Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Las Vegas FoodPorn- The Aftermath

It would not be a trip for a jin
well, anywhere
without a large carry on bag
full of chocolate to bring back home.
What's that?
Yes, it is indeed FULL of nothing but chocolate.
*huge jingrin*

jins louerveeee good chocolate

What's that?
Oh, of course you knew that already
*another huge jingrin*

These were from Jean Philippe Patisserie.
Chocolate dipped home-made marshmallows.
As you can see they got smashed on the plane.
*jin pout*
You know what that means, right?

It's the chocolate that keeps the fresh marshmallow soft.
Once the chocolate cracks they get hard... fast!
I was forced to eat these within 2 days.
They were divine.
A hint of orange zest.
Phenomenal texture.
Thin delectable chocolate.

Remember this photo?
It was a gorgeous display of hollow chocolate Santas & Boots at Jean Philippe's.
Well of course I had to buy one!

jins are kids at <3

I didn't share my Santa with anyone.MMmmmmmmmmm.... best chocolate Santa ever!

As I was making my way out of The Venetian
Floating on air (literally!) from
the delightful Oxygen Bar I had just visited
I spied
from across the crowded room
A Single Gleaming Truffle!
(Actually it was more like a large glass case filled with chocolates but that isn't nearly as poetic.)

G.G. Santi Venezia Cioccolata

You didn't have to buy a pre-packaged assortment
you could choose your own.
The Pralines & The Coconut were To-Die-For!
Unfortunately the rest were just so-so.
See those 2 pink hearts?
I only picked those for the name...
jin- "Ohhhh... can I have some Passion please?"
CuteChocoDude- "Do joo mean de Passion Fruit miz?"
*jin giggle*

Know what?
They sucked.
All I could taste was the red dye sprayed on top.
Guess that was my Karma for making the guy blush.

On to Vosges Haut Chocolat

One Zion Collection
with Flavours Inspired by
Rastafarian Culture

Very High Quality
Very Flavourful
Very Very Goood
not my faves;
by far...
be patient!
We'll get there.

photographed with the solitary
cheesy touristy Vegasy item I purchased:
a glittery pink espresso cup
ultra jin-like
Again, the caramels were very very gooood
but not my faves.

These were my second fave item.
The Aphrodisiac Exotic Gift Bar Set

LOOK at all of them!!!!

I tasted this one first.
jins love gianduja

say it with me...
I love how it sounds toooo...
say it again
Nice, isn't it?!

Each bar is imprinted
They were ALL Fabulous!
Oh yes, yes, yes they were!
Worth every penny.

But I have saved the BEST for last.
The Very Very Very Absolute Most Delicious Perfect
take home delight I took home

If I could have only ONE chocolate for the rest of my days it'd be these babies.
One can't improve upon perfection.
I shall never try to recreate these myjinself.
No way.
Oh, and if you happen to buy some for yourself...
*jin flutters her eyelashes & grins seductively*
I'd be happy to help you enjoy them.

49 Responses to “Las Vegas FoodPorn- The Aftermath”

Gyrobo said...

The anatomically correct hearts are much better.

jin said...

Plus they have a considerably higher protein content.

OHMY Gyro!
Are you Mozillaing now?
Why? Tell meeee!
Should I be?
Is there some new secret I don't know?
You have to keep me up to snuff, my surfing time has dwindled considerably!

Dino aka Katy said...

mhhh you can have the peanut butter ones - I am not a nutty person *ahmn* nevermind let me get back to work

jin said...

I agree, you are NOT nutty.

*jin realizes her limitations & knows Katy could beat her up in a fight*

jin said...

I am still seriously lovin' the robots whiskers...


Holy cow, your dentist is going to make a fortune!!

Gyrobo said...

I've spent the last few months trying out the latest Firefox 3 nightly builds. By this point, it's getting to be as fast as Opera.

Speaking of which, Opera 9.5 is becoming greater by the week...

Middle Child said...

yummo chockie

G3T Films said...

That's a stoopid amount of chocolate. You should be ashamed of yourself. Not a single photo of it smeared all over... whatever it is one smears chocolate all over... cakes?

I don't know... I have no imagination anymore. Although you should have seen the triple chocolate torte we made a few days ago. Mmmm, chocolate biscuit base, a thin layer of high quality dark chocolate, and then a very rich dark chocolate mousse. All served with King Island Dairy cream.... *Homer Simpson Gurgle*... yummmmmm.

jin said...


How exactly does your dentist work on you thru that mask???

jin said...


Hmmm... it may be getting as fast as Opera... but the most important question is: does my avatar look just as good in it?!

*jin stands up & does the Opera dance around her desk*

jin said...


You know it! :-)

jin said...


MMmmm... triple chocolate torte... now that is something I'd smear all over my... cakes.

Jewels said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
You are a dirty, DIRTY girl! ;) Well, you will be once you're done with the chocolate smearing, non? :D

OH, I have a feeling you and I would have had a blast on a little choco hunt. Let's go, I'm ready, I need me some SHO-co-LAT. I'll skip the hearts, I don't need any weird flavors interfering with the SHO-co-LAT. LOL!

Got ur message. I know you know I'm still around. We is friends u'n me. No worries. I'll be back.


jin said...

*jin hangs her head in shame*

Yes, Julie, you are right.
I guess I just need a real man to toss me in a hot steamy bath & wash me reeeeal good, non?!

Sooo......yeah. Um, what were we talking about?!

Ohhh... the flavoured hearts. The chocodude was cute & he had an accent & I think if both of the boobsy twins would have been there he would have blushed even more. Course I bet you'd have got us some free SHO-co-LAT!

U n Me.

(I think we lost cherry... I bet she's got herself a rich randy parisian!)

/t. said...





diabetic coma...

oh... the darkness...


¤ ¤ ¤


It's great that you have such a passion for something. I'll try to remember to pick you up a local chocolate treat whenever I go somewhere exotic.

I saw mommy eating Santa Claus!! He melts in your mouth and in you hand too!!

As far as the dentist, it is only fair I wear my mask, after all he's wearing one!

foam said...

just to let you know that iy was pure torture reading this post...
foams luuuuuuuuv chocolate ...

Bubs said...

Wow, I just saw this today--sorry for not popping in sooner.

Man, that is one delicious treat after another. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself! And you never even made it into the Chocolate Swan, did you?

jin said...


Working my way to a diabetic coma:

*evil laughter*

jin said...


That'd be awesome!!!

jin said...


Haahahaha! I was waiting for someone to say something like that! I even named that photo appropriately (or inappropriately if one is easily offended! HA!).

jin said...


Ohhh, so sorry! Hope you had some chocolate by your computer to take the edge off!

p.s. You know only the cool kids refer to themselves in the third person. ;-)

jin said...


Nope... missed the Chocolate Swan and a couple others I would have checked out 'cept I ran outta $$$ & carry on space!!!

Ruela said...

I love chocolate!!!
send me some ;)))


jin said...


I wish you lived closer...
I could bring you some chocolate in person...
& feed it to you.

How do you get the chocolate finger prints off the keyboard???

jin said...

When I bend over to see small fonts on my monitor my cleavage brushes against the keyboard & clears all that right up!

angel said...

omg omg omg

how can you do that to me!?!?!

whew, recovering slowly- i almost forgot to tell you i have a li’l summing for you!!!

angel said...

um... jin?
you ate aphrodisiac chocolates on your own!?
did they "work"?

jin said...

Thanks for the award!!!
I'll put it up before the week is over... caraaazyyy busy the next few days.

Re the chocolates... whether they work on me or not is quite undetectable for jins are naturally randy creatures... 24/7.

methinks you might know where I'm coming from!

puerileuwaite said...

I saw a show on the History Channel that the Vegas chocolate industry is totally mob-controlled.

jin said...

Well then...
It must be true!

*jin rubs pueril behind the ears until his leg starts to twitch*

oh, swiffertits...

Ruela said...

me too jin ;)
me and you eating chocolate all day ;))))

jin said...


I know... I'm very behind with a new post... so so so so so busy this week. OMG! As busy as Xmas week! I'm so exhausted and it's only Wednesday! Fack!

Come Saturday eve this jinny's a-gonna sleep a good 13 hours straight...

jin said...


Now that sounds like heaven!

We could eat "The Being" cookies, too!

G3T Films said...

Why do I get the feeling that every time you come to update your blog you just end up licking the screen instead.

Put the chocolate down and step away peanut butter bon bons!

jin said...

*jin thinks about responding to rich's comment but pops another truffle into her mouth instead... OOPS! dropped chocolate in my cleavage... I'm jincredibly messy sometimes... now instead of posting I have to go & wash my...*

G3T Films said...

You know what helps wash chocolate down?


Ruela said...

you still have the Being?

jin said...


your recommendation is that I should pour milk down the whole front of me?
But... I'm wearing a white t-shirt with no bra.
*evil laughter*

jin said...


No... I gave the original to a little kid to eat.
But... I can always make another one... maybe out of chocolate next time!

G3T Films said...

Sure! It sounds sexah, but it's probably not.

jin said...

For the record:
a jin could not be that unsexy no matter how hard she tried.

'Tis my lot in life... to be sensuous 'round the clock...
Is it a blessing or a curse?

G3T Films said...


Surely that's subjective? One persons 'truffle' is another persons 'fungus dug up by a pig', if you know what I mean.

My guess is that it's a curse. Unless you're like that woman from the film Like Water for Chocolate. Cause that would explain your web-ordering popularity

jin said...

Definitely subjective rich... for the pom surely did not think of me in that way... *ahem*

...moving right along...

That is why my SWEETBOX is so popular! (That didn't quite sound like I meant it to...) My absolute favourite review is from a blogfriend who ordered many mini cakes to give as gifts to close friends... the following day one of the friends asked what on earth was in that cake because he & his wife shared it and it did something to their love *nudge nudge wink wink*.
In plainspeak methinks it means they got jincredibly randy! HA!
My work here is done.

Cormac Brown said...

Oh...no, I think four zits appeared just by my reading this post.