Saturday, September 27, 2008

Heart Shaped World

One of THE greatest CD's ever!
I played mine so frequently
that one day it simply shattered in two!
I've yet to replace it.
I must do that soon.
*jin starts thinking about Chris Isaak*
any of you know him personally?
Is he available?
Does he know that I am?
He's ultra jinworthy.
Hubba. Hubba.
*jins eyes glaze over*
am quite easily distracted these days
this post is supposed to be about
Heart Shaped Cakes!

8 Responses to “Heart Shaped World”

jin said...

If I could live in a video...
this one would be in the runnin'.

Oh... minus the chick AND the cake.
I'd replace the chick and serve him a cake that would bring him to his knees...

if i didn't have my own chris isaak in my life who has a lovely voice himself ..
i'd be your competition ..
he's older then me .. ;)
chris isaak is definitely hubba hubba worthy ..
foam tries hard to keep her eyes from glazing over.
he's not a libra either .. i checked in case you hadn't already..
so take your delectable, beautiful heart cakes and go seducing .. :)

Ruela said...


I love you ;)

jin said...


Oh...THANK YOU! I was scared to check if he was a Libra. Didn't want to ruin my perfect fantasy!

Older... yeah... I'm trying to put in place new dating rules again. In addition to the no Libra thing I'm adding a no one under 40 thing. (Well, I'm trying to anyway... thing is... I get hit on constantly by guys in their 20's... and some of them are sooooo damn cute! What's a jin to do?!!? But cute doesn't generally fall hand in hand with 'good conversationalist'. I want it all DamnIt! Sex AND intelligence... is that so wrong???)

Oh, yes, I see. It's not wrong it's merely impossible. Drat!


My avatar still has wedding rings on... MUST change that ASAP!

jin said...


Awwwww... aren't you sweet.


... and you are sexy
... and you are an Aquarius
... and you are intelligent
... and you are creative
... and did I mention you are sexy?!

Only problem is you live much too far away!


G3T Films said...

The answers are;


I'd like to help but the drool patch is a bit of a turn off. ;)

jin said...

OMG! You 'sorta' know him? You 'sorta' know everyone, don't you?!!?

He's available? Really?

Ohhh.... but I've been trying to stay away from men. 'Sorta'. ;-) You guys are trouble. Then again... a jin staying away from men is like a jin staying away from chocolate. Ha! Not gonna happen, is it?!!?

So... when are you gonna set me up with a guy who's
& hawt?!

angel said...

oooh that heart shaped cake is exquisite!