Friday, February 08, 2008

Pining for you

My sincerest apologies for not posting sooner.
I have been jinsanely busy the past two weeks!
In fact, I meant to post this last night.
But I got soooo tired I could barely function.
Yet I had so much work left to do!
How did I get through the night you ask?
Why... the jin way:

4 shots of espresso can make one do strange things
very quickly
very very quickly
and fast too.

I made all those things in 72.86901 seconds flat.
I still couldn't sit still so
I took my bean* for a run.

*The Brioche
(the dog not the bread)

Snow Angels were made.
Fun was had.
Now I need to unthaw my jintoes
and get back to work.

29 Responses to “Pining for you”

Jewels said...

Brioche is so cute like that!
She looks soooooo precious.

I want some of those ginger sands... ;)


jin said...

She is isn't she?!!?
My widdle biddy baby.
She's sooo smart & well behaved.
(and has calmed down considerably the past month *ahem*... my angel :-)

She sings you know...
I swear to Goddess she says
"I want my mummmmyyyyyyyyyyy"

I'm a happy jin.
*Sending my vibes over to you... feel 'em?!*

You need to call me!
It's been weeks since we spoke.
Miss youuuuu!
*big cyber hugs*

Dino aka Katy said...

aww i luv that picture of the pup little angel - lovely food porn

jin said...

I thought you'd like that pic!
She's my 'lil cutie petutie.

I have a post-Vegas SWEETBOX to send out to you on Monday!!! I wanted to wait until I could tuck a few Black Pearls in!!!

Ace said...

A cute little dog. But still no munkee cookies.

Anonymous said...

you could make [buckets of money] selling [airports] from home. will call you when i get to [your town]!


jin said...


Uh... what?

No more cookies.
No more cakes.
No more chocolate.

at least until Monday.
jinny gots ta go n git herself some Z'sssssss.
Like now.
Before I pass out on my keyboard.

jin said...


What goes thru a jinmind whilst reading a /t. special comment o the day:

"Now how the fuck did that get though my comment moderation?!!?"

O.M.G. Your stache is GONE!!! Did this Barb woman steal it?!!?

Anonymous said...


not barb

the lamb shaved it off for me

i think i might grow it back for valentine's day :)

¤ ¤ ¤


busy, busy jin..
everything looks great.
your brioche is precious..;)
and i'd trade some snow for our unseasonably warm temps.
yes, and that bm sure does get around..

jin said...


Don't grow it back for it tickles when you kiss me!

jin said...


Now I'm a tired tired jin.
I wuv my Brioche. :-D :-D :-D
She says I should say hi to you so you must be good people.

MeHereNow said...

Missed you!

What is the name on the cat Birthday cake? Is it Sara or Sana???

We missed you.Glad you're back. Hope you are feeling okay.

G3T Films said...

Mmm, coffee, yes thanks. Black with two sugars thankyou.

Also, why does Sara call her pussy Elliott?

jin said...


Name on the cake is Sara.

Thanks for missin' me!!

jin said...


I am very very happy, yet still have a lot to deal with currently.
Hopefully by mid to late March I can say all is right in the jinuniverse.
Cross your fingers!

jin said...



Very astute observation Rich.
I have no idea.
In fact, I don't even have a name for mine... yet. Any ideas?!

Hope Brioche didn't get frosty paws!!

Ruela said...

Brioche on ice ;)

JLee said...

Ah, espresso makes the world go round, doesn't it??

The kitty cake is too cute!

Needless to say, love the kitty cat cake.

Anonymous said...

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green said...

mmmmmm..... tasty looking pastries....

jin said...

She was born in a barn in the midst of a Wisconsin winter... she is unbelievably immune to the snow!

Brioche says you are cute!! ;-)))

I think I need some espresso now. I think I always need espresso. heehee!!!

Thanks! I knew you would!!! :-D

Awwww.... for me?!

Welcome to my blog & thank you very much!!!
Come back anytime. :-D

The Lone Beader said...

Luv the doggie pic:)

Middle Child said...

Was hungry looking at the baking.... but forgot all of that when I saw your doggie. he is just lovely and I want to pat him...such a lovely face.... I miss my dog... not long till I am home....need my dog

jin said...

Thanks!! :-)

Awwww... thanks!
Brioche is my baby. I love her more than anything!! :-D

angel said...

jin... everytime i visit you my mouth waters!!!