Friday, November 30, 2007

Blogger Love Volume IV
The Jewellery Goddess

First off,
I had to get into full Gypsy Witch garb
to fathom the
Essence of Julie
(aka Jewels)
She creates gorgeous pieces
like this:

Here's my jinterpretation
of Julie:

She is curvy vanilla delicious!

She is covered in Dark Chocolate!
(Kinky! ;-)

She's sparkly!

I think...
I really do think...
is a beaded Necklace!

You can purchase her Fabulous hand-crafted creations
via the web
at Le Beadoir.
Go. Click. Indulge.
I'll be here when you get back.

17 Responses to “Blogger Love Volume IV
The Jewellery Goddess”

Jewels said...

OMG! I'm going to have to replicate that in beads! Wow! You COULD be a beader, LOL!

Um, this might be a first, but I want to eat myself... LMAO! ;)

But seriously, that's GORGEOUS! Okay, I'm off to find some silver and turquoise beads!!!!


Jewels said...

I'm still here, checking out the pictures one by one. I've saved them to my hard drive, I'm seriously going to duplicate this. I'm amazed that you could do this with dough! I guess I should be done being amazed with your skills, they just blow my mind! You're so creative.

I love it! It looks absolutely gorgeous! Wow!

Oh, and thanks for covering me in dark chocolate! My favorite! ;)

angel said...

awesome jin! a masterpiece!

Ruela said...


Middle Child said...

Ruela said exactly what I was going to say Wowwwwwwwwwwww

Kingcover said...

LOL you and Jewels could be sisters from those two pics!
Can't wait to see her version of your cake display. It's almost as if the beading extraordinaire has been beaded at her own game. Hehe.

Word ver - hdygine --- looks like hygiene. I wonder if it's trying to tell me that I need a shower.

Dino aka Katy said...

oh how cool I love it

Jewels said...

I still wanna eat it...

Oh, and King: Bite your tongue!

Nobody 'beads' me... ;)

foam said...

what a lovely edible work of art..

Not Ashley said...

Oh Jin...that's are truly an artist!

Ace said...

Pretty damn slick, Jinny. A fine tribute!

Jin- that is extra cool. A wearable cookie is a neat idea.

Jobber: don't be a mean person, it is not very becoming on you.

Jen38 said...

Just stopped by because we both listed "Babette's Feast" as one of our favorite movies.

You are an incredibly gifted artist. Everything looks fabulous.

Angela said...

Oh my goodness! you are a doll!

/t. said...

to JEWELS and JIN!

another remarkable work!


jin said...

Haaahahaha!!! You are going to replicate my replica?! Fantastic!
Sooo glad you like it dahlink! ;-)

Lone Beader:
Welcome!! :-)

Thank you thank you!! :-)

Miss you!

Heehee! Thanks! :-D

We could be dom partners! ;-)
Ohhh....what we charge for BOTH of us, hmmm?!

Thank you! I swear yours is coming up in January! :-)

*jin bows*
Thank you much! :-)

Heehee! Thanks! *blush*

Awwww... it was nothin! ;-)

Many many thanks to the most awesome clone in the galaxy! ;-)

Thank you & Welcome!! :-)
I am due for another viewing... I haven't watched it in ages!

Heehee! Thanks! Welcome to my blog! :-)

Thank you sooo much!
I miss youuu!
Is it January yet?!!? :-S