Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sex & Chocolate in the Pastry Shoppe

I love my commenters. You all know that, right?!
You make me laugh, cry & everything in between!
East Village Idiot left a comment last post that reminded me of this story.

On a slightly dreary afternoon I saw a van pull up outside. A well dressed, middle aged couple got out & walked in. She looked like a Disco Diva that stepped right out of the 70' black pants, ultra low-cut purple top over her well-toned curves, a super short fur jacket, perfectly applied shimmery make-up & to top it all off, a shorter curled & teased 'do. He was clean cut, well manicured & dressed to the nines in a dark gray suit.

I invited them into the front room & asked what I could help them with. They both started grinning & giggling. I felt a substantial amount of energy emanating from them...exactly what type of energy I wasn't sure of.....yet. They took turns sharing the story of their first taste of my Flourless Chocolate Oblivion at a local restaurant.

One started a sentence while the other finished, with tremendous amounts of electrical eye contact & shared deep throated giggles in between. They enjoyed my Oblivion so much, that they ate at the same restaurant the next evening for the sole purpose of sharing the dessert again. They said together, "We just had to see where it came from. It was divine! Tell us all about it!"

The more I talked, the more they giggled. I have never been in the same room with two individuals who emanated sex energy more than these two beings. All of a sudden I was giggling & I could feel it getting hot in the room, I mean really hot!

They wanted a brochure but I was fresh out. I offered to mail them one. He explained that they lived in different states & just came to visit our little town once a year together. (Ok, I they aren't husband & wife. Hmmm...) I mention that the Oblivions are indeed shippable, in case they are interested. His eyes lit up instantly!

He- "Ohhh...why don't we have her ship us each one!" *deep throaty sexy giggle*
*deep throaty sexy giggle* "Ohhh...really??? You would have her do that?"
Me- "Sure! I can do that, just tell me where you'd like them sent & for what day."
He- "We'll both be back on Wednesday.....will we receive them on the same day?"
Me- "Yes, I can make sure you do."
She- (to him) "I'll call you when I get mine....."
*deep throaty sexy giggle*
He- ".....we can eat them together....."
*deep throaty sexy giggle*
*deep throaty sexy giggle* ".....mmmmm while we are on the phone....."
He- ".....oh yeah!"
*deep throaty sexy giggle*
Me- "Um...I'll go get something to write your addresses on."

I stand in the kitchen for a moment to cool down. D tells me my face is all red. We hear more giggling from the front room. When I go back in they are standing close together with sparkling eyes & the shared aura of two people in love (or lust?). I take their names & addresses (funny, they both had the same last name?), total their order & he pays by credit card. I promise to ship them out the following week. They glow even more (I didn't think that was possible!?) & thank me for my time.

On the way out I hear him ask her if she'd like to eat at that restaurant again this evening. She replies, "Only if we can have that dessert again!"

The van sat out front for a while before they drove away. No, I don't know why.....I was too busy getting D a large slice of Oblivion. ;-)

43 Responses to “Sex & Chocolate in the Pastry Shoppe”

Bathroom Hippo said...


You didn't tell them you put 5 pounds per square inch of marijuana in there did you?

-passes out giggling-



The moral of the story: Don't cause traffic jams.

jin said...

You just got the
sexy giggles
didn't you?!!?

"All lady hippo's be on the look-out for one Randy B. Hippo, he may be in your area tonight!"

Bathroom Hippo said...

If I'm in your area I'm probably being assaulted by a gang...please call the police.

melanie said...

Blimey ..I better get me there quick! If thats whatit does fro you...

Hey and hubby a Wigan man eh?? Thats about 7 miles down the road from my home town of Bolton...Poor old Wiganers they get called 'Pie eaters' but then we from Bolton are 'trotters' anyway..I digress thanks for visiting me too!

Really funny story, Jin.
Well, it's amazing what good chocolate can do to people. ;)

Ace said...

That's the strangest story I've ever heard.

Well, today.

jin said...

hippo: Awww....I didn't see this comment until now!
Oh my...those ladies did a job on you!
Shall I still call 911?
*jin kicks hippo in the leg*
Are you ok?

melanie: Well...that pie eater married the right chick I guess! LOL

He said he knew a girl named Melanie from Bolton but that she was a blond. I don't think I want to know if you were...that would be too weird! LOL!

The chocolate doesn't always work like that, but it's fun to try! ;-)

kirsten: Thanks & I'm glad to see you back again!

I personally LOVE chocolate, too!

ace: LOL!!! Awww....poor poor I am on & on again with the foodporn. You are sweet to still visit me! :-)

Ashley said...

Two of my favorite things!!! Your blog is so fun!

flatlander said...

It appears your chocolate oblivion gives new meaning to the expression "the big O" ; )

melanie said...

Ha ha ~ Don't worry Jin, I have never been a blonde..I am guilty of a few things but have never been guilty of that ~ it weren't me guv....Hey tell him Wigan is still as beautiful as ever ha ha ~ I used to work there for a few years so know it well!


Dino aka Katy said...

wow I so totally need to try one of those. Hey is it to late to put in an order for valentines day? That would be something to go with the champange and the hibiscuss flowers I saved from Cherrys box.

jin said...

ashley: I couldn't agree more & Thank You! :-)

flatlander: Heeehehehe! :-D might be onto something there...I may need to rename this dessert!!!

melanie: LOL! Glad to hear it!

His parents are still in Wigan...although I don't think they'd be too keen on meeting me. (They didn't want him to marry an American girl, we're evil you know...all we care about is sex & chocolate! LOL! ;-)

katy: Not too late to order, but it wouldn't go out until'd prob get it on Friday...let me know if you want something!

I still have a few of those hibiscus flowers left, too...I loved them! :-)

Rich said...

Same last name!

You just know they were brother and sister, Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

Crap. I hate when I don't get things, but there you are, I don't get it. Don't think dudes should giggle, though...

jin said...

rich: EWWWWWW!!!!!!
OMG!!! I thought soooo many possible scenarios...but NOT THAT ONE!!!!

You sir, are either very very brilliant or very very sick.

phos: They were in town to have sex.
They were not married.
They lived in different states...
they had the same last name?????

If you don't get it...neither do I. Maybe it's best if we don't get it. Personally, I didn't want it from either one of them! :-S

Gnat said...

I have friends that had the same last name before they got married. She still to this day says "I refused to take his name!".

Also, still waiting on the "place order here" button. I would be willing to put my card on file. We could just say yea send me one.

Also(part two), I want a really moist choc bunt cake with a thin layer of icing on top. Kind of like those lemon pound cakes with the white icing but chocolate. What would you call that? A chocolate pound cake? I also want some of those damn lemon cookies from a couple months back. I am serious, how do we make this happen.


ps. toss in a couple of whatever those two where having, I have someone I want to micky with them.

Why would anyone come to Manitowoc to have sex? I am sure it is a nice town, but it ain't no gay Paree, if you know what I mean. If their last name was like "Smith" then that wouldn't be much of a coincidence. And if they did come to Manitowoc to have sex why weren't they having sex instead of shopping?I am probably over-analyzing the whole thing, aren't I?

jin said...

gnat: Last name before marriage? Weird! LOL.

I have done orders for Bloggers before, some info on the orders & their reviews are here. I am now a Paypal member (since I posted that) & orders can be emailed to me & I can email back with a Paypal invoice. That is, until I get a shopping cart've just got too many things going right now...I have the ability, the website is already equipped, etc...I just need more time!!!!

That would be a Chocolate Bundt Cake. I do them in the traditional large size 10" or a smaller 7" size. Lemon....the lemon sandwiches? or the lemon cardamom shortbread? or the lemon jasmine tea??? LOL...too many, I know...I want to do pictures with the "BUY THIS" icon ... for people like you! :-) I will get there, I swear!

LMAO @ your p.s.!!!

phos: You are hilarious!!! LOL!!! in Manitowoc ... I see the potential problems. We just got our first 'Adult Store' about 2 years ago. Plus it's like 5x more expensive than getting the stuff mean....that's what I hear....heeehehehe.

Dino aka Katy said...

darn it I just now saw your comment about the order. But its okay I'll get some when things are abit more quiet for you. I may do THAT cake for Grumpy's b-day. I love that you are now on paypal however that may have seriouse consequences on my account :(

Mr. Plum said...

Super freak story Jin! I'd love to have seen the inside of the van!

SaM-GiRL said...

Lol, I had such a giggle while reading this. you have a great blog, and your stuff looks delicious!

jin said...

katy: Oh, problem! Just give me a couple days notice next time...that is one awesome cake!

I think Paypal is a good thing! LOL...ohhhh, I have a bad story about them, tho....might post it on unplugged one day, remind me!

mr. plum: WELCOME! I hear you are the bold side of Ticharu! (jin's bold side is called ;-)

Oh, I bet the van was either trippy or whippy! LOL

sam-girl: WELCOME & Thank You so much!!! I hope you stop by again sometime!

Jewels said...

WTF?!? I just wrote a whole message here this morning. Where'd it go????

WWWAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Blogger lost my message! Oh well, I'll get over it. So? Did the huge slice work on D? Sure hope you fed him some last night. I was cranky, so my family just avoided me... Hormones I think.... Or the cold. It must be the damn cold: It's friggin' freezing up here!!!

BTW: I'm only posting under 'other' right now, 'cause this effin' beta shit's driving me bonkers....

Jewels said...

WTF? NOW it works?!?

Mr. Plum said...

Yes, Ticharu only dared dream about the stuff I get up to!!

so was the last name something common like: Wood, Johnston, Smith? That might explain it.

Also I have never had a dissert that cuased me to have the sexy giggles, but I have had brownies that caused me to have the giggles. Hmmmmmm got to go with the Hippo on this one.

G3T Films said...

I've put up another picture for you to hate on!

jin said...

jewels: First:
No one told you the beta trick yet??? You poor poor dear...
k...don't ever sign in when you leave the'll just get all fucked up.
Sign in at the Blogger homepage or through the Blogger Nav Bar (^up the top of the main page^) before you attempt to make any comments ANYWHERE! LOL!
Ok...I don't think that's rocket science...but it works for me! ;-)
"Did the huge slice work on D?"
A whole cake wouldn't work on D. :-P
We have reversed roles somehow. I'm the randy guy that bugs him constantly & he's the hormonal chick who always has a headache. WTF is up with that?! Where did I go wrong?! Am I not sexy enough??? *POUT*
Thank Goddess I have lots of chocolate thank Goddess I don't put on weight when I eat so much of it!!!

mr. plum: OH! I have a new title for your blog:
"Mr. Plum : Ticharu's Dreamz...UNLEASHED!"

TAK: I can call you TAK, can't I? I mean unless you prefer something else. Um .... within reason *giggle*.

It wasn't a common name at all...that's what made me wonder, AND it was on his credit card (which did work,

You have never had the sexy giggles? need a new partner & one of my giggles guaranteed! No 'spiked' brownies necessary!

rich: LMAO! I'm SO there.

Jin: you can call me TAK or AOC or SExy Man Beast .... Whatever you're good with.

Does sexy giggles count as people laughing why you ask them out? Cuz then I am all over Sexy Giggles!!

I kid, I kid :)

Gyrobo said...

But don't call him "Lord Provider of the Ocean Sea."

That's my official title, and I bribed too many monarchs and bureaucrats to give it up without a fight.

Gyrobo said...

It's my title...

Middle Child said...

You rrrrreally are THE FOOD PORN GODDESS...

sounds like an "interesting" couple

jin said...

TAK it is then! (Does that stand for Totally Alluring Knight?)

(I'm afraid Sexy Man Beast is already taken by a close friend of mine who just happens to be a werewolf.)

You heard it here first!
At jintrinsique we believe that
"Werewolves are people, too!"

jin said...

"Lord Provider of the Ocean Sea."

I bow down before your AWESOMENESS.

*jin bows down before his AWESOMENESS*

So, like, can I get free seaweed for life?

jin said...

middle child:

*jin curtsies*

Thank you!!!

Yes, they were mighty interesting!

Bathroom Hippo said...

F you Jin!

Oh... I thought you were Mr. Plum.

Wrong blog! My Mistake!

Gyrobo said...

You will restrain yourself in the presense of both a lady and the Lord Protector thingy I said i was!

jin said...



You wish!


jin said...


My HERO!!!


Gyrobo said...

I would say anything if I had the money.

jin said...

Well, what do I get for...
*jin counts the change in her pocket*
...Three Dollars and Eighty Six Cents
plus 2 pieces of jean lint?

Fuff said...

LOL! Great story :)

jin said...

Thanks fuff!!!
Glad to see you making the rounds again!