Monday, September 22, 2008

There's A Blogfan at my Door!

The longest distance traveled
thus far
by a blogfan
to meet moi...
are you ready?
Waaaaait for it...
A roadtrip
from Colorado
all the way
to my 'lil ole shoppe
in Wisconsin!
Eternally Curious
spent 25 hours driving here!
(Her trip back home didn't take quite as long with an improved route.)

A little background info on the fabulous EC:
we blogmet some 2.5 years ago
became fast cyber friends
(us being star twins and all ;-)
and just knew we'd be great meatspace friends as well.

Seeing as she was driving all that way
and I try to be a hospitable jin
I offered her a room for as long as she could stay.
This jincluded
of course
all the jinfood she could eat
assuming she didn't mind going vegetarian
during her stay with me.

We had such a blast!!!
Both being a bit on the eccentric side
our topics of convo
might be considered mindblowing
to a few of you
but to others
you'll just wish you'd have been here!

EC used to study Esoteric Astrology
so I was more than happy
to trade her an in depth Tarot reading
for her esoteric interpretation on my Natal Chart.
Might I just add
I think between the two of us
we shook the Cosmos
with our undeniable accuracy.
(The details are a secret. That's all you get! ;-)

took one photo
for all y'all
as cyberproof

EC also treated me to dinner
The Always Fabulous Kavarna
and gave me a hand
with many sinks full of dishes
and a wedding cake delivery
(Many thanks for NOT offering to help carry! ;-)

A few days
seemed to end much too quickly
"Tis better to have Blogged & Met
Than never to have Blogged at All!"

18 Responses to “There's A Blogfan at my Door!”

ahhhhhhhh, the meeting of kindred spirits ..
glad you had such a fab time together .. :)

YAY - it's here! And - oh - I like your pic of us better than mine! Great post - thanks Hon! Had a fab time - am working on the type up of your chart interpretation. It'll be awhile - sowwy.

Kingcover said...

Whoweee you managed to find the one other person in the world with bright purple eyes! Way to go you :-P

LOL, Kingcover! If you think they're unique now, you should have seen 'em in my youth! I actully have a bad habit of avoiding eye contact in conversations, because I'd always get the strangest reactions from folks when they saw my eyes!

Jewels said...

fabulusnous squared!
Loves it!
and I'm jealous. of course... :(

G3T Films said...

You're so lucky to get blogfans visiting. Esoteric Astrological ones at that?!

I've been making creations of my own, as you can see on my blarrg.

WV: fzqito: The last sound a TV makes as it gives up the ghost.

Dabbler said...

Oh good, now I know that a precedent has been set should I decide to do the same thing, and there is a chance you will not chase me off with pepper spray. (A very small chance, perhaps.)

jin said...


Kindred spirits... spot ON!
It's amazing how many I've found through Blogger! More than I've met in person my whole life!

jin said...


No worries on rushing with the chart details... after our convo the other night my curiousty has been justly satisfied, for the time being.

Wow. Still... just wow.

jin said...


That coming from a gent with brown eyes!

*jin frantically tries to recall if King really has brown eyes or not... Hmmm...*

jin said...


One day chickie!
You n me!!!!!
I'll teach you how to make the perfect chocolate cake & you can teach me how to pole dance!

(You think I kid??? Nah-uh!!! ;-)

jin said...


I am I am!!!

(I am also lucky it's the *nice* blogfans that visit me and not those other types... lol!)

Ok... I'm heading over... I know I'm so behind with my blogfriends... I been super busy... not just the biz... but things are really starting to fall into place!

jin said...


I missed you soooooooo much!!!

Ohhhhh.... I'd NEVER chase you off! Come visit me anytime!!! You are even of the blogfan variety that I would let stay with me. You're good people.
You helped me retain my sanity way back when with all those late night emails!!!
I owe ya!!!
*big cyber hugs*

G3T Films said...

That's good to hear :)

PS. When you say you'd play with my 'puppets'... is that a euphemism?

jin said...

Um... what I meant was the type of 'puppets' I'd stick my hand in their pants to make them jump about. That is where the point of access is, is it not?

*jin blinks innocently*

I was always taught if you put your hand there you make the 'puppet' do anything you want him to!

G3T Films said...

hahahaha... too funny.

Not this puppet!

jin said...

But But But...

You're going to make me cry!


*jin wonders if the 'crying thing will work'... maybe he's the 'sympathetic type' guy*

angel said...

oh i am simply green with envy!!!