Friday, February 15, 2008

Did you hear...?

Exciting things happening!

Eternally Curious received her winning SWEETBOX & blogged about it HERE.

Brilliant Wedding Photographer Deliriously Dashing Damian has sent me a youtube link that is so jincredibly hilarious & spot on that I simply had to share.

Last but certainly not least:
My finely tuned psychic abilities are screaming that I shall have a few "There's a Blogfan at my Door!" posts during the next few months. Oh yes, yes there will be. Really really jintastic ones! Teeheeee! jinny's Über excited! I'm not mentioning names until all details are in place but suffice it to say:
a) my curiousity may be peaked by a nice South Western family come March
b) a neighbour from the North may be teaching me some of her moves come April (er... well maybe not that exact one... course, jin's are pretty flexible creatures! ;-)

Hope everyone had
a fabulous
Valentine's Day!!!

Kisses to the Guys
Hugs to the Ladies
from moi!!

28 Responses to “Did you hear...?”

Jewels said...

Well Woo-freaking-hoo!

I'm so damned excited!

Hee! Hee!


Ok, my word veri was too funny: qwouk... qwouk?

jin said...


I'm just as damned excited!

Double Yay!

I think mebbe some peeps will guess wazzzzzzzup now, don't you?!

qwouk = QUICK!!!

Dino aka Katy said...

and lets not forget about a grumpy and dino that will stop over - or maybe met you at Renfair???? in July!

jin said...

I know! I know!!!
Sometime around July 4th if I remember correctly.
I was going to save that announcement for May, hoping I'd have another to announce along with you n Grumpy!

I <3 Ren Faire! Haven't been in yeaaaaars! D never wanted to go... eeeek... he never wanted to go anywhere! :-P

Dino aka Katy said...

actually its around the 20th

Visitors are always fun, unless it is a process server. Never met any of the folks I visit in person.

foam said...

i have yet to meet a fellow blogger..
but my senses suggest that this year may be the year ...
loved the video, btw ..
too funny ..

G3T Films said...

Yeah, see, now that video made me laugh... and then cry when the 'bride' wanted the 'wedding cake'.

Please tell me you don't do such terrible, terrible things to your customers?

JLee said...

Big Sloppy Kisses!! xoxox

Eebie said...

You know I think what you do is wonderful, still the video is hilarious!!!

Gotta watch meeting Bloggers on the net, they might be crazed serial commenters.

Ruela said...

fun video ;))))


jin said...

I'll mark my calendar!!!
Can't wait!!! :-D

I've spoken to more on the phone than I've met in person. So far the ones I'm lined up to meet are not psychos. Well, no worse than me anyway! ;-)

jin said...

Don't be nervous... just be selective! I've met some really wonderful friends thus far! :-D

Um... I don't usually wait on the wedding couples in person. See, the guys fall instantly madly in love with me & then they don't get married & I lose out on the wedding cake sale. Not good business.

jin said...

Back at ya!!

Thanks handsome!!
Miss you! ;-)

jin said...

That's ok, I've got a bat, remember?!

Hope you are feeling better!
Thanks for the kisses, may I have more please?

Ace said...

Cripes. Jin meets Jewels?

Now that's a reality show I'd like to see.

Gyrobo said...

Valentine's Day equals Halloween.

Think about it: who profits from both? The candy companies.

Are you beholden to Big Sugar?! 'Cause that'd be sweet.

Hmmmm, Sweet Boxes! Unfortunately PG and I have to trim down for Aruba, so there will be no Sweet Boxes for us in the near future!

jin said...


Just think of the fun Jewels and I will have...
Just think of the food Jewels and I will eat...
Just think of the photos Jewels and I will take...

bet that left an imprint in your brain

jin said...


I am most certainly not beholden to Big Sugar! I taught that Sugar Daddy a lesson & made him my bitch!

New & Improved!!!
jins are sweet,
and now,
calorie free!!!
Savour & Enjoy!

jin said...


Oh! Oh! Oh!
I want videooooo!!!
btw... the mama gin xmas version was PRICELESS!!!

Anonymous said...

which ren faire?

jin said...


The one that is probably in your backyard!!!
Want to meet us?
I'll keep you posted on the detailz.

I always mean to mention- there are occasional blogger meet-ups in Illinois that I intend to hit (last one was just after Xmas but I missed it). I'll let you know when the next one is if you're interested!

jin said...


"Go ahead... make my day!"

angel said...

i had a super spectacular valentines day- and i so wish i could be the blogfan at your door...

Middle Child said...

My wedding cake cost $20 but then I am a dedicated peasant