Monday, January 08, 2007

A Motley Photo Montage

A few shots of a cake that went out for New Year's.
Inside: Yellow Cake with a sweet Hazelnut Butter Filling.
Outside: Espresso French Buttercream.
Covered w/Belgian Chocolate Shards imprinted w/Edible Gold Confetti.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake
Accidentally photographed w/ a few cute jin-toes.

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Anonymous said...



Jewels said...

Jin, that's really impressive. I mean, I knew you were good, but not THIS good.... ;)

I want a piece of the robot! Gyrobo looks YUMMY!!!!! I don't know about hippo's, they look a tad fattenning.... LoL!

Anonymous said...

Pretty cake. Still no munkee cookies.

jin said...

kate: Welcome! :-)

jewels: LMAO!
They were SO GOOD! Yum. I should have made more. lol.

hippo: Ok...give me a minute & I'll see if I can get this right.....*wait!*.....*jin messes with the pc .....

HAHA!!!! Did I get it?!
I think I got it!!!

ace: Thank you!
Be a patient munkee!

Anonymous said...

hazelnut cream mhhhhhh I so want some of that I miss real German Nougat

jin said...

katy: Ohhhh...I LOVE good nougat! Pralines, too!
So hard to find here.

Bathroom Hippo said...



Rich said...

The cakes look absolutely fab.

As for the cookies... I have a suspicion Gyrobo would give you a stomach ache. Metal cookies bad mmmkay!

Hope your newsyearado'n'stuff were fub... fub... what the hell is fub? Ooooh, FUN, hope your blah was fuuuuun.

jin said...

hippo: I used the only cartoon I could find as none of the 'worshipping' chicks were even half as cute as I am!

rich: "Yeah! rich IS BACK!!!"
*jin dances around the room*
"Rich is baaack!
Rich is baaaack!!!"

fairscape said...


what cute cookies... you could bake anything and make it look good...

Rich said...

So what if I'm black?

Belgian Chocolate Shrapnel in the cake?

Everything looks great!!

jin said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.
Too tired/upset to reply individually.
Spent most of the afternoon/evening admitting my Dad into a hospital in a city about 40 miles from here.

The bad news: looks like they really fucked up here (when he was in the hospital over Xmas). Seriously BAD misdiagnosis.

The good news: I feel very confident that he is NOW in good hands. (But that doesn't mean I'm not going to drive there every day just to be sure!)

So, in case I'm not around much the next few days, you know why.

fairscape said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery jin

Hopefully he'll be driving the 40 miles to be back visiting with you soon. I will be thinking about you, always here for you. Get some rest…

Word of warning, any Hospital with the word "Banner" in the name is to be avoided at all costs.

Bathroom Hippo said...

Blah! Did my comment go through or did I just dream it?

I'm having some serious hallucinations today.

jin said...

rich: You never fail to make me LOL! :-)

fairscape: Thank you! I am wishing the same thing back at you 3-fold!

phos: Thank you! :-) Went today again...we still don't know what's what but they tested him for about 10 hours straight!
:-S He said they treat him well & that's what counts.
Oh...funny story! Somehow they lost my Dad's underwear (?WEIRD! LOL!) & when he got up from the wheel chair D got an EYEFULL!!! Hahahaha!!! D was so embarassed! He said, 'my eyes! my eyes!' My Dad started cracking up! (pun intended ;-)

All's well as long as you can have a laugh, right?!

hippo: dreamt about commenting on my blog?! I feel honoured!

Wait...I wasn't naked, was I?
*jin stares at hippo sternly*

Bathroom Hippo said...

I was going to write something like

"naked as a cake with no frosting" then I thought about it for a second....and my finger struck the backspace key faster than a duck in a snowstorm.

But then I that she knows no thought was put behind'll work.

jin said...

Actually...of all the lines I've heard, I have never heard
'as naked as a cake without frosting'. That's pretty good!

Anonymous said...

Ah Jin, you don't need this nor does your dad and mum. My thoughts are with you sweetheart. Take care and be good to yourself. In some way, it will all sort itself out. Just be there for your dad and mum...all else will eventually be okay I think

jin said...

Thanks SO MUCH!
That means a lot to me.
One day at a time...
It can only go "UP" from here.

All my Dad was worried about last night was me getting to my car in the parking lot alone! He kept saying over n over that I should get someone from the hospital to walk me to my car because it was 'dark out'. Here he is getting poked & prodded & all he was worried about was me. How could I not be there for him when he's so caring!? It makes it so much easier.

Anonymous said...

Because he is older than you and your dad..he loves his daughter and to have anything happen to her would be the worst thing in the universe. You have a dad to be proud of...

sometimes when things are just too hard to bear... I can get my head to a place where I am okay inside and I just put one foot before the other and do what must be time it all seems to resolve itself...nt always but most of the time.

jin said...

mc: Yeah...I call that 'being on automatic-pilot'. When I just 'do'. I've been there for about a month now.
Thank Goddess for BLOGGING & BLOGGERS!!! Keeps me sane.
(TV bores me WAY too much!) LOL.

Anonymous said...

those cookies are incredible! what a compliment to have one's avatar iced by jin!
and those cakes made my mouth water- i've never heard of a peanut butter cheesecake...

jin said...

Thanks angel!
Oh! Your avatar would make a gorgoeus cookie...or a tattoo!!!