Friday, January 25, 2008

...and the Winner is...

We have THREE participants
Who seem to know me so well
They guessed ALL the correct answers.
Creepy? You decide!

In alphabetical order:

Ace Munkee
(Is it because we had dinner together once?)

(Is it because we both live in the state that produced Ed Gein & Jeffrey Dahmer?)

Eternally Curious
(Is it because we've chatted on the phone a few times?)

The Answers

1) I have always been a closet basketball fan. I watch those tall lean dudes play whenever I get the chance!
O.M.G. I hate basketball. Can't even stand the sounds of the game: *squeak* *squeak* *bam bam bam* *swish* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *squeak* *bam bam bam* *swish* *squeak* *squeak*

2) I love camping. I used to go once every summer with my parents as I was growing up.
I went camping once with a dodgy group. I had to pee in the woods people. Two men from the group followed me with flashlights so they could watch. The good news- I lost them. The bad news- in the process of doing so I tripped, fell & sliced my knee open. I still have a scar there. Remember- a jins idea of roughing it is a hotel without room service.

3) The worst live concert I ever saw was Guns N' Roses. They really sucked!
Most peeps at that concert some 17 years ago would have disagreed with me. Course, most peeps at that concert were stoned out of their minds... as was the entire band. It was such a let down to an eager young headbangin' jin!

4) I totally enjoyed every entry in the Saw trilogy & look forward to seeing part 4.
What can I say? *blush* Brilliant Cinematic Masterpieces.
Bwa-haahahaaaaaa. (Get it? Pieces? Ya know... jigsaw? Ack... well I thought it was funny! :-P)

5) Yours truly prefers to sleep in the buff most of the time.
C'mon... it wouldn't be jintrinsique if I didn't include something a little risqué! ;-)

6) I change the homepage in my internet browser every 2-3 weeks depending on my current obsession.
Same homepage for two years straight. Same homepage y'all should have... jintrinsique baby!

7) I am in possession of a VHS collection with titles such as: Tampopo, Aria, Singing in the Rain, The Evil Dead, Victor/Victoria, Cronos, Looking for Mr. Goodbar.
To think the titles get weirder & more diverse than those.

8) I hate mushrooms. Ewww... they're a fungus!
As a kid the fungus line was my excuse for never tasting them... but once I finally wrapped my jinlips around a portabella there was no turning back & now pasta is not pasta without them! MMMmmmm.

Shall we see who wins now?
Ok then.
The Finalists:

The Mixing Bowl:

Oh Oh Oh!
Who is it???

...and the Winner is...

Congratulations Eternally Curious!

20 Responses to “...and the Winner is...”

MeHereNow said...

YAY congratulation EC! Couldn't think of a more worthy winner!

Please share pics of the prize with us!

*drooling over keyboard - AGAIN!*

Anonymous said...

Son of a bitch! I demand a recount. Remix? Something! Oh, well. Can't win 'em all.

Congratulations Eternally Curious.

Crap. I lose again!! AT least you could have worn something low-cut as a consolation prize.

Congrats EC!! She can certainly use the wonderful lift Jin's wondrous sweetbox will give her, she really deserves it!!!

Awwwww!! Just got back from a trip up to the mountains w/family (pics will be on blog soon), and now this! Sometimes life truly is grand! Thank you all for your congrats ... but mostly, Thank You Jin!

Now the really tough question: Do I have to tell (and share with) Bob and PJ ... or can I just give Jin a private mailing address and have them all to myself? (Roar - evil grin!!!)

Oh, and by the way Ms. Jin: That pic accompanying "we've chatted on the phone a few times"? Just which one of us is dat?? (^o^) ROFLMAO!

jin said...

katy: :-D

meherenow: I hope she'll share pics too when she gets it! :-)

andy: LOL! Awww... consolation prize for you if you ever get up this way! I'll send ya back with plenty o' sweets! ;-)

phos: I can't always wear something low cut... the nice boob close-up didn't do it for ya, huh?!

EC: Yay!!! :-)
YES you have to share! *tsk tsk*
Ah-haahahahaaa... aren't you the one that posted a while back about saying something to a woman who was chattin' in the john?!
;-) I figured that pic would get ya going! heeeheheheeee!!!

Jin: AHA - so that's you, huh?!!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!!

And everyone -- Yes! I will definitely post pictures when the sweetbox arrives. That is - if I can hold Bob and PJ off long enough to do so! Some of you may recall the description of what happened the last time I ordered a sweetbox from Jin (in my Archived posts, May 16, 2006: "Yay - My Interview With Jin!")

jin said...

Never ever ever do I talk to someone while I'm in there!!!
Very unjin-like!!!

Gnat of Glass said...

ugg I hate mushrooms.


Ace said...



Oh, well. Better for the munkee waistline anyway.

Congrats, EC! Yay!


jin said...


Even if they are made out of meringue & chocolate???


jin said...


Sorry Munkee!!!

Better luck next time!


Gyrobo said...

I once tried to cultivate a fungus collection.

Things went south pretty quickly.

I moved...

Widgety wump.

jin said...


Do you have any idea how excited I get when you come over here & widgety wump me?!

Does this mean I'm a geek?!

Gyrobo said...

You may be addicted to wump.

It's too soon to prognosticate.

jin said...

I love when you use the big fancy words.

Middle Child said...

Looking for Mr Goodbar... Oh Jin... I had foirgotten was a favourite of Don and totally forgotten... till now...Thanks Jin

jin said...

One of my all-time faves too.
Ohhh... Richard Gere is sooooo cute in there!!!

angel said...

oh i'm so jealous... i only had one wrong... nicely done e.c.!!!