruit taste to it. I prefer dark chocolate with just a hint of bitter.

jin said...

rich: *giggle*
Dirty minds think alike!!!

ashley: WELCOME & Thank You!!! :-)

phos: I almost never run out of chocolate, however, I prefer a very large variety! LOL!
Katy sent me some German Chocolate that was AWESOME!!!

BBC said...

Send me all of your peanut butter cookies and no one gets hurt. :-)

Gnat said...

I am still waiting on a "place your order here" form.

I want to order cookies. I refuse to visit any longer as every time I see this damn website I end up walking down to Starbucks and buying up some kind of sweetness. I hold you directly responsible for me spending my 401k money on fudge and lemon pound cake. I will take the responsibility for the 3 expresso and the 100 pack of durex.


White Forest said...

your blog is yuummmmmmmmyy! :P

Sounds as though Gnat needs chocolate or one of those twelve step programs.

I bet you are up to your ass in alligators with V-Day coming up!!

Ok, time to move on the sight of all the chocolate is starting to make my teeth hurt.

jin said...

bbc: LOL!'d have to fight my dog for those...they are her favourite!!!

gnat: LOL! I am working on that!!! But, you will probably end up hating me when I enable one click ordering!!! Talk about blowin the 401K!

white forest: WELCOME & Thank You!!! :-)

phos: Ahh...this'll be my first year in 12 that I can't do a Valentine's Open House...still running with my Dad. (Did I mention I'm the only one in the family with a drivers license? Besides he can't for now.)
I do have a few orders coming up...will take pics & post soon.

Ace said...

Can I just point out reading your blog on a diet really redefines "food porn"?


flatlander said...

Creme anglaise, c'est magnifique!

-can't hazard a rhyme en francais, I left mon dictionaire chez la maison.

jin said...

Wow! You 2 guys both ended up on my hypothetical "5 Bloggers you'd like to meet in real life List" tonight!
Whoa...and here you both's a sign...a sign I tell you! It's a sign that I must
I must...
I must comment back to both of you!

ace: Ohhh....sorry...hang in there!!! I'm cheering for you!!! MUNKEE! MUNKEE!!!

At least's all calorie free!!! :-D
(Or didnt that help? :-S)

flatlander: Ohhhhh.....don't start with the accents mister! Too much of that & I turn into a mushy pile of goo. The accents make me do odd making chocolate to give away to those which posess the accent.

Gyrobo said...

Want... chocolate butter...

Gyrobo said...

That face has so much potential.

Bhakti said...

This just isn't fair!! I'm a chocoholic and I have to look at this stuff through an Internet Browser!!!! NOT FAIR!!! I want to jump into my computer and eat that cake!!!

Also not fair: I'm not even fat and my pain management doctor says I have to lose 13 pounds because you aren't suppose to have any excess body fat at all with the spinal condition I have (apparently the 'no fat on body' cuts down on the gravity which in turn cuts down on the pain in the arse pain.).

So, get this (my point)--I'm supposed to go from hardly eating a lot, to eating hardly nothing, and then because I love you so much and always enjoy your comments on my blog--I am supposed to visit this blog and look at this scrumptious chocolate cake being made and I can't even put my finger in the bowl and lick the excess chocolate with my little finger and put it in my mouth and go to chocolate heaven...

Okay...I'm back...someone get me a Hershey bar before I fall over...

Hope your dad is doing better. Nice of you to drive him around town, probably makes up for when you were a teen and just driving him crazy!!

Bathroom Hippo said...

As I went to bed last night,

I realized something...

Hey! A toad just hopped in the doorway! Haha! Yeah!

jin said...

gyrobo: Want... chocolate robot...

*jin shakes her head repeatedly*

Damn! You almost had me hypnotized with that face!!!

bhakti: Hahaha!!!
Well...let's could always go to my other blog, there's not much food there, but it's not nearly as much fun, either!!!

Hmmm...might I recommend one of the healthiest chocolate brands I know of? At Dagoba, some are Vegan, all are Organic...very dark chocolate so less calories & very only need a few bites!

phos: Well...someone has to do it & his siblings & his son all pretty much don't give a shit (can you tell I'm bitter?!!? LOL!)...oh, btw...I was always an angel.

I once saw a toad
run across the road
cars everywhere
all he did was stare
I thought 'Oh Drat!'
Then he went splat!

Dino aka Katy said...

so will that cake for the mini me be decorated for the occasion (*dino wonders if Jin would put diapers and bottles in belgianc chocolat one it*)

jin said...

But OF COURSE!!!!!
Rattles & Diapers & Bottles & Booties!!!

Bathroom Hippo said...

The SCUBA council has decided that for your "lowness" your punishment is biting off the head of a fish.

I saw a Jin one day,
She frowned as I ate some meat,
It was then I saw her run away,
For the Hippo was eating his own feet.

This was the poem that won me the Medal of Freedom.

jin said...

jin sits & sulks from being punished by hippo.

she goes quietly into the corner & bites the head off THIS fish.

Your poem reminds me of a Graham Masterson book entitled "Feast".
(NOT for the faint at heart.)
*Evil Grin*

Bathroom Hippo said...

-takes a bite out of jins foot-

jin said...

jin looks down sees this & SCREAMMMMSSSS!!!!

Yeah, pure as the driven snow, but you drifted. I stole that from a three stooges episode when Moe was talking to Curly about their remform school.

melanie said...

Oh dear..I need to wipe my keyboard down after that...

Nice severed foot. My knee hurts so bad some times I have considered gnawing my own leg off. hasn't come to that yet, though.

Hope you get a break soon!!

jin said...

phos: Well, this week looks very busy...lots of orders in the shoppe & lots of doc's appointments for my Dad...Ugh...I HATE doc's offices.

Take care of those knees!
No one has heard from FS, have they?! :-(

melanie: WELCOME!!! I recognize you from ticharu's. Come back & drool anytime! :-)