Sunday, November 18, 2007

Time to Play
"What the Hell is That?!!?"
The Answer Revealed

Well, well, well.....
Most of you guessed it!

I tried to trick you.

The Photo I showed you was not right side up.

Let me turn it around.

That's still the wrong way!

Third time's a charm.

That's better!

This was a HUGE cake!
Funny how some of you thought it was small scale.
(Tricky photo angle! ;-)
The gold board was a whopping
1.5 Feet x 2.5 Feet!
The cake was 2 layers high.
Red Velvet Cake w/ Raspberry Filling.
French Vanilla Buttercream Frosting & Deco.

Vanilla Buttercream Olive anyone?

16 Responses to “Time to Play
"What the Hell is That?!!?"
The Answer Revealed”

Anonymous said...



Ruela said...

I miss you ;)

manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Kissesssssssssssssssssssssssssss

I was htinking hour glass, but the martian tit threw me off. It's a flash light, right???

Dino aka Katy said...

ohh that sounds yummy - does it travel??? I just think it be fitting for a certain trip

jin said...


Enlightenment has been attained!

jin said...


Heeehehehee! :-))))))
Thank You!

Many kisses to you, too!
(Mine taste like chocolate! ;-)

jin said...


phos said 'martian tit'

jin said...


I think cake isn't a great idea for travelling there... how hot is it this time of year?
I will bring whatever sweets I can!

foam said...

what a yummy drink to eat..

Not Ashley said...

I am so Happy! I finally won a blog contest, even if there was no prize... I won I won..Yippee!

I will buy you a martini or two, when you come up for a visit.


Hope all is well!

Jewels said...

M! No worries, I'll give you a prize. How about a few of those brownies I got from Miz Jin? ;)

Oh, and we'll have to make those Martini's water-based. Jin's don't do alcohol... anymore. :D But they do do chocolate! Ooooooooooh, chocolate.

Um, Jin, I rubbed that mint brownie ALL over my arm. All over my BODY actually, and the pain didn't go away, but it did make the hubby 'stick' around... ;)

angel said...

ok, so its a martini where i said cosmopolitan... but it is pink- which a cosmo is, so i was half right!
spectacular jin!!!
i'm so glad you're back jin darling!!!

jin said...


I agree!

jin said...


By the time I get up there I might just have a drink...LOL!

jin said...


That made your hubby come after you?!
My next one will have to be like that!!!

jin said...


You were right!
1/2 counts as right! LOL

I dunno about being *back*...
might be a few months before that happens.