Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There's a Blogfan at My Door!!!

I could sooo get used to this peeps!
Another Blogfan popped by to see me today!

Shall we play a little game?
Let's give you a mini sum-up of his blog
see if you can guess who it was!

"Start with the first meal of the day & toss in some military chemicals, add a few warplanes, plenty of attack dogs and hummingbird videos. Throw in a deliciously dark sense of humour that scares away the timid and makes jin's giggle uncontrollably. Take a virtual trip to a land of a hundred & ten degrees+ while in the comfort of your own temperature controlled office. A true omnivore who takes great pleasure in teasing us grazers mercilessly. (Shhh... we kinda like it! Don't tell him that though!) Lastly, toss in the occasional moving poem to round out this incredibly unique individual."

Can you guess?!!?
Can you?
you must know!

Ok Ok.
It's the

*drum roll*

Phosgene Kid
V Agent for Breakfast

We talked, we laughed, I got taken out to lunch!
Unfortunately I had no cool cakes to show off...
but sent Phos & his brother on their way with plenty of cookies for munching.

Phos from Arizona & brotherPhos from Milwaukee

A jin & a Phos

I've heard talk of Phos not being a hugger, but I got a few out of him! I think he just likes to have that tough guy persona even though deep down he's a big 'ole softy! He even told me I'm purdier in person... awww shucks.... *blush* way to make a jin's day!!! Bloggers ROCK!!! Who'd have thought this tiny piece of cyberspace I tend to would put me in contact with such wonderful human beings such as these two guys?!!? You two must come back again one day... I'll make a PhosCake! ;-)

14 Responses to “There's a Blogfan at My Door!!!”

Phos!!!! Hello, Hello, Hello!! Hello!!! (Does Mrs. Phos know you're hugging another woman???? teeheehee!!!)

Jin: How on earth did you talk Phos into a foto without his gas mask???????????????????

foam said...

hey .. lol ..
i figured the phos might end up visiting you. heck ..
if i was closer, i'd visit ..
..and i see the phos shaved!!!

jin said...


Ohhhhh..... I thought I'd have to do some serious finagling to get a photo, but noooooo!
I simply asked!
He just let me!
I was thrilled!
'Course, after all the pics he snapped of me he could hardly refuse! ;-D

Oh and just to be fair, I hugged both of 'em so neither would get into trouble... hmmm... or maybe they both will?!!?

jin said...


Phos was a virgin before he met me! Can you believe that?!!? OH!!!! Wait... I'd better elaborate... he had never before met up with another blogger so I was his first!

*jin wonders why that sounds pervy when really it shouldn't*

Wellll... I find it funny how things tend to work out (this past year especially!) so if you do ever find yourself in my neighborhood I expect you to visit me!!! :-D

Dino aka Katy said...

oh how fun I am jealous no one ever comes in my neck of the woods :(

jin said...

If I ever win the lotto me 'n bean are driving across the US to meet all my blogfriends and we'll stop by you FIRST!

I had no idea you watched Sons of Anarchy! AND WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT JAX SOONER?????? SHAAAAAAME!!!! You were keeping him all to yourself. He is just the hottest thang on TV. For real.
Is Grumpy watching the final season of the Shield? Ohhh... it's good!

Jewels said...

I TOTALLY knew it was him on unplugged, but I came here to verify ;)

How absolutely wonderful, you got a Phos hug! I'm jealous! Phos, when are you coming to Niagara Falls?????? :D

Damn... I need a passport!

G3T Films said...

I don't think the hugging thing will affect the tough guy persona... unless he's hugging trees, dolphins, young men wearing beige.

Bloggers everywhere will one day unite and take over the world... as long as the Internerd doesn't crash of course. OH and theres bound to be at least one 'troll'

I bags that position.

jin said...


No worries! phos got to see some of your pieces up close! I made sure of it. ;-)

Too bad you weren't here... he could have directed us in a bellay dahnsing video!

I also took an extra hug from him that I will give to you when we hang!!! ;-D

jin said...


Yeah you're right... hugging a jin is probably considered a hawt thing for a tough guy to do, hmmm?!

LOL! Yeah I bet you've been called a troll (and much worse!) but you're not ugly/mean/vengeful enough to be an evil troll. You're like a hero troll. Yeah... Rich the Hawt Hero Troll.

O.M.G. I may be needing either sleep or caffeine shortly as I think my mind is starting to wander & I might not be making sense cents sense dollars ... huh ...


Ruela said...



jin said...


It is Phos!

He made me get out my bat!

Middle Child said...

Glad it all turned out so well...love your dress pattern...and it sooo mathches that red tee shirt ; )