Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Double-Oh-Seven

My Name is miss jin, the Sweetcret Agent
Always on the lookout for Plants of Fresh Mint
If I can't find them...Wild Mushrooms will do
A Sweet 'lil Trip...for me & for you!
What more's in the Garden? Why, carrots, of course!
Now eat your veggies or I'll feed you by force!
Let's move on to flowers, agents have died oer these stems
They are more precious than Money or Gems!
Quick! Someone's coming! We'll hide in the oven!
(Heeheee... It's a ploy, tis how sexy agent jin gets her lovin'!)
Poisoned Fruit for crooked agents, they'll all be gone soon
In fact, I'll have solved the mystery, by tomorrow noon!
Time for more mushrooms so I can continue my tale
I MUST eat them ALL! I can't let them get stale!
I'm under surveillance! They caught me on tape!
I'll sneak out the back & quickly escape!
I think they've even bugged this chocolate cake!
That flower in the center is definitely FAKE!!!
I run to my stash of disguised lead filled scones
If I aim at their knees, these will break bones!
I've SAVED the world! This is the key!
The secrets are in the cream puff, you see.
With this safely in my hand, you can all sleep without fear.
Two-thousand six is over. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

30 Responses to “Happy Double-Oh-Seven”

Anonymous said...

Just sooo amazing are indeed a food goddess :)

Anonymous said...

You have the nicest writing I've ever seen.

Mine = so sloppy.

jin said...

mc: Heehee!!! You are indeed sweet!!! :-D
It's official. You are my new Auntie! I can be your new sister! (I plastic surgery for me EVER! :-) Deal???

hippo: *blush* :-D
That's my official 'shoppe sign writing' (for when I don't have enough time to laserprint the signs). When I (hand)print I tend to do this thing where I constantly mix caps & lowercase...I don't know why I do that?! LOL
When I'm writing for me I write like this. It's too 'frilly' for some people to read. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I can't read sideways!

fairscape said...


I am totally convinced you are at least twins if not triplets, you accomplish so much.

jin said...

hippo: Turn your head!

fairscape: LOL! I wish I was a twin...then I'd take a WHOLE MONTH OFF!!!

Jewels said...

Happy New Year Jinny!
Another one down the drain... how many more to go? ;)

Your creations look yummy, as per usual! Hey, I just realized something: I've got our first order of 2007 from Uniquely Yours to look forward to! Yay!

jin said...

jewels: lucky number is 13...sooo 13 more to go?!!?
That sounds good...I could still conceivably be ultra-sexy at that age, so...I'll die young & leave a good looking corpse!

Oh! Hey!!! Re the 2007 order!!!
I now accept Paypal!!!
You can order ALL the time!

Anonymous said...

Miss Jin,

May your sweets be enticing as always

May your business bloom like a thousand spring flowers, and

May your class of 2007 be the naughtiest ever... ;-)

Happy 2007!

jin said...

GOOD to hear from you!
You know I get worried when you disappear!

I LOVE ALL your New Year's wishes for me!!!

Not Ashley said...

I am drooling....everything looks so delicious...I'll have to add my order to Jewels.

You're a poet...I didn't know it.

Happy 2007..hope your dad's doing better.

One in the oven? What?

Lose the fruit and send me about a dozen of those creampuffs. The cream puffs were one of the reasons I always went to the WI State Fair, that and the maple sugar candy.

jin said...

not ashley: LOL!
I like to rhyme
ALL the time!
Is that a crime?!
(Sounds like you don't do half bad yourself! ;-)

Thanks MUCH! My Dad is feeling a lot better.

phos: Haha! NEVER! Shame on you for saying that! Puppies...LOTS of puppies!

Oh...I ate about half a dozen of those cream puffs myself! :-P

Anonymous said...

Cream puffs probably don't ship, do they. :(

jin said...

ace: Nope...sorry.
Guess you gotta come visit me in person!

Anonymous said...

As long as your ex Aunt Mary and ,y ex sister June don't mind its okily dokily here...

jin said...

LOL! mc!!!
I wonder who they would pick on then?!!?
I bet they'd find someone! LOL!

I've always admired your mushrooms. Do they psychadelic properties?

flatlander said...

When Jin baked up some sweet stuff
The townsfolk could not get enough
Her secret ingredient
Prooved quite expedient:
PCP, LSD, and some snuff.

(Ha ha, just joking. We all know she just laces everything with l-o-v-e)

Happy New Year, Jinophiles!

His Majesty said...

I would never wish anyone a happy new year. It encourages people to change.

And as a despot, I'm against all forms of change and independent thought.

Gyrobo said...

Oh, Jin, do you mind if I submit those SCUBA cookies you baked to BoingBoing?

They may not care about the Gyrobo cookies, but I think they might enjoy Peter Potamus ones.

jin said...

cp: The mind is stronger than truth. Do you believe they do?!

flatlander: Heeeeheeeee!!!! :-D
Every single time
you bust out in rhyme
jin's smile grows
& all negativity's froze

his majesty: Welcome!
*jin curtseys*
"Your royalnessessess! I agree with ALL that you say!"
*jins fingers are crossed behind her corset*

gyrobo: Go for it! :-D
I'm so glad you liked them!
I *wish* I could have sent you guys some...they were delicious! ;-)

I will write a plug post for SCUBA tonight.

Gyrobo said...

All I can think of right now is a cartoon where everything is made of food.

jin said...

Make sure you eat something before you draw it, though!!!

It's 9pm & all I've had to eat today was 1/2 a hippo.
(That ought to get my readers thinking! ;-)

Anonymous said...

You are a never ending source of creativity and delight Jin!

jin said...

evi: You are are SO KIND!

Anonymous said...

nice poetry. Love the black and white weddingcake with the roses. Soooooo pretty

jin said...

Thanks Katy! It was one of my fave cakes, too! :-)

Anonymous said...

happy new year to jin... and now for some insane reason i am craving something sweet!?!

jin said...

Thanks angel!